Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Analyst Says NISSAN's Market Share is Going to DROP in 2013 (Again)... Bottom Line People Don't Buy Cars from Companies They Don't Trust. NISSAN Did NOT Have the Stellar Month of Sales They Claimed. Compared to Ford. Volkswagen and Honda - NISSAN Sales Sucked.n Worse the Demand for NISSAN Cars is LOW and Tesla is Selling Better Than the NISSAN Leaf. Maybe KARMA is Finally Biting NISSAN in the Butt & I'm NOT Talking Fisker Karma... Al Gore YOU Better Tell The TRUTH About the NISSAN Leaf BAttery - I Might Have to Subpoena You....

 Is Pirating from a Tragedy OK.  Iran Was "Most Likely" Responsible for the Crash of Pan Am Flight 103.  Why is Gracia Becoming So Rich?  Gannett Took Taxpayer Money?  46 Million in Severance "if" Fired is Excessive.  Carlos Ghosn is close to Sarkozy.. He's the BIGGEST Pirate of them all.   Ghosn needs to tell the US congress "what" he knows about the Lockerbie Crash and he needs to PAY BACK the 1.4 BILLION he took from the taxpayer.  How about an AUDIT NISSAN. 

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