Monday, August 24, 2015

The NISSAN Leaf is Going NO WHERE ....... I Told Ya'll That 1.4 Billion Was Taken by a Foreign Company that Does Business with IRAN for an Electric Car Execs KNEW Would Fail.... Instead of Being Thanked for Saving Taxpayers Money I Was Jailed, Bullied and Terrorized & NOW I'm Scared Cause .....

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Date: August 23, 2015 at 10:14:59 PM EDT
To: "" <>,,, "" <>, Kline Preston <>,, Blake Farmer <>, Rhori Johnston <>, Mark Silverman <>
Subject: If I get harmed I want FBI to Investigate & DOJ to PROSECUTE Brigid Carpenter, Kline Preston, Kim Helper, Terry Wood , Carlos Ghosn & Other Nissan Execs 

Nissan "cyberly" outed me I NEVER told anyone one I could be Robert Kennedy's illegitimate child. I'm TERRIFIED because a LOT of weird stuff is going on & and tired of being bullied & not getting Nissan to apologize to me for jailing me. I don't want money I want my reputation back. I want ppl that are corrupt in jail. I want ���� to get its 1.4 Billion back and i want Kline Preston disbarred. 

Ppl tell me I'm in danger cause of my DNA well I never would have talked about it or learned more details of my CIA family had i not been terrorized. I have CPTSD and my Dr says I can't work. I need health insurance and my congressman Peter Roskam hasn't gotten me my disability approved - the sad part is I'm NOT crazy I have a 72 page evaluation saying I'm highly ethical and ANGRY. I need help with getting resolution and TIRED of fearing one of ya'll is gonna whack me.  I know a LOT of dead ppl. Andrew Breitbart was murdered because he was gonna report a story about the DOD/CIA clique that ya'll are in or protecting.  I KNOW corruption is the ����way and that mafias control the government - I don't want to blog about YOU anymore I want you  to leave me ALONE and help me build a new life and that starts w/ Nissan apologizing PUBLICLY ... Do you GET IT!!!!

Sharyn Bovat 

Below I sent to my family whose horrified that I've blogged about CIA stuff -I'm scared and have proof powerful ppl have monitored me & used my blogs as tools for an "internal battle" due to the battle of control for the world order that's blazing right now: A few weeks ago I was given Clinton server Intel to leak.
When I was at her event in Iowa he me staff circled me. After I took a pic of Huma.

 I'm more than scared I'm creeped out. The Clinton machine has illegally used tech to locate me & the foundation workers have been regular  viewers of my blogs... I can prove the Haiti aid to their NGO from Nissan is linked to words I wrote ... I have web states. Also an ambassador talked to me. The Clinton Foundation is corrupt FYI - They read my blogs before I was jailed and believe they wanted me discredited. The foundation donors got a LOT of 2010 green stimulus money too. 

Hello CIA : ALL I ever asked for was help getting resolution with Nissan (EV fraud is REAL) and in looking for help I now believe that what I feared was true - I was conceived as a CIA dirty trick being done to the Kennedy family "that" is why 2 mysterious car accidents, getting poisoned, being jailed 3 times on trumped up charges. People I'm just a human being who want the CIA & Nissan to help me build a life .. A life that I lost when Nissan execs who were committing fraud with the EV outed me for my CIA past.  

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Date: August 22, 2015 at 10:59:23 AM CDT
To: jogthru <>, "Kyle A. Krasa" <>, Jim Gammon <>, Michael Dorris <>, Mark Silverman <>
Subject: Thanks for Marriott time share & Presidential Archives guy thinks I'm a Kennedy

Thanks for your email about the time-share. 

Six weeks ago a guy that worked in the Presidential archives met with me and confirmed what the mafia guy told me in 2011 & what many believe. Ed Daly was connected to the mafia-that’s how he got the money to buy the airline and World Airways was used for CIA/Mafia drug trafficking. Many that knew Robert Kennedy have told me I look a lot like him & papa worked for those involved with the cover-up of JFK’s assassination.

All our phone calls & emails are monitored and recorded. I’m not gonna go around in circle with you anymore.
If what people say is true it means that my existence makes the CIA complicit in the JFK deal. I’ve been through HELL the last 6 years and I know you have too. I’m sorry you can never understand me.  I too find me hard to understand. I’ve offered to take a DNA test - I’ve offered to take lie detector tests the fact is i have “no clue” who my bio dad is & it’s too dangerous for me to find out so I’m not pushing the issues. 

my Dad that raised me was in Laos running drugs for CIA and my mom a former Chief Stewardess of Transocean Airllines hires women to spy for America & trained them post WW2. My grandfather ex Naval Intel went on to work for John McCone Kennedy's CIA director & in 1964 when i was conceived a guy that worked in Presidential archives told me LOTS of women were sleeping with Robert Kennedy and the illegitimate kids were used as weapons against the Kennedy family. 

My doctor wants me to reduce stress which is not easy when I’m still unemployed & looking for a job with health insurance. Marc wants the divorce final soon so I’m going to ask my member of congress to expedited a disability claim IF I can’t get the CIA to help me with a pension (I’ve been told I’m entitled to one for all the projects i did in the past.  Anyway & I’ve been told Al Gore wants to have a relationship with me (I turned him down for a date in 2010 but the guys persistent & cute so what the heck) I’ve been told he’s read all my messages and seen all my videos & still thinks I’m hotter than the planet - I gotta like a guy for sticking with me after all I’ve been through.  He’s the only person that helped me when I faced the trumped up criminal charges.

Right now I’m just tired, stunned and trying to make a life out of what seem to be nothing.  I’ll know in fall if he’s serious about dating me. If that happens I’ll keep the time share and let Justin, Andrew & Heather use it with me for family reunions. So yes I do want it… & someday I do want to build a relationship with Justin & Andrew just after I get resolution Sent from my iPhone

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

James Comey Tell the FBI That NISSAN Execs Will Be Notified in Sept by the Renault-NISSAN Alliance Communications Guy Henry Aline on My Hope That the Feds Prosecute Carlos Ghosn's Execs That Committed FRAUD Via the NISSAN LEAF & I Want the United Nations To BAN Them From Attending COP21 .... I've Also Been Communicating to Al Gore (Via Middle Man) Sorry Elizabeth Keadle Evidently He Still Thinks I'm HOTTER Than the Planet:):)

Henry Aline of the Renault-NISSAN Alliance set me an "out of office" for the ENTIRE month of August, it's so typical French. Since the rest of the world "works" maybe he should give an additional contact? 
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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: American Whistleblower Puts Red Line in Sand ... Tells Al Gore she won't date him if Renault or NISSAN is at COP21 
Date: August 11, 2015 at 10:18:11 AM PDT
To:, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>,,, medea benjamin <>

Recently Al Gore had a middle man communicate with me & I thought we reached an understanding and were going to have a relationship BUT the thought of going to Paris and seeing Carlos Ghosn is unacceptable. That CEO let 3 men get falsely accused of being spies at Renault as a way to offset the damage of the Nissan Leaf & Renault cars not living up to expectations when he KNEW it would never succeed. Carlos Ghosn is a criminal and should be prosecuted for fraud. He has hurt the Climate Change cause & hurts the planet by his profiteering on tech that “did not exist”. 

I have LOTS of proof that Ghosn wanted the Leaf to be a failure so America would remain dependent on gasoline & fossil fuels. I’m talking to the DOJ and want criminal action taken on those NISSAN execs that abused me in Tennessee too. The courts are STILL corrupt & it’s gotta change.

Thank you & have a great day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

James Comey (FBI) Loretta Lynch (DOJ) What's Taking Ya'll So Long NOW the NISSAN Whistleblower is Doing a Series of 4 Photo-shoots to Expose Fraud, Corruption & Discrimination at NISSAN North America That Rhori Johnston of New Channel 5 Knew Was True & Refused to Report (He Did Confess to Getting a GREAT Deal on a NISSAN) & to Expose Judicial Abuse Happening in Williamson County Tennessee. NOTE TO FEDS It's RICO & I Can CLEARLY Prove It. I Was Promised "If I Could Prove the Need for RICO I'd Get It".... Where the **** is the RICO Case I'm Tired & for a 50 Year Old Woman to Have to Pose Naked Just to Get MSM Exposeing Shows HOW Corrupt the Mainstream Media is Too. The Tennessean a Gannett Owned Paper KNEW Sharyn Bovat Was Bullied in the Courts & They NEVER Reported it.... Why?

James Comey I got names of 3 more "wronged" people that were abused in the Williamson County courts ... The place is a cesspool of judicial cronyism & MANY people that spoke up about illegal actively with the Good Ole Boy network have had their constitutional rights denied or taken away. It MUST end & "this" my posing for a National tabloid is my only opportunity to show the problems to the masses "just" so people will insist on "change"... America can't succeed when community leaders abuse their power, leaders that are friends with business leaders, that are friends with local judges.  The Corruption in TN is Grade A bad.  Please help for information on the abuse of Sharyn Bovat call 615-944-7599  iMessage is turned on:):)  

Bob Dickey & Gracia Martore of Gannett Snowden's girlfriend got a LOT of publicity with this pic....  Huh what's that saying.... Imitation is the best form of flattery.  The Tennessean has not reported wrong doing by a Good Ole Boy Network & I'm gonna bring them down, even if that mean a 50 year old whistleblower has to "take it off" ... Heck I've been raped in the Tennessee courts & I learned that letting it all hang our is liberating in fact it's down right empowering.

Check-out the prop for the NEXT photo-shoot:):) 

NISSAN lost the surveillance tapes that showed my arrest at the North American HQ.... the DA Kim Helper NEVER asked for the tapes even after i told the first ADA fighting against me to get them.  I'm gonna "tell all" in an expose that I was promised "if" I pose naked.  I'll do ANYTHING to stop corruption & expose the truth about Tennessee (oops pardon the pun:):) 

Loretta Lynch tell your minions at the DOJ I have a copy of the email I sent to Carlos Tavares who was the President of NISSAN North America & one of my high level NISSAN clients ... it shows that I told him of the Good Ole Boy network and he even had an IT security guy help me with my internet privacy AFTER I started the blog. He wanted to clean up NISSAN but Carlos Ghosn wouldn't let him.  NOW Carlos Tavares is the President of Peugeot.

FYI- I helped him by communicating the men Carlos Ghosn accused of spies at Renault were innocent. I got information that helped Free the Renault Three from a person connected to ex FBI counter terrorism dude Mike Dorris (he's not in charge of corporate security for Credit Suisse) oddly i got his email from Wiki-leaks.  Mike did email me back & Yes he remembered me.  I get emails from a lot of people in the IC Buck Revell the ex FBI #2 emailed me to "shut up"... I think it's cause I did a lot of research for CIA operatives that worked with the FBI in reference to cover-ups & Iran Contra.

I told Carlos Tavares a lot of stuff & he knew each division at Renault and NISSAN had spies... I'm like talking "really spies" ... I was told that it's 10% just ask Nick Agelides I used to play bridge with his wife Lamya & she's Lebanese, her father played bridge with Omar Sharif & Lamya & Nick lived in the Netherland's the "same" time I did & that was during the Lockerbie Bomber's trial... & Milosevich The Netherlands were a spies playground between 1999-2001 & most of us left the summer of 2001 because ......