Monday, June 27, 2016

Loretta Lynch Don't Trust Bob Dickey's Gannett's Papers Articles & MS Governor Phil Bryant's or Bill Haslam's Data in Determining Whether or NOT to Indict NISSAN Execs Cause NISSAN Might "Pay Off" for Mississippi & Tennessee but NOT for the Hardworking American Taxpayers: NISSAN Workers in Tennessee & Mississippi Told Me They NEED Federal Taxpayer Funded FOOD STAMPS to Survive..... SO The Taxpayers Funded Factories That HARM America

Study: Nissan continues to pay off for Mississippi

Jackson Clarion Ledger-Jun 23, 2016
Move Mississippi Forward on Thursday released “Nissan Canton: A ... the use of temporary workers to prevent hiring full-time employees.

"...Nissan has been following in Wal-Mart's footsteps in Mississippi, where it opened a large assembly plant a decade ago. The plant brought several thousand direct jobs to the state, but the problem is that many of the jobs are substandard. The company makes extensive use of temps, who are currently paid only about $12 an hour......."

"....Although it was outside the scope of our report, it is clear that the Nissan temps, like the Wal-Mart workers, are also generating hidden taxpayer costs through their use of safety net programs. And we have previously documented that Wal-Mart frequently gets the kind of economic development subsidies Nissan is enjoying in Mississippi...."

# of People in State on Food Stamps (April, 2014) / Population of State (2010)

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