Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jon Brancheau - Described as Dodging Service. Did He NOT Want to Testify About the NISSAN Leaf Fraud? That Question WIll Be Asked in Trial.

Sharyn Bovat sent her now "ex" lawyer a certified letter on January 3rd to confirm he had issued subpoenas.   Good thing she did.   The client file shows Kline did nothing.  He issued the Subpoenas on the 13th - ONLY after the certified letter. Bovat had told him for OVER a year who she wanted to testify. Kline Preston is a smart man -  Bovat believed in him UNTIL he texted her that Stephen Preston was her Brother.  Sharyn was treated unfairly in the courts.  NISSAN had an economic motive.  In reference to Kline Preston one must ask the question WHY?  Marsha Blackburn might have that answer if not there's always the CIA.

The Security Tape Bovat Repeatedly Asked for is NOT in the Client File.  All Bovat can see is a discovery form dated December 2010.  Bovat did send Mr. Preston ANOTHER certified letter on in November specifically about the discovery.  Bovat will be able to prove that Mr. Preston repeatedly told her "he had everything under control"...  He even yelled at her one time for no trusting him.  All that will be proved soon- when i ask for a retrial of the misdemeanor = to a speeding ticket.  
Sharyn Bovat is NOW Going to Ask for the copy of the security tape again for the civil malicious prosecution trial.  Another Motion.... This is Not Justice American Style.  

Prior to trial Bovat gor a call that Kline Preston was working against her.  She wanted to believe the best in him.  He was the Treasurer for Marsha Blackburn and he was currently the President of Marsha Blackburn Inc.  Bovat has suffered IRS retaliation and it was Blackburn's office that intervened.  YES!! NISSAN did not do Bovat's tax forms correctly and made the relocation expenses of Carlos Tavares "income" Bovat was going to have to pay $1500 in taxes for money reimbursed to her- the expenses were a washer dryer, Comcast set up, a satellite dish...  Mr. Tavares did not have an American social security # - she did not want to have his private credit card # so Bovat was told by NISSAN HR to use her credit card & she'd be reimbursed.   After she whistle blew the 1099 was done incorrectly.  Sharyn called and asked for a revision and NISSAN refused.  Copies of corresponded will be put in a new motion showing the abuse of the whistle blower.  An amendment to the compliant will be filed shortly. 

Sharyn Bovat: Sunday January 20th went through her official client profile given to her by Kline Preston. The documents show that Bovat sent Mr. Preston certified letters to ensure he would file the subpoenas.  A blank pre trial diversion was in the back of the file and it was not filled out.  This could have been the form that Bovat was asked o sign without viewing.  Bovat will take a lie detector test if needed to prove the statement by Williamson ADA Terry Wood is false.  She was not offered this.  In fact if this is what Mr. Preston was talking to Bovat about in March 2011 then Bovat sees the need for the TBI to investigate.  Bovat was put on the docket 1st that day. Mr. Wood never spoke to her about it and she never got to see the document.  Bovat has touched the document briefly today but would be happy to hand it over to a lab to be tested for finger prints.  Sharyn was told racketeering happened.  It's about Federal money , state money , NISSAN executives cutting deals , land deals, the reason why higher level NISSAN executives allowed this to happen is "most likely" they were protecting the CEO Carlos Ghosn.  His involvement with ex CIA he met at Michelin and were connected to the cover up of the Lockerbie crash

Bovat has filed a rejections of Summery judgement and list 4 reasons.  It mentions Lockerbie, Dept. of Energy Fraud, Good Ole Boy Networks, discrimination & more.

Please go to the Williamson County courthouse in Tennessee and reviews.

America should be about honoring the Constitution and for Respect for ALL people.
Thank you

Sharyn Bovat

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