Saturday, December 6, 2014

James Comey I Think the FBI Needs to Tell the BOP That John Kiriakou Suffered Enough & Should Be Able to Spend Christmas with His Children. John Brennan Tell the CIA Humanity for Whistleblowers Can Begin AFTER the Report is Released. I Too Want Resolution... My Child Was Bullied Cause I Spoke the Truth.

Sadly Not lawyers to represent me....but those that work for the US Government that want transparency.   Some have subpoena power too....  some wanted to stop NISSAN from ripping of the taxpayers but "politics & cronyism took over the Inspector Generals offices of MANY agencies and Tim Geithner cared more about China "loving" America than the fact NISSAN used the Federal Financing bank to fun an EV project that some knew was "destined to fail".... the real winner of the 2010 stimulus was China & the Crony allies of Haley Barbour.
Thank you to the French Embassy for info that is was the Japanese that "outed" me cyberly.

Here's a letter I sent people to try to help John Kiriakou:  the issue is REAL & soon ya'll will know I'm right!!!

Begin forwarded message:
From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Question & Statement About John Kiriakou Request for Humanitarian Intervention Too
February 17, 2014 at 7:58:02 PM CST
To: "LOR/" <LOR/>,, Anita Househam <>,, richard.jeffs@communication-,,,,, brian murtagh <>
My name is Sharyn Bovat I’m the “Voice of a Moderate” & a former researcher for CIA operatives, you might know my work Iran Contra, Lockerbie Cover Up?

Anyway I was told a few years ago Kiriakou was getting railroaded to ensure “others” did not speak up. I fear for his safety and want to help. I’m willing to sign an affidavit saying WHO told me this if it will ensure his safety. Please let me know “if” this is needed? I will be hand delivering a copy of this email to members of the Senate Intelligence Committee too. I’ve got to be in DC anyway to help Earlie Story the Martin Luther King Whistleblower. His file is MISSING... This happened AFTER I got copies of recently “unsealed FBI” documents. It’s important for America to heal from this era of whistleblowing. 

Many know that Leon Panetta who belongs to the same country club as my mom (Monterey Peninsula Country Club in Pebble Beach) the former CIA leader “leaked” too. So did Michael Vickers... You might know him from the movie Charlie’s War... I know of him from Operation Cyclone, my family did the gun running that armed Al Qaeda ... Ooops I mean the Afghans. Those men (Panetta & Vickers) did the SAME as John Kiriakou and history will be kinder to the CIA whistleblower.
All I’m asking for “his” safety to be guaranteed so the Prison system in America will not be tarnished (in history). Please respond by ensuring to me and my readers that he’s safe.

FYI-Odds are the people that wanted John Kiriakou jailed are part of group of CIA linked to the Military Industrial Complex that “whacked Kennedy” and bullied Martin Luther King SPOILER ALERT (probably Killed him).

My grandfather worked for Kennedy’s CIA director and Leon Panetta KNEW him. Restated- “Most Likely” it will come out that the same people that wanted John Kiriakou jailed are linked to those that killed Kennedy - we won’t know until 2017 & my goal is to make sure John Kiriakou is ALIVE so he can be vindicated & for his children to be able to spend “precious time” with their dad that they lost.

Thank you so much,

Sharyn Bovat

Voice of a Moderate
Former Spy to First Lady (Nancy Reagan)


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