Friday, November 2, 2012

Kevin Martin - Define "Selling Well" in Reference to the Leaf... How Do YOU Lease a Car for $139 When it Cost 80K to Manufacture? Did Jack Sayed of Yashima USA Create ALL Those (4) Green Jobs....He's the One Bringing in the Leaf "KIT" from Japan... Is NISSAN Gonna Admit the Battery Plant is a BUST and the Leafs Built in the USA will Be Built from a "KIT"....Parts are NOT Source (Built) in the USA... Is Bill Krueger Gonna Admit That When NISSAN Says 85% of Cars sold in the USA are Will Be Built in North America and that Includes MEXICO.... STOP Deceiving People.... Kevin Martin How's Your Wife.... Gonna Go Skiing This Christmas? Vail? I Told Her I Like Breckenridge..... She's Lived Well Because NISSAN Succeeded in Scamming America... Good For Her.... Nice to Know SOMEONE is Having a Great Life..... (that said I have not seen her since I whistle blew and I do hope she's OK..... I bet she's go the NEW Uggs....Tell Her to Send Steven Chu and Thank You Note.....)

Kevin Martin NISSAN VP Standing behind Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower
Pictures taken by John Martin a GLOBAL VP.... at a party at Catherine Perez's House.... Catherine was the "most powerful" woman at NISSAN& a former "friend" of NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn.... She also thought I was "cute"..... Remember NISSAN is basically owned by a "FRENCH" company.  They like things "complicated...

Hybrid Cars News

  1. Electric vehicles selling well in TN
    The Tennessean‎ - 9 hours ago
    MTSU President Sidney A. McPhee sits in one of the two Nissan Leaf vehicles that Nissan donated to the university, as Kevin Martin from ...

    $139 is a "cheap" car pool pass...
    Y'all the taxpayers funded it 90%

    The lease is ONLY 2 years....
    NISSAN Can't afford to do that 
    on an ongoing basis.... 

     A Tennessean reporter called NISSAN a "House of Cards".... The wrote a "puff piece"

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