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James Comey Can You Ask the FBI Agents in Contra Costa County This or Get Ellen Tauscher iWant YOU to Explain to Me WHY Ppl that Worked for Pac Tel Info Systems During Iran Contra Have Suffered Excessive Surveillance & Bullying by CIA Vendors Connected to Henry Kissinger & Hillary Clinton?

Yes i really sent Ellen Tauscher this email (see full text below):

Yes My cousin died last year & his death was done because of the TWA 800 cover-up. My Uncle Bill Frisbie was the Chief Pilot of Pan Am - he was deeply involved with the Pan AM 103 cover-up and then consulted for the CIA on the TWA 800 cover-up. The cover-up happened because it was 1996 and Bill Clinton was running for re-election and knew that an "act of terrorism" or a Navy accident on American soil when he cut the military budget would automatically make him lose the election... so the cover-up happened. FYI - It's been declassified that Iran ordered the Lockerbie bombing as retaliation for the accidental downing of Iran Air 655. It was "an eye for an eye".... That cover-up happened cause the downing of Iran Air 655 was in July 1988 when George H Bush was running for president. George H Bush NEVER had an innocent man prosecuted BUT Tony Blair & Bill Clinton did & I have proof that Hillary was directly involved. Since the feds read my social media I post EVERYTHING. I believe the Brexit vote was a reaction from the people NOT TRUSTING their government & it's why Donald Trump will become president .

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: DOD Whistleblower Fears Hillary Clinton Won't be Indicted: Asks Ellen Tauscher for Cushy job with Baker Donelson 
Date: June 23, 2016 at 2:59:46 PM EDT
To:, "" <>, Michael Reyes <>, Michael Dorris <>,, "" <>,,, 

Ellen Tauscher let a company that does business w/Iran & Putin get taxpayer money & knew whistleblower trying to stop it bullied - then went to work at lawfirm that slandered me... Now I want her to get me a job with Baker Donelson

Ellen Tauscher it's been brought to my attention that YOU let the State Dept "rubber stamp" the Nissan deal. Also your link to bankrupt companies from 2010 stimulus landed you a great job at Baker Donelson.  I've been told I exposed BILLIONS in fraud & wasted spending of taxpayer money: Doing that has gotten me no job & little respect.  Therefore I would like to join the evil empire & work for Baker Donelson & crooked Hillary. 

Heck get me a job with any taxpayer sucking company that had federal immunity cause their connected to the Clinton's.  My FBI sources won't talk to me & im scared... Now I got a guy named Pete  telling me about Peter darbee & the BRIGHTSOURCE  link... It's truly another puzzle piece in the picture of FRAUD that political donors created.  My neighbor growing up was one of your BIG donors Al & Tom Seeno & my mom told me to not go to their homes cause they were MAFIA ... Now I hear Harry Reid's ppl read my blog & kept funding green projects they knew would fail ... It's no surprise cause the White House read my blogs and let me be bullied too... Had Al Gore not figured out who my bio dad was I'd probably be dead... Guess the govt has maxed out on how many Kennedy's it can whack? 

Read this Ellen Tauscher... 
I learned MANY of your allies read my blogs each day I was arrested on trumped up charges.  You helped the Kissinger network... My family was part of Operation Condor & protected Nazi's post WW2 so basically I'm "family" to your friends ... 

I'm just disgusted to be part of your family BUT "get" Your too powerful to be punished for crimes against the taxpayers & humanity so I will be nice to you, Baker Donelson & Hillary Clinton's ppl just to NOT have to live in fear & I need a job.  Kudos to you for turning the meaning of corrupt to the meaning of succeeding. I do like the Keurig coffee maker at Baker Donelson & that other one that grinds the beans fresh for each cup. I would like to work from 10-4 in the office and need a private office for my PTSD dog & I'll need cable cause I like to watch TV while I work.  

Let's have lunch soon and share memories of Contra Costa County.  I have some great stories of being. Beard for Steve Weir & Mike Menisini ...Mr Lesher was so worried his "paid for" politicians would be outed that he had me pretend to be dating them...  They were just two I had to be shields for.  I'm happy that in Ca there's no more stigma on being gay.  I hope someday there will be stigma for being a whistleblower. 

I'm rambling - Have a great day!!!

Sharyn Bovat

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