Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Whistleblower is Asking Feds to Investigate and Persecute NISSAN Executive Rob Traynham for Bullying and Assist in FRAUD.

Sharyn Bovat has court transcripts that show Rob belittled Bovat for having PTSD. The fact is what happened at NISSAN North America gave flashbacks to the IRAN Contra era and Sharyn Bovat told that to NISSAN board member Carlos Tavares in 2009.  She said that HR leaders were "following blindly"....

Rob Traynham led a harassment effort to bully Sharyn Bovat after she whistle blew about fraud, corruption and discrimination happening in Tennessee and at Nissan North America.

In the state of Tennessee after Sharyn exposed a Good Ole Boy network that's connected in history to the KKK Bovat had death threats, NISSAN Titan trucks follow her "way to closely" while her child was in the car.  NISSAN's circled her home.  Bovat has witnesses.  The Franklin police ignored the abuse- later Sharyn was told that LOTS of corruption happened when the new 38 million... oops over budget 54 million police station was built.   Tennessee is #1 in corruption and Bovat learned today that Preston Shipp who reviewed her complaint against her lawyer has a "conflict of interest".... Bovat has fought a Good Ole Boy netowork for almost 4 years. She's proven discrimination, fraud and wasted spending of taxpayer money.  The DA never persecuted those that bullied Bovat - the DA Kim Helper persecuted Sharyn.  NOW she's fighting  back and wants the federal government to provide the justice that Tennessee NEVER gave her.  The Feds can also get justice for the hard working American taxpayers who have funded faulty green projects that stemmed from "corrupt" businessmen who took advantage of programs that were supposed to make the planet healthy.  America deserves RESPECT!!!!

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