Tuesday, May 3, 2016

James Clapper I just told my IC handler that I didn't go to the "Meet a Former Muslim Extremist" at New America Because I'm depressed. The world is so fucked up & Al Gore's ppl told me about Dilma Rousseff being ousted to protect the CIA/OIL/CEO clique So did the Popes ppl and so did ppl form the United Nations. STILL I can't do anything but watch decendents of Nazi's take control over Brazil and avoid prosecution. I'm watching Michel Temer a Lebanese Brazilian & friend of Carlos Ghosn & Carlos Slim who are ALSO Lebanese Take Control of a Country. Those men are gonna protect the Mid East oil Nations and NOT Give a RATS ASS About the Brazilian people. I'm sad!!! I was told rioting could happen if Michel Temer is President & I saw today ONLY 2 % of the Brazilian people want him as president. It's just HORRIBLE. Our Olympic athletes work so hard and they deserve an Olympics in a County NOT filled with chaos.

Carlos Slim controls 2 of the companies supporting Brazil games and Ghosn NISSAN

Sunday, May 1, 2016

James Clapper America Needs to STOP The Global Clique That Have Members in the OIL Industry That are Linked to Those That FUNDED ISIS: The CIA/MIC/OIL Clique is BIG & They're Bullying President Rousseff of Brazil. This Needs to STOP!!!! The Guy That MIGHT Become President & Represent Brazil During Olympics Is Part of a Corruption Scandal Involving Businesses That are in Bed with Putin & America's Enemies.

I've got MANY people that have confirmed the "coup" is linked to the ppl Kissinger (Hillary Clinton's big supporter) helped put in place during the DIRTY WAR.....  Did I tell ya'll all Condor pilots came to my childhood home to "decompress" after flights.  I thank god Obama has declassified my Pre-Teen years... Now I'm waiting for my conception:):) 

A Boeing exec told me that Carlos Ghosn's Brazilian dad was a BIG player in the dirty war & Carlos Ghosn used his CIA connections to "get ahead" & it's why I was bullied.  Evidently I'm known for being "ethical" & I scare ppl that have profited from acts of inhumanity.   What happened in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Guyana, El Salvador & other places was PURE TERROR.  I have good news & that's children of Nazi's have reached out to me and they want to help me expose the EVIL & help restore humanity to South America.  People connected to the Argentinian Pope have reached out to me and said "Sharyn the War for a Righteous Society is not's NOW intensified".... The good can prevail & it starts by STOPPING Michel Temer's power grab.  I have MANY examples of how he and his party are linked to the the Global Network that has bullied people into helping members of "the clique" profit. It's time for FAIRNESS in the world .. Please help me help those that have reached out ....  Make Brazil an example.  Don't let the corrupt MSM in Brazil aid remnants of one of American's BIGGEST mistakes.... the Dirty War. 

Corruption accusation From WIKI :  As part of the corruption investigations of Operation Car Wash Temer is under investigation for allegedly receiving more than US$1.5 million from a company that received construction contracts from Petrobras; Temer denies wrongdoing, characterizing the payments as legal campaign donations.[6]
NITEROI, Brazil -- Demonstrators protesting the impeachment process threatening Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff occupied dozens of highways in major cities during rush hour Thursday morning, causing long backups. Organizers claimed that 30 highways in nine Brazilian states were blocked. Brazil's anti-impeachment protesters block highways at rush hour 
For months, the business community has been hoping that Temer would take over from the leftist Rousseff. ....And amid months of political maneuvering on all sides, one incident involving Temer stands out as bizarre: a 13-minute audio of him rehearsing an inauguration speech days before the impeachment vote. Temer said it was "accidentally leaked," though detractors say more likely it was done to gauge public sentiment.......Only 2 percent of Brazilians said they'd vote for him for president in 2018

Everything began with the mensalão trial [the trial of certain PT politicians charged with making secret payments to federal deputies in return for votes] when the Supreme Court used the principle of domínio do fato, never used before or after in Brazil and rarely used in other countries, to convict Zé Dirceu [a former PT president and coordinator of Lula’s presidential campaign in 2002]. Under this principle, a court can determine that, even if there is no proof of the accused’s involvement, it was impossible for him or her not to have known. The arbitrary powers used today are different: providing selective leaks to the press of unproven accusations or even mere suppositions and suspicions; preventing lawyers from seeing the charges; and holding suspects in prison for long periods before their trials (some for over three months) in clear violation of the legal conditions for refusing bail.
Leading businessmen have been held and subjected to pressure to force them to collaborate with the authorities in return for shorter sentences, which is why there have been such remarkable revelations. The scandal in itself is huge and will continue to grow. Powerful players are involved – the large engineering companies, seven political parties (but mainly the Partido Popular, PMDB and the PT), and about 50 former and current members of Congress. And the other large state companies may also be involved, along with those involved in the building of big infrastructure projects, such as hydroelectric dams in the Amazon, as has already been leaked to the press.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is facing an impeachment - some even say a coup - which, if carried through, may bring her vice-president, Michel Temer, to the helm. And what's so special about Temer, aside from his unpopularity, shady background, and connection to the Brazilian oligarchs? Well, he happens to hail from Lebanese origins. Ditto for Columbia's Shakira and Julio César Turbay, president from 1978 to 1982, Mexico's .... Carlos Slim Helú, Argentina's Yamila Diaz, the French-Lebanese-Brazilian Carlos Ghosn, ones who run the coup are not the military, but an integrated community composed by the media, the judiciary, and cemented together by an assembly of bandits.
Brazilian democracy is under threat of a coup.

The impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, according to the international press, was approved by "an assembly of bandits, the Chamber of Deputies, led by a bandit named Eduardo Cunha making the case for the removal of a President without any legal or constitutional basis."

Later, in April 2016, an audio file of Temer was leaked to Brazilian media. In the file, Temer speaks as if the impeachment process had already been confirmed and he was the new president.[8] “I don’t want to generate false expectations,” Temer said on the recordings, which were first published by Folha de S. Paulo on Monday afternoon. “Let’s not think that a possible change in government will solve everything in three or four months.”The leak came just hours before a special lower house committee was scheduled to vote whether to back the request to impeach the president, 

10. Temer may be accused of being a “conspirator” and “coup organizer.”In trying to defend herself against impeachment, Dilma has attacked both Cunha and Temer. She has already accused the vice president of being a conspirator and of organizing a coup. The leaked WhatsApp “victory audio“ only reinforces the PT’s position that Temer is working behind the scenes to remove Dilma from office. To associate the image of a “traitor” with the vice president is not a difficult task for PT’s propaganda machinery. Thus, disapproval of Temer is likely to grow.

Corruption accusation[edit]

As part of the corruption investigations of Operation Car Wash Temer is under investigation for allegedly receiving more than US$1.5 million from a company that received construction contracts from Petrobras; Temer denies wrongdoing, characterizing the payments as legal campaign donations.[6]

Friday, April 29, 2016

My Nissan Whistleblower Blog is Gonna Get POPULAR Again😏

Nissan bullies ppl to succeed in business & I just learned allies of Carlos Ghosn bullying the President of Brazil🇧🇷

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Carlos Ghosn PUT on Your Seat Belt

Righteously Rogue

The definition of righteous:    
1. Morally upright; without guilt or sin: 
a righteous parishioner.
2. In accordance with virtue or morality: 
a righteous judgment.
3. Morally justifiable: 

righteous anger. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Andrew Cuomo Should BAN Cars (Nissan & Toyota) That are Built in Mississippi from the Roads in NYC


James Comey Pls Thank the FBI for NOT Giving Up on the Global Good Ole Boy Network.... & YES!!! I Know I'm lucky to be alive... NISSAN, Renault & Autovaz Your CEO Carlos Ghosn "Will Be" linked to the ppl in the Panama Papers.... Lastly Carlos Tavares Can YOU Get Me a Job at Peogueot My Divorce is Gonna Get Finalized Soon and Obamacare SUCKS... The American People Have Changed Their Views on France (Personally I Think France is on the WRONG Side of the Google Issue.... Corrupt Ppl Like Carlos Ghosn SHOULD Be Shown On Google Searches- You Can't Make a Society Healthy If the French Govt. Protects the BAD GUYS Online Image)... Still Most American's Would Buy French Cars ... Mr Tavares That's ONLY If They're Attractive & You MUST Remember I Was RIGHT About the NISSAN CUBE:):) Tell Armelle Hello & I Want to See her on That Tractor She Told Me About.... Your Wife is an Awesome Lady & After Nissan Execs Arrested Me on Trumped Up Charges , Just Like the Renault Spies I Appreciated her Efforts:):)

Frederique Le Greves Former Client of Sharyn Bovat Did ...

Oct 12, 2012 - Nissan Whistleblower Sharyn Bovat is Speaking About: Carlos . ... My mom's boyfriend fled to Panama City (not Florida) during the Clinton ...

I knew i was fighting a 'Global Good Ole Boy Network' but didn't realize HOW BIG it was...
iWas told at RightsCon last week to get ready for the "fireworks" ... iGuess the Panama Papers are the 'tip of the iceberg' the people that funded ISIS will be linked to the Panama Papers... Many global execs (Carlos Ghosn) will be linked to the Panama Papers... 
I gave up custody of my child because of the continues threats made against me, ppl have slandered me "directly" to my child leaving her to believe I'm the person that did wrong. After NISSAN outed me for my CIA past ppl that were scared of my DNA tampered with  my mom's medications & now Alzheimers has destroyed her.  CIA connected to the "Dirty War" the NISSAN CEO's dad was part of that have used their Sotheby's agents to "rip off" my mom's estate.  Sotheby's Real Estate was created in 1976 to help launder assets of Nazi's and those helping the Nazi's in the CIA's South American dictator recruitment & Nazi Protection Program.   Soon i will have chart to show the abuse done to me at NISSAN stemmed from the Global Good Ole Boy Network that will be directly connected to the Panama Papars.  It's my home James Comey and the FBI jails some in Tennessee cause I want my child to see that the "REAL BAD PEOPLE" have to pay for their actions. I want vindication & "that" starts with the release of the Panama Papers... All I can say is THANK YOU JESUS!!!!