Friday, February 19, 2016

John Brennan Ya'll at the CIA Taught Me How to End Communism NOW I'm Gonna End Racism in Mississippi Using the SAME Type of Propaganda .... Someone Wake Up Jeppie Barbour & the the Racist NISSAN Execs and Tell Them GAME ON!!!!

Racism is engrained in the culture of Mississippi & companies that fly the confederate flag over their factories are saying to ALL their black employees "your oppressed".... but I hear "that" from white NISSAN employees too. 

Jeppie Barbour, Haley (the hypocrite) Barbour, Henry (Who I used to work for) Barbour & Carlos Ghosn I’m gonna end racism in Mississippi as a way to say **** you to the NISSAN Good Ole Boys!!!!  It's time ALL of America got RESPECT & that Includes the hardworking American taxpayers. 

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