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James Comey Tell the Ethical FBI Working on NISSAN Issue I Have PROOF of RICO in Reference to the NISSAN Leaf. & Randy Knight Please Ask John Martin "if" He Had Chris Haley of Vantec Call Me AFTER I Was Arrested on Trumped Up Charges. He Called Me from the Executive Floor of NISSAN Motors to Tell Me I Was Awesome. I Have the Tape Recoding from His July 7th 2011 Phone Call.

Gannett is STILL running puff pieces for NISSAN: Why? 

The story of how Nissan has transformed Tennessee's economy is one that often is told in cars and trucks and dollars and cents. Those things are important — nearly one-third of Tennessee's manufacturing jobs are auto related — but we also have to remember the human faces that help tell the story of Nissan's success over the last 35 years.

I've got SO MUCH data & so many voice recording I don't know where to begin. Lets start with the murder of the teen that tried to watch my house.  It was covered-up by the Franklin Police.  The same police that tried to arrest me a 4th time AFTER I spoke out on the 10pm news about racism in the Williamson County Schools. 

Mike Looney the Williamson County superintendent of schools KNEW my child was abused in the school system and they tampered with the quality of my child's education.  It's taken good people in Illinois to help my little girl succeed when Williamson County failed. My child was lucky she "got out" of the state that harbors low scores in education and good people are trying to stop the corruption in the Williamson County school system & at the same time want parents to have school choice so their children don't suffer from standardized tests that suck precious time out of the education process.  Today Good people trying to fix the Williamson County Schools in Tennessee are being bullied by the same Good Ole Boy network that bullied me. 

The current school board members do not support parental involvement in textbook selection. They are apathetic to the fact that the Pearson textbooks are in error, liberally-biased, anti-Christian, anti-American, and pro-Islam. And, the school board members are downright rude when concerned parents speak their 90 seconds at the podium. Yes, 90 seconds.  Read more at
(I want it on the record the above comment is from Victoria Jackson & I agree with 80% of her opinions I believe that ALL religious can be good and ALL have their bad apples. I do not believe that Islam is bad-I want world peace and peaceful Muslims exist and need to be respected) 

One of the reason WHY people from outside of Tennessee are helping change the schools in Tennessee is the systemic RACISM that's happened in the Williamson County School district that I exposed being done by NISSAN execs and community leaders and the Tennessean is NOT reporting stories that matter due to cronyism: Shame on Tennessee: it's sad to learn the Tennessean is still "lacking" in good reporters.  Damn I really thought after I convinced them to "ditch" Maria Giordano the Tennessean would change. Evidently Maria DeVarenne is just one of the corrupt cookies in the jar. 

Below I wrote on one of my blogs in 2012 & it got LOTS of views: 

This is a picture of my daughtes's school last year before her small neighborhood was the ONLY one rezoned in reference to Crockett..  For years I complained about racism in the schools. History has shown that Williamson County rezonings tended to put diversity into "certain schools" thus hurting/helping home prices.    Crockett went through an era where in 3 years they had 3 different principles.   The 2nd was black and I was told by a PTO member the parents did not like black role models.  The black principle was forced to resign (some say fired) for what could be a valid reason still I suspect race was involved.  When I pointed out to the Williamson County School administration the fact that the ONLY hispanic on the staff of Crockett Elementary was a janitor and that the ONLY black person on the staff worked in the cafeteria people got nervous.    I "hope" this year there's more diversity.   FYI-  My  child is happy at the school that harbors the majority of Brentwood's diverse children.  Thank you Kenrose for being a place of tolerance.    

I've learned the cronyism in the Tennessee courts is linked to the Civil War. Judges & members of only a few TN Law firms "nurture" the 'Good Ole Boy' Culture in Tennessee.  This is why so much favoritism has happened.

The scary issue is that "most likely" the Good Ole Boy's I've been fighting are connected by history to the KKK.   Can someone investigate?Al Gore could be the "king of hypocrisy"  he and his buddy Bredesen might touted "going green" but
they have catered to those that only want  vanilla served.  Thus segregation continues in Tennessee.

I gave Mark Silverman some examples of racial/cultural/economic segregation n Williamson County and he said "it's up to the schools reporter to decide who gets quoted and what stories are told".

When the Tennessean reporter Maria Giordano  steered away from covering "real" stories of discrimination happening in reference to a school rezoning.  When I knew Gannett was about to do layoffs I told Mark Silverman it's the time to replace that reporter... he told me  "Maria has had a tough life & went through a bad divorce ....  I'm not going to fire her."

Williamson County school board was able to "heard" most of the diversity to one high school.

FYI- I'm a woman who likes to live in a "swirled society".

In 1992 I got a "tour" of the LA Riots and I can tell you it's a fact that society needs to be "nurtured" and that government leaders cannot look away
In the past pure bred southerners have told me that the Ku Klux Klan was a "misunderstood" organization.  The sheets merely costumes representing the team colors. I was told the group was to promote respect for the laws of
the land.  For the record I did tell them... "you know ya'll wore white."

Basically the Southerners were mad at the Northerners after the Civil War for taking their land, cheap labor & pride and "that" is why Jews and others were routinely intimidated by the KKK.

It's historically fascinating & I'm going to send the info to reporters that "might" want a great project.  It needs to be researched and documented.   Someone even connected the dots from one of my judges to the law firm of ********** to Pulaski ..Oddly MANY judges have the "same" path.  I will not name my judges for my 1st time misdemeanor battle... I've had too many ...I'm being kind ya'll.

This is interesting:  I've connected the reactions of those born in the south to their views on presidential choices.

The typical white southern mindset is Anti Catholic & Anti Mormon ... The views from many  being expressed by southern red state voters against Romney is as a reaction to the lineage.  It's emotional reation  and yesterday I was told WHY Romney is unacceptable .... "the Mormons are known for CONVERTING people and Southerners DON'T LIKE CHANGE".....

My name is Sharyn Bovat and I was born and raised in California and I'm a person who LIKES change.

My goal is to "change" my address.

Can someone PLEASE help me.

Peace and Respect

Sharyn Bovat

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