Saturday, May 21, 2016

James Comey iTold a DOJ **** that After ALL I've Been Through iDeserve MORE Than Just a Few NISSAN Execs & a Corrupt DA Indicted. The Lockerbie Families Deserve the TRUTH, America Deserves the TRUTH & I WANT JUSTICE!!!!!

The clothing was not the only evidence against Megrahi, who was found guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Dr. Swire has strong feelings against the US, as a pacifist who opposed the US retaliatory bombing aginst Gadhafi in 1986. He believes, as many do, that Gadhafi ordered the bombing of Pan Am 103 in 1988 in response to the earlier bombing by the US. Dr.Swire's daughter, Flora, was killed on that plane while traveling to New York to spend Christmas with her American boy friend, which intensified his animus against the US and support for the Libyans. Prior to the trial, Swire and a lawyer representing the Libyan government, Prof. Robert Black, went to Libya to discuss trial strategy and possibe defenses with Col. Gadhafi, and took the position that there was not enough evidence for a conviction. They both publicly stated their personal views that the Libyans were innocent and would not be found guilty. They have continued this fable for 27 years.
Frank Duggan, President
Victims of Pan Am 103, Inc.
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My Uncle is Bill Frisbie who was the Chief Pilof for Pan Am when Pan Am 103 happened. Later I was asked to travel to the Middle East. I met the Palistinian money launderer that processed the Iranian money. I've offered to meet with Frank Duggan and he's never accepted my offer. I've gotten a nasty email from Buck Revell telling me to shut up. I've had numerous current & former CIA tell me that YES Iran ordered the bombing & that it's declassified in a DIA document. I've heard from former FBI. The reason why people communicate to me is they see the bullying that's been done to me for simply telling the truth. I'm embarassed that an American (Frank Duggan) would bully any victim of the Lockerbie bombing no matter what country they come from. It's time for RESPECT for the families of the victims. Frank Duggan has my contact information I know it's not easy saying you were wrong BUT it's time that Frank & others "fessed up"... too many lives have been destroyed becausse ppl like me believe that treating peole with dignity is due.

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