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Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower Told Issue Could Go Viral… Al Gore's Climate is Cooling & Legal Update…Leaf a Technical Dud is Discounted to Move to Make Obama Look Good…. Still Jobs Won't Be Created in Tennessee
Date: October 9, 2012 9:20:40 PM CDT
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When googling Al Gore there are over 1,150,000 impressions from the past week & I'm #19. In reference to the last 24 hours I'm #1 out of 68,600  the guy at the Apple store said I was becoming "viral"  well it's about time :):)

The fact that Al Gore is "most likely" connected to the malicious prosecution of me could be what breaks the story of the NISSAN fraud. Can't get weirder than this.....

Legally -Nissan has hired the prestigious & well respected firm of Baker Donelson to represent them in the malicious prosecution that was filed against them. FYI- The lawsuit was filed in July after I had experienced 3 years of excessive retaliation for complaining about HOW NIssan was spending American taxpayer money & discrimination.

NISSAN knew about the lawsuit in July but did not respond until late September.  Then the law firm asked for an "extension".... ???
Saying the case was new to them. Oddly they've been reading my blog for years & over a year ago one of their lawyers told me they were representing them in reference to me. Still my side respected Baker Donelson and gave them "extra" time.  

FYI- In Tennessee Nissan retained many law firms in reference to me just to ensure they'd "win" - winning to them is NOT being transparent in how they are spending the 1.4 billion taxpayer dollars (and all the other IDB bond cash that's a debt backed by taxpayers - an estimated 4-6 Billion) that I had complained about. 

FYI- That debt will be "wiped out' when NISSAN "restructures" .... They've already shifted assets"  America is gonna get "screwed."  So the bullying of me was letting the Franco Japanese company "win" by letting NISSAN a foreign company have access to the American tax dollars with "no questions asked."   How did that happen?

Fun Fact: The lawyer Kline Preston who is representing me in the malicious prosecution lawsuit was called by one of by blogs viewers "the bravest lawyer in Tennessee". Why?

The fact is powerful people have wanted me discredited and their goal was to jail me for a LONG time. Judge Bivin's said in court in late 2010 he'd jail me for a year- Robbie Beal quashed most of my subpoenas limiting my defense. It was brave for Kline to file.  Retaliation in the courts is "common" in Tennessee.  It was at two public hearings at the State Capital that I learned that. 

Oddly I testified twice (September 2011 & November 2011) and still Nissan was able to draw another 37 Million in December 2011 to "upgrade" the Smyrna plant.. from an IDB bond.. It was the 18th time they took money since 1982 and in December 2011 they had still had NOT made any payments. At that time I was told NISSAN had 3,95 Billion in IDB Debt,  NOT including the 2 Billion that was collateral for the Dept. of Energy loan. This money NISSAN took in December after I testified  had nothing to do with the battery plant. NISSAN gave contracts to their "friends" and some of them are elected officials  -  that is what they call Crony Capitalism.

Three times I was arrested & jailed - I had 19+ months of court appearances a full jury trial for a 1st time misdemeanor. A 4th warrant was "accidentally" put in the system and an officer was "hunting me down" to send me to jail a 4th time & it was then I was referred to Kline Preston and he made a call and was told that the warrant was "a mistake in the system"  this was almost TWO years ago.  

I've endured TWO arrests that were based on a crime that "doesn't" exist. The other one that went to a JURY  is the "same' as the one that Occupy Nashville protester were charged with but instead of enduring 19+ months in the courts they had the charges dropped and their records expunged within 24 hours.  I was found guilty of that "same" misdemeanor that has a maximum penalty of $50 = to a speeding ticket.  

For the record- I'm INNOCENT...people that read the transcripts from EDUCATED states have the "same" opinion.  At one point I wanted to appeal the decision but I listened to wise man who said I was up against a "system" that was going to railroad me... getting a "clean" judge at the last minute was a "gift from god"... I should pay the fine fight in "offense mode" the malicious & selective prosecution of me in courts. Also I can now use the transcript to "document" the abuse of the courts in the state of Tennessee.

Get This: People watching the trial were PRO NISSAN- one lady wore NISSAN logo-wear.  One man kept looking like he wanted to clap when Rob Trayham read a post from my blog. A post of me describing the PTSD that I suffer from.  Yes!!! I was humiliated in a Tennessee court for having PTSD.   I want NISSAN to know that the anxiety disorder is real (it's NOT a mental illness). FYI- I got my PTSD in the former USSR and many women coming back from Afghanistan will suffer and they deserve RESPECT ... which is something that I'm still waiting for.
Last year I was told the stress on my body from the fear of prison will take a few years off my life. For the last few years I've documented my weight loss and high blood pressure. At one point I was a size "0" that is not the norm. in Tennessee.

NISSAN had the help in silencing the whistle blower "me" from the largest paper in Tennessee that's owned by Gannett (the mainstream media).  They knew the NISSAN Leaf was "built to fail" and let 2 federal budgets pass.

People connected to the former Tennessean publisher John Seigenthaler and another prestigious law firm Waller, Lansden, Dortch & Davis went after me for reaching out to the editor Maria De Varenne  This was done at the "most likely" request of the man (John Seigenthaler) who runs the 1st Amendment Center.  Someone "also"had articles about NISSAN's excessive debt taken off the web.  Oddly stories a lot less meaningful and older are "still" on the web.... Why?

John Seigenthaler is in his 80's maybe he "forgot" what the 1st Amendment was about?

FYI The people at GANNETT corporate in McLean told me to "disregard" the bullying done by Waller & Gannett executives have spoken to me after and have "dined" with me.

  1. Mainstream Media PULLED Articles About NISSAN's IDB Debt

    Jan 14, 2012 – Mainstream Media PULLED Articles About NISSAN's IDB Debt. Why did the Tennessean pull the article on the IDB Bonds that NISSAN has ...
Back to the Malicious Prosecution Case: 
On October15th NISSAN via their lawyer will formally respond: Then we can do depositions: I've been told NISSAN will "play games". My blood pressure is in the 150's and I've been told to expect them to "dance" as a human being I find it inhumane.  My child was 7 when I whistle blew and she's 10 today.  My child has also been bullied by people in the community due to my whistle blowing.  I want NISSAN to "man up" which should be easy since women in management went from 20.9% in 2006 to 10% in 2009 the year that I whistle blew.  I was resolution just so she can have a normal life & my little girl and other girls need to know that YES discrimination is wrong & companies need to act ethically when using taxpayer funds.

What are the "odds" that NISSAN executives will testify under oath about the Leaf EV?

It's obvious NISSAN is just "killing time" until the election is over.  They have spent a LOT of money silencing me.  

NISSAN is now selling the Leaf at a major loss "Just" to keep President Obama elected.  
If the Romney campaign does not use this issue as a tool then WHY?

A NISSAN executive bragged in court when I was representing myself Pro Se that NISSAN has spent over 1 million dollars just "reading my blog."  Most likely it's YOUR money (American taxpayers -via theDOE loan) that was spent by a company that does business in Iran to read the blog & persecute/bully the whistleblower. 

My hope is the issue involving Al Gore make the mainstream media "focus" on the facts and that's simply: NISSAN committed fraud and what I've been ranting about for OVER 3 years is true & then NISSAN will be forced to mediate with me like they did with the Renault executives that people connected to NISSAN & Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn also falsely accused.  

Link to BBC article about Renault Spy Scandal:   BBC News - Renault spy scandal risks denting carmaker's reputationhttp://   

Last night I talked to a man who knows exactly HOW I Sharyn Bovat the Relocation consultant is connected to the 3 men that were falsely accused of being spies at Renault.  They got lucky.. An American started a viral fight and then they got vindicated. Looks like the French don't know how to "return a favor" If this every gets to trial everyone will know that Carlos Ghosn is responsible for the scandal in France and the new one emerging in America.

Please tell anyone and everyone about this issue. No matter WHO you support for President.

America cannot get finacially healthy with companies abusing the taxpayers.  America will never become energy independent with electric cars like the NISSAN leaf being built.   It's time for All people to get RESPECT.

Thank you for reading,

Sharyn Bovat

To help expose the NISSAN fraud via the Al Gore issue I've started

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