Thursday, January 28, 2016

James Comey FBI & Loretta Lynch DOJ the DC AUTO Show SHOWS the NISSAN Leaf is NOT the Great Car Carlos Ghosn Says it is & The NISSAN Whistleblower Can Prove the Fraud is REAL. Sharyn Bovat Wants Marsha Blackburn, Diane Black, Stephen Fincher, Jim Cooper, Steven Cohen, & Scott Desjarlais to Create Legislation to Protect Whistleblowers.

At the DC Auto-show
NISSAN put their planet friendly Leaf in gas guzzling Good Ole Boy toy Titan exhibit

NISSAN spent NO money showing the car to those in DC that they took OVER 1 billion taxpayer dollars to build.   Call Sharyn Bovat to get documents showing the collateral for the DOE loan is not backed by NISSAN but by a 2 Billion dollar Rutherford County IDB bond.

Collateral that will never be exercised for a loan that will never be repaid.  That's why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders dominate politics cause America does NOT trust DC... especially with stupid decisions coming out of the house.  I'm not just talking about the White House I'm also talking about he Congressional House. Members of congress know about the fraud and some (Marsha Blackburn, Diane Black, Stephen Fincher, Jim Cooper, Steven Cohen, Scott Desjarlais, & more know that their state abused a whistleblower & I'm STILL waiting for legislation protecting whistleblowers who expose fraud & wasteful spending of taxpayer money). I will be visiting your DC offices soon asking for a meeting to discuss legislative solutions to protect people like me who speak truth to power & simply want to be protected and listened to.  

Not a lot of people at the DC auto show on Tuesday. I think it had something to do with the weather

This video was Published on May 6, 2012
& I (Sharyn Bovat) am still fighting NISSAN about the fraud and abuse of taxpayer money.  Ppl in Tennessee "still" bully, slander and harass me. Luckily I got the truth on my side 

The NISSAN Leaf is made with cheap plastic parts.  Each leaf "really" costs about 80k to build & NISSAN never had any intention of selling the # of cars they promised congress they would when taking the money

Hello Kitty Car Friendlier to the US Taxpayers


At the DC Auto-show
NISSAN put their planet friendly Leaf in gas guzzling Good Ole Boy toy Titan exhibit

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