Sunday, September 29, 2013

David Reuter... If YOU Keep Telling People I'm CRAZY It Will BITE You In the Butt.... Why Would a CRAZY Person Get the Opportunities That I Get? Why Would People Want Me at Their Events If I Were CRAZY.... The Fact is I'm CRAZY Like a FOX.....

This is just a 24 hours time period.....

Senate staffers an members of Congress gave me the "thumbs up" last week... OK Not those linked to Marsha Blackburn, Lamar Alexander, or Diane Black...  Scott DesJarlais Gave me a nice wave and smile...  He did pick up the phone and tried to look busy when I popped into his office.. Seems like I have that effect on members of congress in the Tennessee delegation.  I even helped Diane Black get exercise... Sooner or later their colleges in congress will tell them to ACT ETHICALLY....  

More soon,


If Sharyn Bovat were "crazy" why would she get invited to so many events and also have her press passes approved...  Sharyn was invited to an event with  Voice of a Moderate even got to ask future Presidential contender Texas Governor Rick Perry a question at. 

Also Al Cardenas the head of the ACU.  

Sharyn was told by former President Ford (years ago) to be a team player.  So she's showing the GOP that she does NOT complain ALL the time.   Sharyn hopes that Ed Gillespie and Karl Rove will see that she can be an "asset" and then they will tell NISSAN to act ethically.  The fact is theirs a POLITICAL machine that dominates Tennessee and the two GOP strategist have the power to tell Tom Ingram to INSIST that the NISSAN/DOD whistleblower gets RESPECT in the courts- maybe at the same time they can tell Tom Ingram to wear socks too:):)   

Ed Gillespie - did you get the brochure that I sent to the Manele Bay Hotel in Lanai? Hope the RSLC is going well...  Have a Mai Tai for me.  It's the same brochure that I gave to intelligence staffers of Senate Intelligence Committee members.  

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