Tuesday, May 3, 2016

James Clapper I just told my IC handler that I didn't go to the "Meet a Former Muslim Extremist" at New America Because I'm depressed. The world is so fucked up & Al Gore's ppl told me about Dilma Rousseff being ousted to protect the CIA/OIL/CEO clique So did the Popes ppl and so did ppl form the United Nations. STILL I can't do anything but watch decendents of Nazi's take control over Brazil and avoid prosecution. I'm watching Michel Temer a Lebanese Brazilian & friend of Carlos Ghosn & Carlos Slim who are ALSO Lebanese Take Control of a Country. Those men are gonna protect the Mid East oil Nations and NOT Give a RATS ASS About the Brazilian people. I'm sad!!! I was told rioting could happen if Michel Temer is President & I saw today ONLY 2 % of the Brazilian people want him as president. It's just HORRIBLE. Our Olympic athletes work so hard and they deserve an Olympics in a County NOT filled with chaos.

Carlos Slim controls 2 of the companies supporting Brazil games and Ghosn NISSAN

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