Wednesday, May 11, 2016

James Clapper the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn Got to His Position By Having a Daddy Linked to Abusive Acts in Chile, Argentina & Brazil.... His Aly is Michel Temer.... People From South America See the Ousting of Dilma Rousseff as a Diplomatic Step BACKWARD.

The CEO of NISSAN & other  corporations aligned with Michel Temer are allied with a clique that terrorized ALL of South America for over a decade.  Today they are part of the clique ousting Dilma Rousseff & trying to take away the digital rights of the people of Brazil. 
iFear that if people in South America don't have privacy rights they could be put on DEATH FLIGHTS.  That's what Kissinger's people did to political activist in the 70's. They learned the technique from the French (I think it was Algeria?).  So digital rights are important for a democratic society.  Good people told me last night at CSIS that the wound the Dirty War left was in the process of healing BUT by Brazil bringing in Michel Temer to lead during the Olympics and having people like Carlos Ghosn whose a KNOWN CIA ally who profited from the Dirty War will rip the healing scab and NEW wounds that could be harmful to society could emerge.  It's just sad.  Dilma Rousseff is NOT perfect but she's a hell of a lot less corrupt than the countries alternatives right now.  She never should have help her former boss.

I explained to an IC analyst the issues is NOT about Dilma Rousseff it's about something BIGGER the people from South America the last 4 years have started to heal from the Dirty War & NOW the people & their allies and corporations that profited GLOBALLY from the dirty war are gonna be seen on international TV hosting the Olympics.  To many from Chile & Argentina that suffered severe atrocities it's simply beyond disgusting. 


Notice I've been blogging about this for a LONG time

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