Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NISSAN Leaf Lease Prices Cooling Faster Than the Planet... Someone Tell Al Gore....

Begin forwarded message:

 NISSAN Dropped Price of Leaf lease over 50% JUST to have sales to report on November 1st. The car prices is so low the Car is NOW 90% Subsidized by the Taxpayers it's the Let's Keep Obama as President Discount....Worse right now money is being spent on charges that ONLY work on Japanese cars... Not the VOLT or Ford.   The Ev infrastructure is so messes up... Just tell them to stop spending until their organized.... PLEASE!!!

"Which is how it comes to pass that you can lease a brand-new Nissan Leaf SL battery-electric car for a mere $139 a month with $2,995 down.
The lower-than-ever lease deal is available from Boardwalk Nissan in Redwood City, California, and potentially a number of other dealers as well.
The 24-month lease allows 1,000 miles per month--12,000 a year--and is offered through October 31.
It's worth noting that the deal applies not to the bare-bones Leaf SV model, but the higher trim level SL, which represents the bulk of Leaf deliveries and includes a standard quick-charging port...."

This price is so LOW that the car is NOW literally subsidized by the taxpayer 90% 
  1. 2012 Nissan Leaf Gets Even Cheaper: Now, $139/Month Lease

    by John Voelcker - in 303 Google+ circles - More by John Voelcker
    6 hours ago – Plug-in electric car sales are growing in the U.S., with the Chevy Volt in particular going from strength to strength. The 2012 Nissan Leaf, ...

The car cost 80K to build. NISSAN is already losing money on each Leaf sold.
People that KNOW Al Gore Know That I'm Telling the Truth.

Al Gore is a Genius and MUST Have Known the Battery Technology NISSAN was Using Was BAD...

Brentwood Housewife spoke to me this morning....  the women in her club NOW know I told the truth....

Another said she knew that the NISSAN a battery was "garbage" but also that the GM VOLT battery was made with the latest technology.

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Just one day of views on a blog that I haven't updated....

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