Tuesday, August 13, 2013

James Clapper, Michael Vickers and Stephen Preston - Michael Hastings Death is Linked to Andrew Breitbart's: I do NOT Want to Believe John Brennan Had Anything to Do WIth That. I'm SCARED!!!! Please IT's Time for America to Get Healthy. Put Execs From Google, Yahoo Bing Facebook Linkedin on the NEW Cyber Security Team. America Needs to Feel Comfortable.... James Clapper Has to Organize the Group.... OMG!!! He's the DNI Chief.... HELLO If YOU Don't Trust Him to Lead the Group HOW Can He Be In Charge of National Security? Someone Needs to Show Some Balls. Tell Clapper to Do a Press Conference and Let Him Defend His Actions to the American People. He's Probably a Great Guy Who Needs a Better Publicist.

Michael Hastings Was Investigating John Brennan's Role in Press ...

Reason-by Ed Krayewski-10 hours ago
This week Elise Jordan, wife of famed journalist Michael Hastings, who recently died under suspicious circumstances, corroborated this ...

The NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn's Dad Was Part of Operation Condor and the CIA Nazi Protection & Latin American Dictator Recruitment Program.... Why did the CIA let Carlos Ghosn get. 1.4 Billion US Dollars to build a car wiith outdated technology.... KNOWING that NISSAN does business with IRAN and the NISSAN CEO is ALSO the Chairman of the Board for the Russian Automaker Autovaz....

Oops...  a Courages Senator HALTED 

the Nomination.... Thank you DENVER

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