Sunday, September 29, 2013

James Clapper, Michael Vickers, Stephen Preston & Carlos Ghosn - A CIA Connected Source Last Winter Told the DOD Whistleblower She'd Have Her Life BACK in a Year... I Think it Has to Do with the TRUTH of the Lockerbie Bombing Being Exposed... Iran Is NOW Dealing Cause Their BIG Oil Buyer Mike Loya of Vital is NOW Neutered...Mitt & Tagg Romney Can NO Longer Profit From Khomeini & Neither Can Jimmy and Bill Haslam. The Corrupt Tennessee Governor NOW Has to Be Ethical....& the Country of Switzerland Can No Longer Act as the Middle Man for Nations That Harbor Weapons of Mass Destruction. Thank You to the DIA Connected Source that Want THIS to Be Exposed. It's Time America GOT RESPECT!!! Oddly - My Page About Double Diva's Gets the MOST Hits...The DOD is Run By Too Many Boys... STOP Looking at My Boobs:):)

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Who in Indonesia is reading? 

Clarification*** MITT ROMNEY Does Business with IRAN Via Hi
Aug 5, 2013 - Pilot Flying J 's Board member Mike Loya from Vitol Partners is owns Blueknight - 
that's ALSO owned by Charlesbank Capital Partners... which ...

 This was posted in March 2013.....Those looking for the Lockerbie Truth are Looking at a LOT of me. It's embarrassing BUT I'm desperate to "get the truth out"... the fact is the mainstream media IGNORES the truth for MANY reasons.... Once Gannett stops profiting from CIA sources they might have to do more layoffs... either that or report news that people "actually want to buy"... It's time that THEY respected ALL people.  Good News!!!  a former top editor of Gannett has offered to write a book about "me"...I did not want to do it BUT the people linked to Carlos Ghosn DESTROYED my image and I'm fighting for RESPECT.  I want my child to understand WHY I fight for human decency.  I want the world to know that the DOD and CIA harbor a LOT of ethical people.  It's time that the political maneuvering stopped and that LONG TIME IC experts got the respect the deserve.   Maybe I know so much cause some want the TRUTH exposed... Maybe they want their agencies HEALTHY!!!!

Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Richards HELP ME - Voice of a Moderate

Mar 6, 2013 - Voice of a Moderate - Sharyn Bovat Average America's Advocate ... the TV show Double Divas than wanting the Lockerbie Truth exposed.

 Sharyn Bovat’s mom worked in the 50’s for Transocean airlines in Tokyo.- she hired & trained women to spy for America.  

Her NeoMom took her little girl to a cockfight in Thailand before she started 1st grade. Sharyn got to meet people from Argentina in the late 70’s - People were thrown out of airplanes & her grandfather a DOD lawyer worked with Henry Kissinger’s people-it’s in Wiki that Kissinger knew. At the age of 14 Sharyn served America in a diplomatic role.  She attended boarding school and was the roommate of a girl from El Salvador whose family led death squads (remember the whacked priest?). 

In the mid 80‘s the owner of the Contra Costa Times Dean Lesher gave her research projects that were directly ordered by the Reagan's. She was one of Nancy Reagan’s spies.

One time Nancy feared America’s top scientists would “leak” intel to Russia spies.  Sharyn dated a nuclear scientist working at Lawrence Livermore lab to see if he would “speak”...he did not & today Glen McWright is considered one of the top scientist for the DOD.   
Sharyn did research that was ordered by the Pentagon too. Contra Costa County had the same demographics racially & economically as America & she was able to get the “pulse” of the nation quickly-whether looking for support for the Freedom Fighters in Nicaragua or helping to “restore” the image of Oliver North Sharyn Bovat did what she was told.
ALL Sharyn wants is to be able to get a job-health insurance and RESPECT... 

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