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James Comey (FBI), James Clapper, John Brennan (CIA), Leslie Caldwell (DOJ), Loretta Lynch (DOJ) After the Orlando Shooting I'm Leaning Toward Pursuing a Hate Crime Complaint against NISSAN & the People of Tennessee. Can the Carlos Ghosn the NISSAN CEO Be Jailed for Allowing the Relocation Consultant to Be Harassed & Bullied Because She Was Manipulated & "Used" To Provide His Ex Mistress "Cover"

I'm gonna post the details of what happened to me at NISSAN.  All I want is the truth told & finally I'm learning the truth not only about NISSAN but about me. The good news is I'm a survivor & a catalyst of change:):)  

 God Bless America !!!!!

Sharyn Bovat 

This Woman Was Arrested After Whistle-Blowing On Nissan - Jalopnik
Oct 5, 2010Sharyn Bovat was hired by Nissan North America in January 2009 to help relocate corporate executives, a job she had done as an outside ...

Upon reflection I see a big mistake I made & that was helping a woman who was scared her personal life would hurt her professional life & the scar tissue I have today is the understanding of the suffering of the people in the gay community.  Because of my actions in 2009 I became the target of a hate crime.  I allowed myself to be a perceived gay because i wanted a job... I'm from California and NEVER would've thought that homophopia in America was so bad BUT I can say that YES IT IS!!!!

Catherine Perez used to buy me gifts while shopping with wives of NISSAN execs
She did it so they would think she was gay.... I learned when my child was bullied
What happened to me in TN was beyond weird.  It's part my fault cause I let it continue
because Catherine promised me a job.  I just learned what happened was sexual harassment
& a while ago I was told the death threats i got for being a perceive gay are a HATE CRIME
I might get justice for ALL that NISSAN did to me by getting feds to investigate this....
I'll do anything for justice & to make sure what happened to me NEVER happens again.
Catherine Perez the highest level woman at NISSAN globally in 2009 was sleeping with Vincent Valdmann who reported to was against corporate policy & due to stress I agreed to let ppl think we were dating because the top woman at NISSAN promised me a job with health insurance.  FYI: I needed a full time job because my husband at the time asked me for a divorce the summer of 2008 & then in late summer he was diagnosed with cancer....When we were waiting for his biopsy results the stock market crashed    It was when the market tanked and our savings had dwindled... I was scared. because my child was a figure skater & it's an expensive sport I did something stupid & "that" is the ONLY "mis-interpretation" I ever did and at the time I was emotionally confused.  It was nice having Catherine as a friend. I made videos. the fact is I believe in respect for all people and I was upset that people thought being gay was bad. I wasn't gay but I experience the harassment gay people get in the south.  Also I met people that worked at NISSAN who were bullied, not offered jobs when NISSAN relocated to TN from California & or not hired permanently due to their sexual orientation.  I've got data that shows NISSAN discriminates & I've tried to give it to the fed for YEARS... Maybe NOW they'll listen

VERY IMPORTANT  I was told by Mark Silverman the former editor of the Tennessean that my blogs have vetted to be true but the Catherine Perez posts didn't make sense.  The fact is the whole thing with the former head of Renault-Nissan purchasing never made sense to me & I was confused & my blog posts represent how I felt at that time.  Upon reflection I realized I made a mistake... one that spun OUT OF CONTROL....

Later I did another stupid deal.  Carlos Tavares wanted to be the heir to Carlos Ghosn & I was told by Brian Carolin's wife that Hiroto Saikawa was gonna get that.   I told Tavares & "that" sparked a friendship that led to the creation of a blog that was to be used to expose problems at NISSAN North America, problems that were created in the mid 00's when Saikawa was in charge of NISSAN North America & it was him who let discrimination of women, gays & the promotion of Good Ole Boy's that today still dominate the auto maker in Middle Tennessee.

 FYI....    Carlos Tavares even had a NISSAN IT guy help me with my internet security after i started my protest blog

Below is an email chain that shows Carlos Tavares & NISSAN execs "helped me" expose the Good Ole Boys.  I was promised a better job from Tavares allies than from Catherine Perez, they promised me the job of being in charge of diversity GLOBALLY for all of NISSAN.  I have a list of people that will confirm that.  & i even put on my blogs in 2011 changes  I would make to CSR.

This story is complicated BUT I've got the truth & I got the data to prove it.  The ONLY thing i was

From: Sharyn <>
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So AT sent a shutdown code or a "Go for launch code"?

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Going after the whale...I sent a draft yesterday it's in new thoughts

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Code? To shut down? Changed the privacy?  Nervous?  Why?

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Mrs t sent me the code.   Look at the site..I'm nervous.  Changed the privacy
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YES Carlos Tavares emailed me at an email address using his name:  I was told it was to "get through" the NISSAN IT system... I was told "this" by a NISSAN IT guy.... 


****************** Petitioner

No. 15 D 2654

SHARYN E. BOVAT,  Respondent. 

NOTICE of Possible Judicial “Glitch” 

This letter is a notice for the Dupage Divorce Judge from Sharyn Bovat  saying that “If” Hillary Clinton is elected President the wife in the divorce proceeding will become retroactively  mentally ill to protect herself from retaliation for blogging about the CIA Clinton Cover-Ups

I Sharyn Bovat have signed the divorce document provided to me by  the lawyer of my future ✖️& I'm representing myself because I have a lawyer phobia:Why I fear lawyers because When i lived in Tennessee I had a lawyer who lied to me & helped a corporation vilify me. This lawyer was related to the top lawyer at the CIA & I hired him to help me after I was bullied for whistleblowing that NISSAN was discriminating against women.  Women in management at the Japanese owned compare was 20.9% in 2006 & down to 10% in 2009 the year I whistle blew. I whistle blew to Carlos Tavares who was my client & the President of Nissan North America.  

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Side note: I was EXCESSIVELY targeted for harassment because of my CIA past (i’ll get to that later) & a NISSAN executive related to Mike Vickers   who Obama appointed as his "top spy” it’s the same guy the movie Charlie’s War was based on (my family did CIA drug running in the 60’s and 70’s then did gun running during cyclone & as a child I was around operation Condor pilots (flights where political activist Kissinger targeted were executed by being thrown out of planes over the ocean).  Mike Vicker's relative Cal Vickers worked at NISSAN for Catherine Perez who was the auto companies highest level women (at that time), Catherine was a client & a friend of mine (I was the relocation consultant used for NISSAN’s International expats: I told Catherine Perez I was mad that NISSAN HR fired the woman in charge of relocation whom I enjoyed working with who respected all people. The Good Ole Boy’s ran the auto company after it moved from CA to TN. & the HR leader fired Erika Banueles (?) a Hispanic lady who was in charge of expat relocations & NISSAN HR replaced her with the Good Ole Boy's buddy Burt from church who then made me call Expats “Inpats” cause Burt said “there in my country  … call then Inpats" …. any way after I whistle blew about women being targeted for terminaiton ( I learned it was a systemic problem from Catherine) I was fired 4 times & then a good old boy connected to Cal Vickers named Rob Traynham who was in charge of corporate security put my name in a GLOBAL data base saying I was the corporations #2 security threat.  He said this cause he knew i had high level government contacts.  Nissan at the time was trying to take over a billion US taxpayer dollars for an electric car they knew would fail.  I spoke up about the fact that they did business in IRAN & I really thought my country would NOT give money to a company that did business with a terrorist nation BUT i was wrong.   Anyway in 2009 my friend Catherine Perez promised me a full time job (with health insurance) if I helped her fight the evil people , later I learned she was the former mistress of Carlos Ghosn the CEO & the people she thought were evil were really the people that were protecting her “ex-fling”… it’s complicated & i learned form a Boeing exec that Carlos Ghosn’s daddy was BIG in Operation Condor (the dirty war) and that’s how he got his BIG promotions at Michelin which was a CIA cover company that went back to the Vietnam war.  America originally got into that war cause the French were protecting their rubber tree investments & after the French “gave-up” they invested in rubber trees in Brazil &  the CIA helped France by dumping a LOT of agent orange on the rubber trees in Vietnam so the Vietnamese  that took back their land from the “frogs” would not be able to profit.  They needed the land infertile so the Brazilian rubber trees could mature. 

Anyway Back to my whistleblowing & my attempt to get a full time job w/NISSAN: I was just a relocation consultant in 2009 making $35 an hour & the state of TN spent over 200k to relate my NISSAN friend/clients new boyfriend whom she wanted to live in the USA because she wanted to get pregnant & she wanted french sperm (she really insisted her babies father be French). .   The problem is her boyfriend reported to her & his name Vincent Valdmann (who was given a BIG promotion to be in charge of power-trane & it was against corporate policy for her to date a person who reported to her so she told people she dated me. YES!!!   I let her tell people were were dating cause my husband had cancer & I was scared cause “if” he died I’d be without health insurance & our child at the time that was a figure skater and the sport was expensive.  

So to get the job (with health insurance) that was dangled in front of me required that I went to parties with Catherine (i never blogged this cause *****  didn’t want anyone knowing he had cancer, which by the way I noticed the bump on his leg and got the Dr to look at it).  

Anyway a Good Ole Boy HR dude video taped Catherine & I dancing at Vincent’s 40th birthday party & Japanese Auto execs watched the video in JAPAN - they knew Catherine wasn’t breaking corporate rules. unfortuniatly by protecting Catherine (just to get a job)  I got bullied in TN for being a perceived gay.  I had death threats because I was a perceived lesbian. I reported those threat to the Franklin police and they did NOTHING.   The whole thing is complicated BUT I want *****  to understand why I became Batshit crazy and started blogging about LOTS of stuff.   

Cutting to the chase NISSAN outed me for my CIA past (FYI- I was involved with Iran Contra, my grandfather worked closely with John McCone & My mom was a CIA covert op with the title of Chief Stewardess of Transocean Airline's  who lived in Tokyo in the 50’s and hired women to spy for America and I learned last year that my bio dad is probably Robert Kennedy. I always thought my bio dad was Ed Daly the owner of World Airways…. my dad that raised me was in Laos flying CIA drugs when I was conceived in 1964.  I was told a DNA test was done & I’ll know the results in 2067 (my bio dad is someone big & iBet it’s Robert Kennedy or John McCone).   My uncle Bill Frisbie was the chief pilot of Pan Am and because of him i got sucked into the Lockerbie cover-up. LAST WEEK I learned my cousin Billy was murdered last year & it has to do with my uncles role in the TWA 800 cover-up & the Clinton machines “cleaning house” of anyone with knowledge that could hurt Hillary’s chances of becoming president.  The people that killed my cousin are connected to the CIA traffickers that whacked Gary Webb.  

I’m now having panic attacks.  I thought the FBI would indict Hillary but that has not happened.  Oops forgot to mention that in 2010 a Gulf War special ops guy met with me in Nashville and asked me to blog about stuff Colin Powell wanted exposed.  I’m one of the people the White House has used to leak information on Hillary’s email problem.  I knew last August that the feds had enough to indict & have been fed info to pass along to the MSM that won’t report it.  In 2012 my blogs were read by people in Tampa involved with the General Petraeus scandal.  The FBI knows that Hillary Clinton obstructed justices when she didn’t turn over all her emails & they knew she held back cause they knew what Petraeus had in his “inbox”… anyway i got web stats that show the Clinton Foundation was a BIG reader of my blog in 2010 & that people who go govt. grants from President Obama’s green stimulus whom i blogged were corrupt read my blog    Those people read my blog each of the days I was arrested on trumped up charges in TN (the reason why i needed a lawyer) & because of that I fear lawyers today.

I’m representing myself Pro Se & my lawyer is telling me “the client“ me that I’m too scared to finalize the divorce.

 IF Hillary Clinton is elected president I will need to be deemed mentally ill so her people will not target me for more harassment. I really believe this will need to happen for me to be safe.  I believe that the Clinton’s lead a clique that’s loaded with serial killers who will protect them at the expense of innocent life. They let an innocent man be accused of the Lockerbie Bombing.  I had met the Palestinian money launderer that processed the Iranian money in 1992.  If I’m not deemed insane I fear I’ll be Margaret Lesher(ed), John Denver (ed), Vince Foster(ed), Chandra Levy(ed), Ron Brown(ed) or Ted Steven(ed) ( My sister worked for Ted Steven’s and he was targeted by the gov’t & his plane crash was NO ACCIDENT.  

I was told by a NATO wife that Tony Blair instigated a lot of international cover-ups and in 2000 I was taken to the place Princess Diana was died, on the same time of day & the 1st Saturday in Sept and there’s NO WAY in HELL she could’ve died in the car wreck described. Midnight is like 7pm the 1st Saturday Parisians are back from their month holiday & I was told CIA assets at the Marriott (they own the Ritz) helped with edited video tape of her driver.  The Nato wife that told me Diana was whacked lives in fear and so do a LOT of other people.  I’m just telling the court this so they don’t think I’m an odd bird…. they whacked the princess cause of her exposing the land mine problem & because she would NOT allow an innocent man to be tried for the Lockerbie bombing. 

The fact is Andrew Breitbart was killed because he was gonna do a story about what I’ve just told you. I met him 2 weeks  before he died & my lawyer asked me what i talked to him about the week before his mysterious death. I thought my lawyer was trustworthy cause he was my lawyer & I told him …. THAT is why I DON”T TRUST LAWYERS… His name is Kline Preston of Nashville & he drunk texted me Stephen Preston the top CIA lawyer was his brother.  Stephen Preston quietly resigned from his position & so has Mike Vickers.  I was told that i will be VINDICATED unless Hillary is elected president…. If she is I fear I’ll be dead.  

FYI- last summer I was “key” in getting the email story broken and a few weeks after Chelsea Clinton showed up at ******* Junior High & took a picture with my child. The girlfriend of a federal agent told me it was to send me a message that they know where my child is.  I emailed a letter to the FBI after that happened.  

Lastly I’d like to say that It’s not like I’m a leach… *****'s company in 2008 that he took leave from to recover from cancer was T***** & they were bought out by ******** ***** ***(my  X)  was offered a job with them & he could’ve taken it after his cancer therapy BUT our child was happy figure skating at A-Game in Franklin TN. AL Gore had read my blogs & it was him that talked his Tisch friend into relocating a shared services center to Nashville for the Loew’s hotel. *******  got the job leading it.  Al Gore did have his staffer ask me to date him in June 2010 & i said NO because i thought it was a joke. ****** lost his Loew’s job because I blogged about green fraud connected to the Tisch family & then he quiclkly got a consulting gig for a firm connected to the Bush family in Houston.  

****** was NOT happy working at the fossil fuel company, he hated Houston  & Al Gores green friends were mad at me for blogging about green fraud so I had to BEG  my “new” CIA handler Mark Silverman ( who after i begged him & slept with him helped get *****  his **************  job. 

FYI - I had to beg Mark to help **** get a job outside of Tennessee cause i didn’t want  ******(my child) to live in TN.  One of the Senior VP’s at NISSAN was Bill Krueger and his wife Lyn was Philippine  & a high level NISSAN HR manage called an SVP’s wife “an Asian Whore”….the state is loaded with racist and I blogged it cause I wanted them to change   Even Bill Krueger didn’t do anything when his HR started swearing out warrants against me.  In TN I was alone in standing up against racism & discrimination. At NISSAN & I was bullied for this & NOW I’ve lost my child.  Added note: I learned NISSAN execs encouraged the local school board to rezone my child OUT of her school (from Crockett elementary into Kenrose because they didn’t want my child interacting with their’s). 

*********************** deleted this section of court document for privacy of my ex. 

I've been diagnosed with PTSD that I got from being harassed by NISSAN & CIA because of my past Intelligence research.  FYI: I've had 2 mysterious car crashes, been  Jailed 3 times (twice for a crime that doesn't exist, the 3rd was for the lowest possible misdemeanor, that's harshest penalty is a $50 fine) been poisened (changed a word)  I've lived in fear for the last 7 years…. I’m finally getting my bearings & will be able to finalize this divorce I just need to know that I’ll be safe…. If the only way to be safe is to be deemed mentally ill than OK but if I’m mentally ill then my signature means NOTHING on the divorce document: Therefore I ask the court to accept my signed papers knowing that “if needed” I will ask the court to reverse  the acceptance of the agreement. 

Lastly  i would like the divorce finalized because I was told that “if” Hillary Clinton is indicted then Al Gore might replace her & he’s still interested in dating me. So I would have to be divorced to be the next FLOTUS.  If that happens then I do believe ****** (my x)  would become the happiest man in Naperville :):)   I would like to add that i believe Al Gore is NOT interested in me: I know the others that have been "vetted" I think he might get back with Tipper & or be with Laurie David.  I believe I've been used by people connected to him BUT they will find me a job in his administration, one that iHOPE will include HEALTH INSURANCE & I want America to offer  healthcare for ALL.

Respectfully submitted,

Sharyn Bovat

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