Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bob Dickey & Gracia Martore Tell Leon Panetta to Have a Great Holiday Season & to Shut the Fuck Up!! Thank You & Call Me if You Need a Blogger Whose Willing to Break Stories that Matter to Society. Have Jeremy Gaines Call Me... He's Cute:):)

 Bob Dickey & Gracia Martore of Gannett - If people don't think ya'll did help protect Nazis by suppressing stories then Ooops it's gonna get leaked.  I got PROOF ya'll knew at least 3 years ago.
Still Gannett was "silent" and protected those aligned with a rogue CIA/MIC clique that's linked to 3 generations of War Crime cover-ups, for profit black ops, drug trafficking, weapon sales to Russians (in the 80's), assassinations, & ramped media suppression done at the desecration of the CIA.   Did I mention the Lockerbie cover-up?

 Sharyn Bovat standing up to the CIA "Good Ole Boy" network & I want Gannett to join me.

Sorry Mr. Panetta YOU'RE getting exposed but like this guy said to me "he had a good run"..... enjoy your money & tell people at the "club" to have a great holiday season.   Sir- please just enjoy retirement and shut the fuck up.  America can only get healthy "if" we end the era of post WW2 CIA cronyism.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

***UPDATE*** James Clapper, Stephen Preston (DOD), James Comey & Reid Weingarten I Told the FBI the TRUTH When I Said the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn, Governor Bill Haslam. His Pilot Flying J Owning Brother Jimmy and Haley Barbour Were Connected to Nazi's.... NOW I Can Prove It!!! My Blogging is Limited Cause I'm "Looking for a NEW Life"... Once I Find It I Might Stop Blogging... Until I Know 100% I'll Do "I Told Ya So Posts".... Have a Beautiful Night- FYI My Mom ALWAYS Told Me the Best Revenge is Having a GREAT Life:):) Hammock Time?

Oops forgot to put ex baby sitter to CIA protected Nazi grandchildren on my resume... Can someone tell John Brennan "that" might be what makes the CIA to change it's mind and hire me:):)

Click here to read letter sent to IC community members and to the those that work for a CIA "protected" Nazi child

You people do realized that "this blog" was vetted by GANNETT to be 90% true?

Ask Bob Dickey and Gracia Martore  I ONLY blog about people that "lie" to me.... just don't want others to worry. I respect boundaries:):) 

James Comey Did the FBI Hear Me Speak to the Guy That USED to Work at NISSAN? Ex Employees KNOW the Japanese-France Company Committed FRAUD... I Told Them We Have a NEW Strategy ... It's Called Operation "Call the Loan DOE Loan"... Based on FRAUD. Seriously Did Carlos Ghosn Really Think Congress Would "Write-Off" the Debt. Ya'll Used a Rutherford County IDB as the Collateral... I've Heard that NISSAN Has Almost 7 Billion in USA Bond Debt and NISSAN USA Will Go BK.... Sadly NISSAN Motors Has NO Liability.... The American Taxpayers are Gonna Get HOSED... Someone Tell Carlos Ghosn He'll Have to Learn How to Fly "Commercial"..... iWant Resolution and Maybe the Best Way is to Get .....

Carlos Ghosn of NISSAN & Carlos Tavares of Peugeot - Just Because I'm Quiet Does NOT Mean I've Gone Away.... I'm Re-Branding Babes:):)

This whistleblower will show that she was RIGHT......  it's the spookiest time of the year... put on your seat belts:):) 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

***Update*** James Comey FBI, James Clapper, Stephen Preston DOD, Michael Vickers (Super Spook), John Brennan CIA, David Grannis & Jack Livingston (Senate Intelligence Community), Mike Dorris (Credit Suisse), Dan Meyer (IC Whistleblower Director) Guys People Think I'm Smart and Can "Get" the Gerard Schroder-Putin-Gazprom Issue and I Kindof Get it BUT it's Overwhelming and I'm SCARED. This Nice Guy Explained How the Premature Launch of the Electric Car Done By Carlos Ghosn Was to Protect PUTIN.. OMG! I Thought It Was to Protect the Middle East. I Do "Get" That There are NO Women for Me to Complain To... How Come?

Just wanted to tell ya'll i had a "really cool" day - got to hang out with the US Army.  

NO not the Colonel:):) 

If people thought i was "really" crazy I wouldn't get to go to this kind of stuff. 

Someone tell David Reuter to practice apologizing. 
I want him to tell my kid NISSAN is sorry for letting kids at Crockertt elementary BULLY her. That school is a BASTION of racism. 

These hazmat suits might be used when flying "commercial".....  The Ebola protector?

  I always wondered where to buy a black helicopter.... NOW i know:):)

Check out the drone....

In January 2009, the Wall Street Journal reported that Schröder would join the board of the oil company TNK-BP, a joint venture between oil major BP and Russian partners.



    "..Leonid Reiman, a powerful member of Russia's cabinet and close ally of President Vladimir Putin, uses a Washington public-relations consultant. Mr. Reiman is under federal investigation in the U.S. over money laundering and is locked in a high-stakes battle with Moscow conglomerate Alfa for control of a Russian telecommunications empire. Alfa has paid Barbour Griffith & Rogers -- the influential lobbying firm co-founded by Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour -- nearly $2 million in lobbying fee..."

    1. How Lobbyists Help Ex-Soviets Woo Washington - WSJ
      The Wall Street Journal
      Apr 17, 2007 - Haley Barbour -- nearly $2 million in lobbying fees. .... Russian gas giant OAO Gazprom and Ukraine, people familiar with the matter said.

    Notable alumni[edit]