Wednesday, April 1, 2015

James Comey (FBI), James Clapper, John Brennan CIA I Have PTSD and I'm NOT Embarrassed About It. In Fact I Was Told My PTSD is Helping Others. Too Many Suffer in Silent and By Admitting I Have It Good People Who Suffer are Coming Out of the Closet. NOW We Need America to Understand PTSD and RESPECT Those of Us That Suffer. We're NOT Dangerous - We're Simply Human Beings That Saw, Experienced & Suffered Trauma and Need Nothing More Than to Be Treated with Dignity. That Means When We Report a Crime Ya'll at the FBI Investigate It. That Means the CIA No Longer Has Vendors Spying On Americans I was told by a top shrink I have COMPLEX PTSD & I'm trying to fix it on my own. Prior to learning about the C=PTSD I was told I had acute PTSD that was triggered in 2009 (when I was cyberly outed for my CIA past by NISSAN execs that were mad I whsitle blew. My PTSD  became really bad in 2010-2012 ( I was bullied by people involved with Iran Contra, I even have court transcripts of a NISSAN exec saying PTSD is NOT real.  He said he know I did research for the govt. in 80's and knew I was taken from my hotel room by the KGB in the middle of the night and still the NISSAN exec said I did not have PTSD cause it's NOT real.  He joked about me saying that I had it. Rob Traynham I want an apology!!!  If anyone wants official court transcripts of a NISSAN head of corp. sec saying the relocation consultant was the #2 BIGGEST security threat he'd seen in his 30 year career and him "joking" about my PTSD in a TN court please call me 615-944-7599.

Currently I still suffer from PTSD and so do the people around me.

As far as medications I take 1/2 of a 25 mg Zoloft pill (done the same dose for almost 2 years), take Xanax for anxiety & nothing else, except for Ambien to help me sleep. My goal is to not need excessive meds and handle PTSD with a therapy dog and yoga.  That and by having a life with less stress.

FYI: I'd like to try medical marijuana & believe it can help me. The last time i used it was during the Lockerbie trial in the Netherlands (totally legal & I never inhaled, only ate it) but fear in the United States people would want to jail me unfairly if I ever did it here (even if it's legal in the states because it's not federally legal.

People have offered to get me edibles but I say NO cause I'm paranoid (which is part of having PTSD)

PLEASE note I was really jailed UNFAIRLY & my paranoia is justified - it happened in TN )

I found this on the internet and it describes Complex PTSD ....

Q: Dear Frank, Could you give a brief explanation of complex PTSD? How do we know if we have PTSD or Complex PTSD? Is the medication and/or therapy similar?

A: Dear Joyce, Complex PTSD is a concept first defined by Judith Herman, MD (see to account for the effects of prolonged, severe interpersonal stress. She was thinking about cases in which a person is captured and humiliated or is sexually victimized within the family. But it is true of victims of war and victims of household war: battered spouses. When emotional trauma is continuous and inescapable, the mind and body adapts in several ways, from stoic to tragic. People can "zone out" or, technically, dissociate. They experience an altered state of consciousness. This might, in extreme cases, develop into multiple personalities. People can abandon hope. Without yearning for dignity and freedom, they accept psychological slavery. People can love their abusers. This is called Stockholm Syndrome (see

The therapy for oppression is different than the therapy for simple PTSD. It requires moving to a safe environment. It requires retraining survival instincts, once there is no real danger. The medication may be similar (anti-depressants, tranquilizers, sedatives) but medication is never enough. And therapy is never enough. It takes liberation and love and plenty of patience to emerge from complex PTSD.

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