Sunday, January 20, 2013

Typical Odd Moment. Brian Carolin- Thank You For Watching My Stuff While I Went to the Bathroom. The ONLY Other Choice Was the Guy Breaking Up with HIs Girlfriend (?) I Wish They'd Do That in Private. OMG!!!

While working on a motion the NISSAN SVP and his wife sat at a table next to me.  I had to go to the bathroom and did not believe they had arsenic so with no other choice I politely asked them to watch my stuff.  I think they were grateful to know it's me.

They were my clients and very nice people- don't know why they did not notice the person sitting next to them was NISSAN's #2 security threat?

I do look different.  Because of all the stress I've lost a lot of weight. After I got out of the restroom they quietly changed tables.

 The Carolin's are lovely people and as Jack Sayed said Brian is well liked,

I wish them no ill will.  My goal is RESPECT for the taxpayer and for America to get back the 1.4 billion.  If Mr. Carolin would like to give me a tour of the NISSAN battery plant and show me "how" they spent the taxpayer money & that the 1300 jobs promised will be created.  If Mr. Carolin would do that it would stop me from having to work on class action lawsuit on behalf of America.  I have a child and those are so time consuming.

Again- ALL I want is to know American money was NOT wasted.   Anyway..... Have a great day!


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