Monday, January 21, 2013

Danny Glover - We're a Great Team. *** UPDATE**** NISSAN Shifting Away From Yates..... Is it Just a Spanking? or a Holistic Approach to Treating Employees with RESPECT. Video of Sharyn at Baker Donelson Delivering a Document & Another at the Tennessean Leaving a Message for Maria De Varenne.

Sharyn Bovat told Yates to Getting Ready to "Download" a Chunk of People to Work at NISSAN.

The issues Sharyn Bovat has blogged about are REAL.  The lack of humanity at the NISSAN plant is "real"... Lots of people that work at NISSAN from several states communicated problems to Shayrn Bovat.  They wanted to work for a company that their proud of.  Fight a Good Ole Boy Network is NOT easy and LOTS have enjoyed the "Titan's Tickets".. at the expense of the hourly worker.  WIll NISSAN be a place of RESPECT... I don't know - they are taking a "new" road and someone has leaked a copy of the map and another today told me of  YATES freeing the "long term temps" ....

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