Wednesday, October 15, 2014

***Update*** James Comey FBI, James Clapper, Stephen Preston DOD, Michael Vickers (Super Spook), John Brennan CIA, David Grannis & Jack Livingston (Senate Intelligence Community), Mike Dorris (Credit Suisse), Dan Meyer (IC Whistleblower Director) Guys People Think I'm Smart and Can "Get" the Gerard Schroder-Putin-Gazprom Issue and I Kindof Get it BUT it's Overwhelming and I'm SCARED. This Nice Guy Explained How the Premature Launch of the Electric Car Done By Carlos Ghosn Was to Protect PUTIN.. OMG! I Thought It Was to Protect the Middle East. I Do "Get" That There are NO Women for Me to Complain To... How Come?

Just wanted to tell ya'll i had a "really cool" day - got to hang out with the US Army.  

NO not the Colonel:):) 

If people thought i was "really" crazy I wouldn't get to go to this kind of stuff. 

Someone tell David Reuter to practice apologizing. 
I want him to tell my kid NISSAN is sorry for letting kids at Crockertt elementary BULLY her. That school is a BASTION of racism. 

These hazmat suits might be used when flying "commercial".....  The Ebola protector?

  I always wondered where to buy a black helicopter.... NOW i know:):)

Check out the drone....

In January 2009, the Wall Street Journal reported that Schröder would join the board of the oil company TNK-BP, a joint venture between oil major BP and Russian partners.



    "..Leonid Reiman, a powerful member of Russia's cabinet and close ally of President Vladimir Putin, uses a Washington public-relations consultant. Mr. Reiman is under federal investigation in the U.S. over money laundering and is locked in a high-stakes battle with Moscow conglomerate Alfa for control of a Russian telecommunications empire. Alfa has paid Barbour Griffith & Rogers -- the influential lobbying firm co-founded by Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour -- nearly $2 million in lobbying fee..."

    1. How Lobbyists Help Ex-Soviets Woo Washington - WSJ
      The Wall Street Journal
      Apr 17, 2007 - Haley Barbour -- nearly $2 million in lobbying fees. .... Russian gas giant OAO Gazprom and Ukraine, people familiar with the matter said.

    Notable alumni[edit]

    Wednesday, October 1, 2014

    James Comey Tell the FBI to Push the President to Replace Eric Holder with an AG That Has "Balls of Steel" How About Leslie Caldwell?

    Above is a screen shot from the original blog.... in 2009 Girl in the Black Honda was started to change the corporate culture at NISSAN 

    Here it is.... the TRUTH that the CIA suppressed the Mainstream Media iGot more!

    Managing a Nightmare: How the CIA Watched Over the Destruction ...

    The Intercept - First Look Media-Sep 26, 2014
    And documents newly released by the CIA provide fresh context to the ... Actor Jeremy Renner stars as investigative journalist Gary Webb in the ...

    Mark Silverman KNEW I told the truth....& Gannett Executives "let" me be bullied in the Tennessee courts for 19+ months knowing Dept of Energy fraud was REAL.  The mainstream media knew this before NISSAN got one dime of taxpayer money.  The NISSAN leaf did "not" create 1300 jobs. It was confirmed today it only created 67 jobs & NISSAN has not paid back the loan .  NISSAN lied to congress about their tech too.  NISSAN does business with IRAN.  iGot so much more....  I'm also gonna get a book deal so I'll be sure to include emails to NISSAN execs about the EV from 2009 in hopes the book inspires the NEW Attorney General into "busting" some white collar criminals disguised as auto execs.  Also i can prove I emailed people & Kim Helper KNEW I  Knew the NISSAN CEO is connected to those drug traffickers linked to the murder of Gary Webb.  

    Game on Good Ole Boys....  Haslam family is connected to CIA drug trafficking too.