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Odds are Hillary is Gonna Give Her Operation to Al Gore & I'm Gonna Be Available in the End of October I Was Told Al Will Date Green Activist Elizabeth Keadle "if" He Runs For President Cause There's No Way In Hell He'd Date a Republican Whose an Ex Karl Rove Operative Trained Opposition Researcher Who Suffers From PTSD & Would Want to Grow Pot in the White House Garden. I'm Kindof Sad Cause Naming the APPLE EV "Titan" Totally Got My Heart ..... To Al Gore THANK YOU!!!!

So i whistle blew about EV fraud, Al’s on the board of Apple.

Al & Apple employees knew NISSAN Titan Trucks were used to bully me for whistleblowing about the the outdated EV tech 

NOW Apple's EV is called the Titan

"Because sharyn was ALSO bullied by a red Titan truck with a Mississippi tag she wants the former Governor Questioned about death threats she received...."  Click Here for Link

In July it was revealed that Apple had hired motoring industry veteran Doug Betts to work on Project Titan. Betts has worked in the automotive industry for the past 28 years, holding positions at Michelin, Toyota, Nissan and Chrysler Group, where he was senior vice president of product and service quality for seven years.
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Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Fwd: This is Sharyn Bovat & I'd like to verify it's Al Gore that's Been communicating to me.  
Date: September 19, 2015 at 6:28:09 PM EDT
To: ************


My Aunt is Claudia Cojocar and my Uncle is Bill Frisbie the former Chief Pilot of Pan Am.  
Can you please have Elizabeth Keadle call me?

Thank you & have a great day!!

Sharyn Bovat

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: This is Sharyn Bovat & I'd like to verify it's Al Gore that's Been communicating to me.  
Date: August 11, 2015 at 12:32:37 PM PDT

Mr. Turner,

Thank you for your website & your bio, it’s inspiring.

I’m going through a really strange time in my life.

Can you please get it verified that it is really Al Gore whose been communicating with me?

I’m sure it is but we had a saying during the Cold War “trust buy verify”

Thank you & have a great day!

Sharyn Bovat

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Carlos Ghosn I Hope It's YOU.... America Needs to Get Financially Healthy & Too Many Corrupt CEO's Have Abused US. James Comey is the FBI Gonna Bust NISSAN.... I Know the Ex Wackenhut Guy Wiped Their Computers ... Better Than Hillary Did:):) Carlos Tavares WHY Don't YOU Hire Me? HELLO?

Sorry Charlie:

Inspired by great women I'm gonna bring down a Global Good Ole Boy

NISSAN "Game On" 

Sharyn Bovat was raised by a family that served America covertly & for decades she interacted with prominent political leaders. Her grandfather was a DOD lawyer that started his career in the 1940's with a training program at Princeton- then went to Korea stationed on the 38th parallel. Sharyn's mom lived in Tokyo in the 50's and was Chief Stewardess for Transocean Airlines (CIA subsidized), she trained women to spy for America. Born in 1965 Sharyn's early childhood included trips during the Vietnam War to Southeast Asia, she saw a cockfight in Thailand before she entered 1st grade. In 1974 Bovat went with her mom to Lisbon - Her first revolution was a peaceful one called the Carnation. In 1980 Sharyn attended a boarding school and was the roommate of a girl from El Salvador whose family was leading death squads.Recently a Pentagon staffer said her life is no longer classified. It’s was verified that Sharyn is the last of 3 generations that quietly fought for the issues America represented and that's Freedom and Democracy.
The reason why Ms. Bovat is publicly speaking about controversial issues like the ‘Lockerbie Bombing’ is in 2009 the automaker NISSAN "outed" her as a former researcher for CIA operatives. They did this after she whistle blew about billions of dollars that a foreign company was taking to build a car that they did not have the technology to produce. An Obama bundler was hired to do the legal review for the Dept. of Energy loan that was funded with a guarantee from the Treasury: NISSAN is on the Iran watch list because they do business with IRAN - the American government never should have approved the deal. Sharyn's taking to the internet to expose the problem & is lobbying to change the laws to make government more efficient.
Bovat’s CIA past came to haunt her when in 2010 she was arrested 3 times while working for NISSAN North America on charges she says were done to discredit her as a whistleblower has endured 3 arrests and 19+ months fighting charges. Sharyn was a relocation consultant that worked with high level executives. Sharyn learned while working with a NISSAN board member Carlos Tavares that the CEO Carlos Ghosn used ex Nixon era CIA as consultants to "stay in control" normally this would intimidate someone but Sharyn was raised CIA.
Bovat was found guilty of the lowest level misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of $50 - some speeding tickets are considered more serious than the trespassing charge that is equal to occupy protestors received EXCEPT Bovat's case a 1st time misdemeanor that was sworn out by a NISSAN executive (no court order was telling Sharyn to not be on the NISSAN property) the letter telling her not to be at NISSAN was ordered by a man that Sharyn says lost his job after she blogged that he wasted taxpayer money. 2 days prior to the jury tral for the misdemeanor 5 of 7 subpoenas were quashed. 
Sharyn says that Renault CFO Dominique Thormann was the SVP at NISSAN ordered the letter in the beginning of July 2009: he feared she would blog about excessive spending of taxpayer money that was given to NISSAN to relocate to Tennessee. In June 2009 Sharyn started a blog called to expose bad behavior by NISSAN HR & discrimination (women in management at NISSAN went from 20.9% in 2006 to 10% in 2009) and the day after she blogged in July 2009 that he approve the spending of VP's oxygen facials from a cost center funded by the Tennessee taxpayer and that she feared would was American taxpayer with the Federal loan they were taking out. On July 10th a NISSAN issued a press release stating Dominique Thormann was leaving NISSAN to an unknown position at Renault. It was 11 months later Carlos Ghosn named him CFO. 
On January 3rd 2011 3 men at Reanult the French car company that were accused of being spies. The men were accused of espionage in reference to the electric car. During that time Sharyn led an effort to vindicate them. Bovat says she got a call in January verifying they were innocent & the evidence to frame the men had not yet been manufactured. and led a viral effort to vindicate the men. Sharyn purchased the domain in early January and sent emails tot he French consulate in January 2011 - In late January Carlos Ghosn had gone on French TV saying the men were guilty and he had “multiple proofs”
Bovat alleges that the Lebanese/Brazilian NISSAN CEO Carlo Ghosn is connected to ex CIA that were involved with drug trafficking and that he's part of the Lockerbie cover up. Bovat has stated in court documents she has suffered retaliation due to her past work foe CIA operative. 
In November Bovat was told to go to a National Security ABA conference and seated on the panel she was told to attend was Stephen Preston the top lawyer for the CIA. Sharyn's lawyer in Tennessee is named Kline Preston - thinking it was odd she sent him a text asking if they were related & he wrote that it was his brother. Bovat saw a conflict of interest because in October 2010 she told Kline she feared the charges are due to the Lockerbie cover up. Bovat as says too many people involved with the cover up have profited & for her to endure 3 arrests to discredit her is a sign that it’s time for the truth about Lockerbie to be told. 
She says the murder of Sonny Bono and Margaret Lesher might be connected to the people connected ex CIA that were involved with drug trafficking and weapons sales connected to the cover up. 
In August 2011 Mark Silverman the Ben Bradlee award winning editor of the Gannett owned Tennessean helped Sharyn proof brochures that she sent certified to members of congress. Bovat stated that Iran is responsible for the plane crash on December 21st, 1988. Sharyn says her uncle was Chief Pilot for Pan Am and she traveled to the Middle East in 1992 and had met a man mentioned in the SCCRC report that released last year. On January 14th of 2013 a motion was filed at the Williamson County courthouse in reference to malicious prosecution case.
Contact Sharyn Bovat: 615-944-7599

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Mark Stout the NISSAN VP That Bullied Me for Whistleblowing About Discrimination, Fraud and That NISSAN Does Business with Terrorist Nations Got PROMOTED. Damn I Wanted Him in Jail. James Comey is the FBI EVER Gonna Give the Righteous Justice or is the Scum (Not the Cream) Get to Rise to the Top in the Cesspool that's in America's MOST Corrupt State Get to Keep Succeeded. Why Has Leslie Caldwell & Loretta Lynch NOT Arrested Those in the Good Ole Boy Network That Discriminate, Oppress & Terrorize Hardworking Legal Residents That Speak Out for Humanity?

NISSAN has promoted EVERY Good Ole Boy that Terrorized Me.... 

Eric Holder did NOTHING & I pray Loretta Lynch does!!!

 NO I CAN'T & because I whistle blew I can't get a job ANYWHERE... I've got new "ammo" to go after NISSAN & the Tennessee courts.... 

I told Carlos Tavares I had a LOT of Aces in this fight for HUMANITY & I'm gonna play the Kennedy card.... so  Good Ole Boys "game on"

It's time Women, Blacks & Gays got RESPECT in Tennessee!
Look Mark Stout who terrorized me got promoted by NISSAN.
I just "don't get it"... maybe in America women can't succeed oops we have a woman US Attorney General... Maybe it's just women at NISSAN

Sunday, September 13, 2015

James Comey FBI, James Clapper, Loretta Lynch DOJ, Leslie Caldwell DOJ, John Brennan & Caroline Krauss CIA I'm Gonna Bring Down the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn and Link Him to a GLOBAL GOOD OlD BOY NETWORK Linked to Howard Baker, Bob Corker, Jimmy Haslam, Lamar Alexander, Marvin Runyon and a Slew ot Others. Please Have Todd McCall of the Memphis Division Have an Agent Look at these Links. It's HOMEWORK.... More Soon.

East St. Louis “The company
Knoxville, TN
1. Andrew C. Thornton II died while attempting to jump from his airplane with 100lbs of cocaine.

Lexington, KY
1. Andrew C. Thornton born and raised in Lexington, KY was a cop, lawyer, paratrooper in Vietnam and drug and arms trafficker.
Harland, KY
1. Andrew C. Thornton ties to cops here. Per 2013 Knoxville news interview
5. Phillip Block (Pead guilty to drug trafficking with Andrew C. Thornton, block is the current owner of Castle Jewelry and pawn in Lexington, KY and previously owned restaurants and night clubs in Lexington and Cincinnati.
6. Melanie Flynn (Dated police detective Bill Canan who is thought to have killed her)
7. Bill Canan (Crooked police detective thought to have killed high school employee Melanie Flynn (and dated her) Was released from federal prison in 2008 at the age of 63 (now 70 years old)
8. Bobby Flynn (Kentucky Senator and father of murdered high school employee Malanie Flynn).
9. Phillip Gall (Named after the dad of Sidney Gall (owned Galls uniforms and equipment for police in Lexington KY and is now owned by Aramark (who has major government and non-government contracts.) later opened Galls outdoor and ski) i n the following interview Pall Gall discusses his military intelligence in the Army where he describes dressing as a civilian under the designation of “J2”. He wanted the Jewish interviewer to turn off the recorder during this audio but she kept it running. He was enlisted in the Army from 1942-1946 and J2 was a group of 60 men in four states as far as he knew. These were Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia. He was in the 5th service command for basic. 1942-1946. First he was in Indianapolis, In (son Steve born there). He saw there were going to be 1M expected causalities invading the Islands of Japan. He also served in Louisville, KY. He was giving a choice of Louisville or Cincinnati. He fell under Army reg. 380-5 safe guarding intelligence and conducing counter-intelligence.  He was sent to a glass company in Muncie, IN that made ball bearings for tanks to break up a strike. He was sent with other to “case the joint.”
Grand son’s name is Steve who filed for bankruptcy on the business in 2012.
10. James Lambert (Named in the FBI statement of Dan Lasater and also connected to Kentucky Gov. John Y. Brown. owned a string of night clubs in the 1970’s – 1980’s. He pleads guilty to drug smuggling chargers with Phillip Block. One source claims he is the current owner of Castle Jewelry and Pawn but the current into shows Phillip Block as the current owner. James Lambert is also stated to be the financial backer of Andrew Thornton. Mr. Lambert owned the rights to South American KFC which it bought from his college buddy Gov. John Y. Brown.
11. Bradley Bryant was a partner of Andrew Thornton (together financially backed by James Lambert, Anita Madden and others) Bradley Bryant was well connected with major drug suppliers out of Las Vegas. He was the grandson of one of Lexington’s Mayors.In 1977 He formed a company called Executive protection LTD. He was caught in Philadelphia with weed and $22K and the names of other involved in the Company. He was also arrested flying 4 TONs of cocaine into the Lexington, KY Airport in a DC4. Bryant was often considered the more powerful and connected member of the Company, who had ties to Las Vegas mobsters, political figures, and foreign agents. John Y. Brown Jr., who became the governor of Kentucky in 1979, could be considered one of the first men to help Bryant become wealthy. Brown bought the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise from Harlan David Sanders for two million dollars, and became incredibly wealthy. Brown used his influence to land Bryant a corporate executive position in Philadelphia. Through Brown’s friends, Bradley became connected to people in the “Vegas casino scene. Bradley Bryant was given a corporate job in Philadelphia at KFC with the help of James Lambert who owned the South America rights to KFC which he bought from his friend and college buddy Gov. John Y. Brown who bought KFC from Col. Harland Sanders.
Bradley was an arms dealer connected to international arms dealing. He also stole weapons from China Lake:
Places he has lived according to white pages (now 77 yrs old) Lexington, KY
Nags Head, NC
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Shalimar, FL
Henderson, KY
Winchester, KY
12. Anita Madden was the wife a famous multi-generation horse breeding family with many winners including the first Triple-crown winner. She held many evil type parties to shine the light on her and her families. Her family invested in purified corn syrup and their son Patrick has sold the farm and built development on it. Anita was one of the major backer of the drugs through James Lambert and others in the night club and restaurant business along with the horse breeding which seemed to be where some of their illegal investments may have gone.  (She likely met him in the club scene. Anita had a party once per year that was known to be very wild and only for the ultra-wealthy where cocaine would be served by the dish supplied by The Company.
In 1977 Bryant formed a private security company called Executive Protection Ltd. He cultivated and recruited police from around the United States. Thornton resigned from the Lexington police department that year and joined Bryant in the new venture.
In 1981, Bryant was arrested in a hotel in Philadelphia after maids smelled marijuana smoke coming from his room. In Bryant`s possession at the time of his arrest was a cache of semiautomatic weapons, disguises, more than 10 fraudulent Kentucky driver`s licenses and $22,000 in cash. His notebook contained the names and addresses of several Lexington men, including Thornton, as well as references to planned operations with names such as “Blue Fin.”
Jenkins, GA
David Williams was a partner of Andrew Carter Thornton II who was a pilot. He and 16 skydivers were killed shortly after take-off. Since it happened just two weeks after the Sept. 11, 1985 death of Andrew C. Thornton II is thought to be a retribution killing for the dope drugs being lost in the failed Thornton operation.
Little Rock, AR
2. Daniel Lasater (Owned Ponderosa steak house, was friends with Kentucky Gov. John Y. Brown and friend of Bill and Roger Clinton) Lasater provided FBI testimony in 1986 on year after the sky diving death of Andrew C. Thornton

3. Gov, John Y. Brown (Gov. of KY and owner of KFC franchise).

4. Benny Rayburn (owned a bank in Arkansas, instructed GOV. Brown to take money to Union National Bank in Little Rock, AR
Mena, AR
Searles Lake, CA Naval Weapons Center, China Lake
Fresno, CA
Baton, Rouge, LA
Shreveport, LA
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX
New Mexico
Gov. Tony Anaya (met Daniel Lasater in 1982)
St. Lewis, KS
The Company (had 300 men and $26M in planes and boats).
Philadelphia, PA
Bradley Bryant (operation Blue Fin) Bradly Bryant, his cousin Larry Bryant and Roger Barnard are caught in Philadelphia plotting operation Blue Fin. This seems to be a CIA cover paid assignation of the last remaining brother of JFK Ted Kennedy who was running for POTUS and was leading in the polls. Bradley Bryant had a security business that was hired to protect Jimmy Charga in 1979. Charga was an attorney and heavy Mexican drug trafficker in El Passo, TX Charga also put a hit on a US District Judge John Wood. TV star Woody Harldson’s dad is serving a life sentence of that murder. Some think he is the true assassin of JFK.
Larry Earl Bryant (Operation Blue Fin) see Bradley Bryant above.,655371&hl=en

Roger D. Barnard (Operation Blue Fin) See Bradley Bryant above.
George Hadder (named in a book confiscated in Philadelphian from Bradley Bryant) He was said to have done intelligence work for the United States and Libya according to the following report.

Deer Lake, PA 
Frederik John Luytjes, the owner of Air America – The largest sing drug catch of 7 ½ tons of cocaine only one year after Harold Joseph Rosenthal and other arrested in Atlanta, GA. According to the indictment, the ring set up an elaborate smuggling operation that included installing radio equipment on a modified, long-range aircraft in Colombia and placing communications centers at Luytjes` home in Deer Lake, Pa., and at Robertson`s property at Lake Wallenpaupack, Pa., to track the plane as it flew from Colombia to the U.S. Full story:
Las Vegas
Alvin Snaper (the inventor of Tang and the electric typewriter among many other things) was par the China Lake theft with Bradley and Larry Bryant, Andrew Carter Thornton II and many others. He was also likely part of “ The Company”

Mist on in the Mountains book by J.H. Gason reveals law enforcement in East Tennessee (including Harriman Sheriff) indictments  for large scale drug trafficking from major Columbia cartel.,1101645&hl=en
*** This link has video with Sheriff Charlie Shadden in 1985 being interviewed as a clean sheriff in the middle of many crooked sheriffs being taken down in Tennessee He said he turned down $100K to let a plane with cocaine land at the Crossville Airport:$1-6-Billion-Drug-Ring/id-9a8c7fe9259c510f4da24d892bc499a4
Author: Biggs on Jerry LeQuire:
Donald Trump with John Y Brown:,1101645&hl=en

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The NISSAN Leaf is Going NO WHERE ....... I Told Ya'll That 1.4 Billion Was Taken by a Foreign Company that Does Business with IRAN for an Electric Car Execs KNEW Would Fail.... Instead of Being Thanked for Saving Taxpayers Money I Was Jailed, Bullied and Terrorized & NOW I'm Scared Cause .....

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:
From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Date: August 23, 2015 at 10:14:59 PM EDT
To: "" <>,,, "" <>, Kline Preston <>,, Blake Farmer <>, Rhori Johnston <>, Mark Silverman <>
Subject: If I get harmed I want FBI to Investigate & DOJ to PROSECUTE Brigid Carpenter, Kline Preston, Kim Helper, Terry Wood , Carlos Ghosn & Other Nissan Execs 

Nissan "cyberly" outed me I NEVER told anyone one I could be Robert Kennedy's illegitimate child. I'm TERRIFIED because a LOT of weird stuff is going on & and tired of being bullied & not getting Nissan to apologize to me for jailing me. I don't want money I want my reputation back. I want ppl that are corrupt in jail. I want ���� to get its 1.4 Billion back and i want Kline Preston disbarred. 

Ppl tell me I'm in danger cause of my DNA well I never would have talked about it or learned more details of my CIA family had i not been terrorized. I have CPTSD and my Dr says I can't work. I need health insurance and my congressman Peter Roskam hasn't gotten me my disability approved - the sad part is I'm NOT crazy I have a 72 page evaluation saying I'm highly ethical and ANGRY. I need help with getting resolution and TIRED of fearing one of ya'll is gonna whack me.  I know a LOT of dead ppl. Andrew Breitbart was murdered because he was gonna report a story about the DOD/CIA clique that ya'll are in or protecting.  I KNOW corruption is the ����way and that mafias control the government - I don't want to blog about YOU anymore I want you  to leave me ALONE and help me build a new life and that starts w/ Nissan apologizing PUBLICLY ... Do you GET IT!!!!

Sharyn Bovat 

Below I sent to my family whose horrified that I've blogged about CIA stuff -I'm scared and have proof powerful ppl have monitored me & used my blogs as tools for an "internal battle" due to the battle of control for the world order that's blazing right now: A few weeks ago I was given Clinton server Intel to leak.
When I was at her event in Iowa he me staff circled me. After I took a pic of Huma.

 I'm more than scared I'm creeped out. The Clinton machine has illegally used tech to locate me & the foundation workers have been regular  viewers of my blogs... I can prove the Haiti aid to their NGO from Nissan is linked to words I wrote ... I have web states. Also an ambassador talked to me. The Clinton Foundation is corrupt FYI - They read my blogs before I was jailed and believe they wanted me discredited. The foundation donors got a LOT of 2010 green stimulus money too. 

Hello CIA : ALL I ever asked for was help getting resolution with Nissan (EV fraud is REAL) and in looking for help I now believe that what I feared was true - I was conceived as a CIA dirty trick being done to the Kennedy family "that" is why 2 mysterious car accidents, getting poisoned, being jailed 3 times on trumped up charges. People I'm just a human being who want the CIA & Nissan to help me build a life .. A life that I lost when Nissan execs who were committing fraud with the EV outed me for my CIA past.  

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Begin forwarded message:
From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Date: August 22, 2015 at 10:59:23 AM CDT
To: jogthru <>, "Kyle A. Krasa" <>, Jim Gammon <>, Michael Dorris <>, Mark Silverman <>
Subject: Thanks for Marriott time share & Presidential Archives guy thinks I'm a Kennedy

Thanks for your email about the time-share. 

Six weeks ago a guy that worked in the Presidential archives met with me and confirmed what the mafia guy told me in 2011 & what many believe. Ed Daly was connected to the mafia-that’s how he got the money to buy the airline and World Airways was used for CIA/Mafia drug trafficking. Many that knew Robert Kennedy have told me I look a lot like him & papa worked for those involved with the cover-up of JFK’s assassination.

All our phone calls & emails are monitored and recorded. I’m not gonna go around in circle with you anymore.
If what people say is true it means that my existence makes the CIA complicit in the JFK deal. I’ve been through HELL the last 6 years and I know you have too. I’m sorry you can never understand me.  I too find me hard to understand. I’ve offered to take a DNA test - I’ve offered to take lie detector tests the fact is i have “no clue” who my bio dad is & it’s too dangerous for me to find out so I’m not pushing the issues. 

my Dad that raised me was in Laos running drugs for CIA and my mom a former Chief Stewardess of Transocean Airllines hires women to spy for America & trained them post WW2. My grandfather ex Naval Intel went on to work for John McCone Kennedy's CIA director & in 1964 when i was conceived a guy that worked in Presidential archives told me LOTS of women were sleeping with Robert Kennedy and the illegitimate kids were used as weapons against the Kennedy family. 

My doctor wants me to reduce stress which is not easy when I’m still unemployed & looking for a job with health insurance. Marc wants the divorce final soon so I’m going to ask my member of congress to expedited a disability claim IF I can’t get the CIA to help me with a pension (I’ve been told I’m entitled to one for all the projects i did in the past.  Anyway & I’ve been told Al Gore wants to have a relationship with me (I turned him down for a date in 2010 but the guys persistent & cute so what the heck) I’ve been told he’s read all my messages and seen all my videos & still thinks I’m hotter than the planet - I gotta like a guy for sticking with me after all I’ve been through.  He’s the only person that helped me when I faced the trumped up criminal charges.

Right now I’m just tired, stunned and trying to make a life out of what seem to be nothing.  I’ll know in fall if he’s serious about dating me. If that happens I’ll keep the time share and let Justin, Andrew & Heather use it with me for family reunions. So yes I do want it… & someday I do want to build a relationship with Justin & Andrew just after I get resolution Sent from my iPhone

Sent from my iPhone