Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Kim Helper ( Williamson County DA) Scott Becker, Andrew Tavi (Nissan) Fuzz Hogan (New America) Kline Preston (Sleazy Lawyer Who Told Me His Brother was the CIA's Top Lawyer Stephen Preston, Blake Farmer (NPR) & Others Who Helped NISSAN Commit MASSIVE Fraud Against the Taxpayers By Their Actions or Associations I know HOW to make my stats surge on

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Nissan Whistleblower says she went to RICO meeting in 2011 & I was told in 2015 if shel helped make HILLARY lose she'd get to pitch the need to the incoming DOJ.... 
Date: January 17, 2017 at 10:59:31 AM CST
To:,, Kline Preston <>,, Blake Farmer <>,, Frank Daniels <>, Fuzz Hogan <>,

New Blogs created to CLEARLY define the problems…. show the fraud and judicial abuse: I want RICO & I want to see some NISSAN execs in JAIL & also the TN courts “cleaned-up” ….

A guy i met at a New America forum told me the fraud i blogged about was REAL (he did not work at New America).  A person at Google HQ told me they knew NISSAN allies paid money so bad pics of me would float to the top. They then told me that my blogs pics of the people that hurt me would float to the top when ppl google them.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: "Justice in TN is just as clean as the water in Flint Michigan" ... Sharyn Bovat
Date: January 14, 2017 at 10:36:57 PM CST
To:,, "" <>,,, "" <>, Michael Dorris <>, Michael Reyes <>, "" <>, "" <>

Kim Helper, Reagan Farr, Matt Kisber, Kline Preston, Andrew Tavi, Scott Becker, Tracy Woodward
Lots of ppl reading this blog post from 2010 ... Looks like the INCOMING DOJ might start the draining of the swamp in TN... After all it is America's cesspool contaminated with CORRUPTION.

Soon the corrupt at Nissan & TN courts will look back on the Obama era as "the good ole days"... I pray Obama Frees the excessively jailed blacks the ALL group of crony prosecutors in the TN for profit prisons & makes room for ya'll.

I just can't believe Loretta Lynch didn't have her DOJ crackdown on the racist lopsided convictions. The NAACP reached out to me and blacks go to jail 3-5 times longer than whites in TN when their convicted for the SAME crime.  Damn ya'll are a tough nut to crack BUT good news for average non racist America - soon being from TN will be EMBARRASSING!!! "Justice in TN is just as clean as the water in Flint Michigan" ... Sharyn Bovat
This is a pic of me when I learned CIA vendors associated with NISSAN got FIRED... #HappyDay 😘

Friday, January 6, 2017

James Comey (FBI) Leslie Caldwell (DOJ) iIgnored Loretta Lynch BECAUSE I was Told Senator Shelby BELIEVED ME & iDid Talk to Your (DOJ) Lady in the Bathroom of the Export-Import Annual Conference: iTrust the RICO Case about GREEN Fraud is gonna proceed with the NEW AG. Thank You For ALL YOU Do:):) Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower , DOD Whistleblower, Lockerbie Bombing Whistleblower & More

A Single Senator Stymies the Export-Import Bank - The New York Times
Jun 27, 2016 - Senator Richard Shelby has held up the nomination of a board ... senator, it has been a full year since the 82-year-old Export-Import Bank could ...

below was on my website BEFORE Nissan had it's hands on out taxpayer money.... I even testified at the Tennessee capital about NISSAN fraud BEFORE I endured a humiliating trial on Trumped up charges... worse the state legislature passed a law BANNING blogging & the ACLU had to save this conservative bloggers bacon......

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

James Comey (FBI), Brigid Carpenter (Baker Donelson). Caroline Krass (CIA) & James Clapper.... I was told the Feds read my blogs over the holidays... Looks like there focusing on Kim Helper the Williamson County DA and the political corruption in TN.

Justice has been elusive BUT iDon't quit!!!! 


This blog post #1 when it comes to the Feds investigating issues 

How the NISSAN Whistleblower Became the DOD Whistleblower: Day 1 of Over 200 Days of Blogging about Issues I Exposed AFTER Nissan FIRED in 2009 they then tried to discredit me using the corrupt court in TN, they were mad iSpoke out & expose massive fraud connected to the NISSAN Leaf, ramped discrimination happening at NISSAN (locally & globally) & an HR led by a CORRUPT Good Ole Boy Network with CIA ties. I STILL can't figure out WHY Andrew Tavi or Mark Stout never FIRED Marlin Chapman for NOT having me sign a NDA. Some NISSAN Execs are downright DUMB & they wasted American taxpayer money.

Ppl want to know what i whistle blew about: in a fun way each day I will show ALL the issues I ranted about on my quirky blogs - most of my sources are everyday bureaucrats who spoke up when they say something wrong & my contacts told me- I exposed the issue l, protected their identity (in many cases I don't know who the HEROES at the Pentagon are). Today they have their jobs & some say "good change" at the DOD is SLOWLY happening😏

The first issue was one of my 1st- it got me fired from Nissan (4 times, long story) In 2009 learned Nissan was planning on taking over a BILLION taxpayer dollars to build a car with outdated tech (they were using EV tech from California's C.A.R.B. Days. The highest ranked woman at Nissan North America was French - she was my client she was VP of Purchasing for the Renault-Nissan Alliance she told me at the StonyRiver Steakhouse in Franklin TN Nissan had a major cash flow problem. She said Dominique Thormann was headed to DC to get a form of a "bailout"... I later learned "that was the 1.4 billion dollars they took to build the EV .. They promised congress they'd create 1300 new jobs creating 200k batteries & 150k EV's ... Japan only had the capacity to build 50k EV's per year & Nissan needed the money to push 🇺🇸into the  "green" future ... 

I was told by a Special Forces guy in 2010 ppl in the Mid East helped fund Nissan project .. They also funded other electric car projects. Qatar funded Fisker. The goal was to make the EV fail... Worse Nissan does business w/Iran and the Iranians were funding ppl that were killing our troops. I was asked by a guy who served America to expose this - thus I became the DOD Whistleblower 

More tomorrow!

PS Nissan never payed off the 1.4 billion EV loan BUT an exec bragged they paid lawyers hired to discredit me over a millions dollars ...

Monday, November 28, 2016

James Comey Tell the Hard Working FBI Agents "I Got the Message" & When Loretta Lynch Tried to Have a Coincidental Meeting BUT I Ignored Her Cause Her Minions Have Ignored Fraud Connected to the 2010 Stimulus for a LONG Time & It's NOT Easy Ignoring a US Attorney General Whose Circling You at Costco.... Especially When She's Got the Secret Service Tagging Along... OMG!!! She Really Wanted Me to Talk to Her About the Fraud..... #JusticeCanHappen

It's RICO Baby...... I proved it & I ain't telling Lynch's ppl anything... cause i KNOW they'll ignore it... We're waiting for Trumps DOJ to pitch the 2010 Stimulus RICO case and America can get some of the `1.4 Billion it ripped off from the taxpayers ... Heck maybe Scott Becker, Andrew Tavi & Tracy Woodard will be in stripes.... #DareToDream cause dreams come true. 
NISSAN Whistleblower seeks VINDICATION

 I tweeted this to the official hashtag of the Nat Sec ABA Lawyers conference that had a LOT of DOJ attending

Less than 3 hours Loretta Lynch circled me 2 times at Costco

I was told it was NOT a coincidence.  People that are aligned with the Clinton machine in the DOJ are scared that indictments against Clinton Foundation donors could happen after Trump is sworn it.