Monday, December 3, 2012

Leaf Sales Remain Steady While NISSAN Tries to Get Government to Restructure/Write Off Debt. Can A Reporter Investigate the Claim that Lamar Alexander Got His EXCESSIVE Premature Support for His 2014 Reelection from ALL GOP Elected Members of Congress in Tennessee (Except DesJarlais - Whom Everyone is Avoiding) Lamar Got Support Because He Vowed to Get NISSAN Loan "Wiped"... That Means that ALL Americans WIll Suffer NOT Just Those That Live in the Community that the IDB Bond That was Used as Collateral Was Issued. The NISSAN Collateral is a "Black Eye" to Tennessee and it Exposes HIGH Bond Debt in Various Counties TN Looks "Economically" Healthy Based on the State Debt... Once People Dig Deeper it's a Mess... Remember STOCKTON?

The NISSAN EV really cost about 80K .... 63K Just to manufacture

80K when you ad marketing, logistics, customer service, other stuff.
How Can NISSAN "stay in business" selling EV's at that price?

  1.  "...Right now I don't have much interest in being a repeat Nissan electric buyer - not only because Tesla is offering so much more car per dollar, but because it is plainly interested in developing a community of repeat buyers..."    A Nissan Leaf Owner

    The lease price "clearly" is short term and I was told the 1.4 Billion dollar

    loan that NIssan took from the American taxpayers has to 
    be restructured.  I was told that the loan had NO payments until December (is that correct?) people have used FOIA but tell me their frustrated.  The mainstream media "ignores" this on purpose.

    Nov 01, 2012
    30K Cars Usually cost 300 - 400 a Month to Lease..... Proving NISSAN Leaf Lease Was a POLITICAL Trick.... The Rules Stated that you MUST Lease before October 31st.... To Be apart of the November 1st #'s..... BUSTED!

    Now Lamar "out of the blue" get unanimous support from TN
    members of congress.  He's the man that "pushed" the GOP into
    approving the Leaf.

    Something is Fishy- I'm gonna ask Matt Kibbe to "check it out"

    Even thought I find him a little too conservative at least he CARES about the taxpayers.
    that's what America needs right NOW!

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    Oct 09, 2012
    NISSAN Dropped Price of Leaf lease over 50% JUST to have sales to report on November 1st. The car prices is so low the Car is NOW 90% Subsidized by the Taxpayers it's the Let's Keep Obama as President Discount.
    Oct 08, 2012
    NISSAN Leaf NEW $139 Lease is a Gimmick That's Costing the American Taxpayers...NISSAN is Burning Money "Just" to Have High Leaf Sales in November "Just" so President Obama Won't Get Embarrassed. The car cost ...
    Nov 01, 2012
    One of the more dramatic elements of Nissan's Leaf EV pricing announcement is the remarkably low lease price of $349 per month. Consider that the MINI E is being leased for $850 per month, and the Leaf is a much ...

    Nov 02, 2012
    Nissan Whistleblower: Kevin Martin - Define "Selling Well" in Reference to the Leaf... How Do YOU Lease a Car for $139 When it Cost 80K to Manufacture? Did Jack Sayed of Yashima USA Create ALL Those (4) Green Jobs.
    Oct 16, 2012
    Leaf Prices PLUNGE. In June 2012 the Leaf was $319 to lease BUT now it's lower.... "if" you buy a leaf before October 31st, 2012 that's just before the election it's $139. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out WHY?
    Jul 05, 2012
    LEAF 535 1,708 -68.7 3,148 3,875 -18.8. Japan/USA:Nissan to restructure IDB abatement in wake of electric cars loan. Nissan will restructure a land-lease and tax-abatement agreement with the Rutherford County Industrial ...

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