Thursday, June 9, 2016

james comey fbi, james clapper, john brennan cia, Lorretta Lynch DOJ, leslie caldwell doj, & President Obama is the World too Corrupt to Get Fixed?

People in the IC know I'm RIGHT about Hillary Clinton and a global clique's linked to CIA drug trafficking (not all in the clique are drug trafficers some are auto execs)  Carlos Ghosn is in it.

I was told to keep blogging. cause their SCARED.. & they killed my cousin. The clique's leaders include Tony Blair his foundation is just a sleazy as the Clinton Foundation.

I fear for my life.... I was RIGHT about Dilma Rousseff.  I'm right about a lot & that's why I live in fear.  If Hillary Clinton is NOT indicted then I will believe 100% that the righteous & ethical people in America are the losers & I will ask the Clinton Administration for a job.  I have NO RESPECT for her but I've been battling this corrupt monster for 7 years & i'm tired.  People know what I've blogged about is true... the world is falling apart & NOBODY in power gives a shit.  It's just heartbreaking .

Sharyn Bovat

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