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James Comey FBI & Loretta Lynch DOJ the DC AUTO Show SHOWS the NISSAN Leaf is NOT the Great Car Carlos Ghosn Says it is & The NISSAN Whistleblower Can Prove the Fraud is REAL. Sharyn Bovat Wants Marsha Blackburn, Diane Black, Stephen Fincher, Jim Cooper, Steven Cohen, & Scott Desjarlais to Create Legislation to Protect Whistleblowers.

At the DC Auto-show
NISSAN put their planet friendly Leaf in gas guzzling Good Ole Boy toy Titan exhibit

NISSAN spent NO money showing the car to those in DC that they took OVER 1 billion taxpayer dollars to build.   Call Sharyn Bovat to get documents showing the collateral for the DOE loan is not backed by NISSAN but by a 2 Billion dollar Rutherford County IDB bond.

Collateral that will never be exercised for a loan that will never be repaid.  That's why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders dominate politics cause America does NOT trust DC... especially with stupid decisions coming out of the house.  I'm not just talking about the White House I'm also talking about he Congressional House. Members of congress know about the fraud and some (Marsha Blackburn, Diane Black, Stephen Fincher, Jim Cooper, Steven Cohen, Scott Desjarlais, & more know that their state abused a whistleblower & I'm STILL waiting for legislation protecting whistleblowers who expose fraud & wasteful spending of taxpayer money). I will be visiting your DC offices soon asking for a meeting to discuss legislative solutions to protect people like me who speak truth to power & simply want to be protected and listened to.  

Not a lot of people at the DC auto show on Tuesday. I think it had something to do with the weather

This video was Published on May 6, 2012
& I (Sharyn Bovat) am still fighting NISSAN about the fraud and abuse of taxpayer money.  Ppl in Tennessee "still" bully, slander and harass me. Luckily I got the truth on my side 

The NISSAN Leaf is made with cheap plastic parts.  Each leaf "really" costs about 80k to build & NISSAN never had any intention of selling the # of cars they promised congress they would when taking the money

Hello Kitty Car Friendlier to the US Taxpayers


At the DC Auto-show
NISSAN put their planet friendly Leaf in gas guzzling Good Ole Boy toy Titan exhibit

Sunday, January 24, 2016

***UPDATE*** James Comey If the Feds Don't bust NISSAN Exec Maybe Carlos Ghosn Can Get the Award for BEST Con Man Disguised as an Auto Exec at the Washington DC Auto Show: Cause the NISSAN Leaf Didn't Get ANYOTHER Award. Congrats to Hyundai, Honda,Audi, Toyota,Mazda, Mercedes, Porsche, Volvo, Lexus, BMW & Chevy for Their Nominations.

Ex NISSAN Exec responds to NISSAN not getting any green car awards at the Washington DC auto show

Odd, Tesla, Ford and NISSAN are not listed when they received taxpayer dollars.
Oops NISSAN committed fraud & I proved that. I'm sure Ford didn't.  I wonder if the DOE will tell the MSM if they paid back their loan.  I know the DOE is dodging my questions.  I got a lady on "tape".....  
Also i learned a few weeks ago that the poisoning that happened to me when I whistle blew at NISSAN in the state of Tennessee was "rat poison" was used to try to kill me. I was told to make it "clear" that if I die  an early death for an "unknown" medical reason that NISSAN  execs who "outed me" for my CIA past are directly or indirectly responsible & should be persecuted.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Larry Kramer I'm Getting Ready to Achieve Your Blog.... The Blogs About Bob Dickey & Gracia Martore Who are STILL Leaders (Public Figures) at Gannett Will Remain

Larry Kramer is NO LONGER the Publisher of the USA TODAY In one week I will delete his blog
ALL blog posts are achieved and two of them will be published in my upcoming book:            

Righteously Rogue 
Memoirs of a CIA Playdate

He's still with Gannett & He's With Syracuse University Which has Gotten a LOT of Grants (funding) for aiding the Lockerbie Bombing Cover-up. He helped the CIA by protecting NISSAN when they were violating American laws. Larry Kramer protected members of Congress by not letting stories told "just" so those committing crimes, profiting from them KEEP buying ads at Gannett.  My allegations against Larry Kramer have "proven to be true" ,,,, Just ask Carl Icahn. Sadly he couldn't stop the MSM runaway train. 

Please click HERE & visit my DOD Whistleblower Facebook page to see what issues Gannett knew about & DID NOT REPORT while the USA Today was editorially led by Larry Kramer.  Today Bob Dickey still leads Gannett BUT Gracia Martore is now GONE from the Gannett line-up BUT she still works at Gannett via TEGNA ....huh, I wonder if she got the 46 million dollars she was promised in SEC docs (if she was fired).

 Garcia Martore & Bob Dickey made MILLIONS while hard working journalist didn't get pay raises and while Gannett did excessive layoffs. Many of Gannett's reporters have thanked me for being a Voice of the People.

Gracias husband Joseph Martore is CEO of a Defense contracting company set up AFTER the Lockerbie bombing coverup too.... New docs show that Lebanon was involved with the Lockerbie cover-up and YES I said years ago "CIA ties" is how Carlos Ghosn became the business leader that he is today.

Bad news is STILL being provided by USA Today & Gannett products.  Gannett seems to be Hillary Clinton's biggest cheerleader & even thought the Dem Moines Register and provided "lopsided" coverage Hillary is NOT doing to well in Iowa.. To be fair on the local level Gannett had 

    USA TODAY publisher Kramer to retire before Gannett print ...

    USA Today
    Jun 8, 2015 - USA TODAY publisher Larry Kramer to retire as Gannett's board approves print spinoff on June 29.

    Larry Kramer to step down as publisher of USA Today ...
    Poynter Institute
    Jun 8, 2015 - Larry Kramer, the publisher of USA Today, is leaving the newspaper, according to a staff memo from Robert Dickey, president of Gannett U.S. ...
    Sharyn Bovat is still bullied for whistleblowing at NISSAN. Bad people that knowingling took taxpayer money for a car they knew would not succeed and knew that the tech would be shared with Puitin and Iran are still executives at NISSAN.  

    GANNETT knew the whistleblower was bullied, jailed and terrorized and did NOTHING 

              Below was posted in 2012....

BELOW is the LAST Post on this Blog

I Know How Some of the taxpayer money given to NISSAN  was spent....

The Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has done NOTHING.. His  office knows and "does NOT care"...  They protect a foreign company that does business with IRAN.... Why?

Guess the Governor is Corrupt.  Too bad I voted for him.

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Fwd: COO of Renault a Company that Does Business with Iran Using Whistle Blowers Address for COSTCO Membership… Sharyn Bovat "flips" Because Eric Holder's Guy Told Her to File Civil… Sharyn Thinks it's Criminal


Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving. 
Please read this for you will understand the abuse that I've been "ranting" about. 

Thank you


While picking up my child's birthday cake on Saturday 
I learned that Mr. Tavares (My Former Client  Who was on the board of NISSAN Motors whose now the COO of Renault (NISSAN's parent company - that does a lot of business in IRAN).  This man Carlos Tavares that  I whistle blew too STILL uses my child's home address for his COSTCO membership, NISSAN said I was the #2 Security risk.  I was jailed 3 times.  Can YOU imagine how I felt when COSTCO told me that Mr. Tavares the former President of NISSAN Americas was STILL using my address for him membership?  Please watch this video of my Eric Holder "flip out"   I want people to  see the stress I'm under from 3+ years of being bullied by NISSAN

Mr. Tavares is a Good Guy - He wanted the corruption & discrimination to STOP 
In SPRING of 2009 Mr. Tavares knew I was going to blog about the corrupt people running NISSAN's HR.  A LOT of the stuff I blogged about was given to my by people that wanted Carlos Ghosn gone because of his "sleazy" business practices.  An IT expert from NISSAN contacted me about my internet security AFTER I started the blog. 

FYI- Mr. Tavares emailed me DIRECTLY in 2010 (When I exposed "too much" fraud he got nervous.)
Mr. Tavares STILL wanted my emails & ONLY shared with "Good Ole Boys" running HR after there was a "forward by rule" put on his Japanese email account.  

I had to fight in the Tennessee judicial system for OVER 19 months.  

NOW I'm battling NISSAN for my reputation back TWICE the "email stalking" charge was dropped.  

NISSAN accused me of STALKING a CORPORATION TWICE...both dropped and the police in Tennessee Jailed me 3 times...THe DA "let" it continue.  NISSAN paid a lawyer whose the former DA to "babysit" the case from 
day 1.  The STALKING Charges were inhumane. It destroys a person reputation.  

In July I filed a malicious prosecution and NISSAN is still "playing games"  Since I have a child this needs to get resolved.  She was 7 when I whistle blew and NOW she's 11.

VERY Important!!!

The judge in Tennessee quashed the subpoena to have Mr. Tavares speak at my trial. If the last minute "judge swap"  did NOT happen I would have been railroaded into jail for a year (They wanted me silent during the "election"... )That is why I was told the trial was moved from Sept. 2011 to February 2012.  

ALL this for a 1st time misdemeanor and 2 trumped up "email" stalking charges.  
YES!!! Email stalking.  

NISSAN was mad at me because I was emailing their employees and telling them to stop wasting taxpayer money.  

The trespassing charge was "trumped up too"  I'll go into details on that later...  Occupy Protestors in Nashville were charges with the "same" thing. they got snacks - released from jail with NO bond and their charges dropped within 24 hours.  The Tennessean wrote a LOT of stories on the Occupiers in Nashville.  I was jailed 3 times - abused in jail - not fed, bruised and got put in a cell with a woman accused of assault with a lethal weapon.   Why?

This was in a Jalopnik Article in 2010
This was written in Jalopnik in 2010... The mainstream media has ignored the story.

In court Rob Trayham said I was the #2 Security Risk for NISSAN.   I learned that NISSAN executives GLOBALLY were told this.  They put it in the computer system saying that I was "high risk"  Their is NO WAY in hell a "relocation consultant" could be that big of threat.   

A NISSAN employee accused me of using an ALIAS because I was using a "different" last name.  After this happened I told Mr. Tavares to refer to me as Sharyn Bovat and told EVERYONE my last name was BOVAT.
FYI- the alias was my child's dad's name.  some call it a married name.  NISSAN's paranoia got me scared - then I was told that Carlos Ghosn hired "ex CIA" from the NISSAN era and that was HOW he stayed in control.  I think that was told to me to scare me.   After I knew I was exposed I sent a letter to Bill Krueger (because I knew his wife- I used to scrapbook with Lyn) I told the NOW Vice Chairman that I "knew" their bullying & intimidation tactics because I was around the people that "wrote the book" on how.

What happened to me was INSANE.... All I did was whistle blow about wasted spending of taxpayer money & discrimination. Because Carlos Ghosn &/or his people feared me for my former CIA research work they TERRORIZED me and discredited me.  Over the years I've seen good honest people (like me) disappear, destroyed or murdered so I knew that I had to blog about ALL and tell the truth.   It was my only hope. I had to get people's attention and "hoped" that they remembered me. 

Because I told the truth my blogs are still viewed today by a LOT of people.  I've heard that some that have terrorized me because of my blogging are now facing IRS probes.  

NISSAN executives "swore out warrants" because they were stealing money from America.  NISSAN has about 6 Billion in American IDB debt.  Can a reporter invesigate?
  1. Mainstream Media PULLED Articles About NISSAN's IDB Debt
    Jan 14, 2012 – 
    Mainstream Media PULLED Articles About NISSAN's IDB Debt. Why did the Tennessean pull the article on the IDB Bonds that NISSAN has ...

Mr. Tavares did NOT want the EV to be built UNTIL NISSAN had "good technology" but Carlos Ghosn wanted the cash.  Catherine Perez who was the VP of Purchasing for Renault/NISSAN -my former client and Carlos Ghosn's former Mistress told me about NISSAN's "severe" cash flow problem.

Anyway... How would you feel if your life was "turned upside down" and then found out the #2 Guy at NISSAN's parent company Renault was "still" using your address for a COSTCO membership?

The Fraud is Real...  Rob McNeilly If YOU Really Care About the Community You'll  Do Something About It?

Sunday, January 3, 2016

NISSAN Whistleblower Turned DOD Whistleblower Creates a NEW Facebook Page to Highlight Successes. Sharyn Bovat STILL Has Hopes Some NISSAN Execs Will Be in Orange Jumpsuits Soon. Also It Would Be NICE if James Comey & the FBI Investigated the Death of Ryan Loskarn & They Need to Interrogate Lamar Alexander :):)

Join the DOD/NISSAN Whistleblower on FACEBOOK 

i KNOW my quirky blogs helped a lot
I got intel on this starting in 2012 & it sure did keep me up night .... mainly cause i "didn't get it".... it was one of "auto" sources (from the NISSAN leaf fraud) that added clarity to the data I got and then BAM!!!!    I was told when the issue was "simplified" which is what I'm good at, then ppl at the White House understood HOW BAD the State Dept Decision was to allow Russia to have GPS monitoring stations on American soil.

The Glonass issue was that I whisleblew on & OMG that one was BIG... 

I got intel on this starting in 2012 & it sure did keep me up night .... mainly cause i "didn't get it".... it was one of "auto" sources (from the NISSAN leaf fraud) that added clarity to the data I got and then BAM!!!!    I was told when the issue was "simplified" which is what I'm good at, then ppl at the White House understood HOW BAD the State Dept Decision was to allow Russia to have GPS monitoring stations on American soil.

"...In May 2012, Moscow requested that the United States allow the ground-monitoring stations on American soil. American technical and diplomatic officials have met several times to discuss the issue and have asked Russian officials for more information, said Ms. Harf, the State Department spokeswoman.

In the meantime, C.I.A. analysts reviewed the proposal and concluded in a classified report this fall that allowing the Russian monitor stations here would raise counterintelligence and other security issues.

The State Department does not think that is a strong argument, said an administration official. “It doesn’t see them as a threat...".  New York Times

In 2014 the county knew that in reference to Glonass the MISSION was Accomplished:):) 
My sources remain employed at their various agencies/companies and the country is safer. All because the issue on my blog floated on google searches and "that" forced a dialogue. I'm proud to be a small part in a massive effort to STOP the State Dept's stupid decision that would've allowed Russia to have GPS monitoring stations on American soil.   

Do I think some NISSAN execs are going to jail for abusing me HELL YES.... cause I was told people know that "that" is what i want & I deserve it:)

NOTE to the FBI & James COMEY:  Sadly people connected to Lamar Alexander, ex CIA connected to the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn (the same clique that accused 3 men of Renault of spying) scared Ryan Loskarn would speak set him up for a child porn bust & whacked him.

FYI: anyone that looked at Ryan Loskarn's Facebook account a few days after her was arrested KNOWS that I sent him a message. The email account i used then has been hacked numerous times and for a few months I've had NO access to the account. Yesterday I got access and i have 46K messages. I'm sure various alphabet agencies have already reviewed them so I won't.  If anyone sent me an email to pls don't expect a response, just resend to that's the new official email address for the DOD & NISSAN Whistleblower:):)