Saturday, January 31, 2015

James Comey (FBI) & Loretta Lynch (DOJ) Can I Finally Get Justice. Also the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn Seems a Bit Hypocritical About Gender Equality... I've Watched His Davos Performances and He LIES. iGot Proof the EV Fraud is REAL. They Took the Money Cause They Had a Cashflow Problem

I'm Going to start winding down my NISSAN Whistleblower.
By Each Week for the next 20 weeks CLEARLY giving Loretta Lynch reasons to prosecute NISSAN Executives including Rob Traynham, Mark Stout, Marlin Chapman,  Baker Donelson Lawyers including Brigid Carpenter  The Williamson County ADA Terry Wood, Kim Helper the DA, a good reason to investigate Matt Kisber, Reagan Farr & others in Tennessee that know human rights were abused in the state ALL for 2010 stimulus money, sadly most of that was wasted. i'll show murders at the NISSAN plant in Smyrna, racism at ALL the plants. i've got people that worked at Yates that told me "how" they under pay and fire people prior to their 5 year temp to perm position turns into the lucrative job they thought they'd get when applying. It's gonna be 20 weeks of PURE info with data to back it up. 

Any reporter wanted access to my sources call me 615-944-7599 some have said they'll speak. 

 Many people in the state of Tennessee are not racist & not corrupt and they're tired of living in America's cesspool of corruption. 

Below was on my blog in 2009

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