Sunday, January 24, 2016

***UPDATE*** James Comey If the Feds Don't bust NISSAN Exec Maybe Carlos Ghosn Can Get the Award for BEST Con Man Disguised as an Auto Exec at the Washington DC Auto Show: Cause the NISSAN Leaf Didn't Get ANYOTHER Award. Congrats to Hyundai, Honda,Audi, Toyota,Mazda, Mercedes, Porsche, Volvo, Lexus, BMW & Chevy for Their Nominations.

Ex NISSAN Exec responds to NISSAN not getting any green car awards at the Washington DC auto show

Odd, Tesla, Ford and NISSAN are not listed when they received taxpayer dollars.
Oops NISSAN committed fraud & I proved that. I'm sure Ford didn't.  I wonder if the DOE will tell the MSM if they paid back their loan.  I know the DOE is dodging my questions.  I got a lady on "tape".....  
Also i learned a few weeks ago that the poisoning that happened to me when I whistle blew at NISSAN in the state of Tennessee was "rat poison" was used to try to kill me. I was told to make it "clear" that if I die  an early death for an "unknown" medical reason that NISSAN  execs who "outed me" for my CIA past are directly or indirectly responsible & should be persecuted.

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