Saturday, December 20, 2014

James Comey (FBI), John Brennan (CIA), Carlos Ghosn (NISSAN/Renault AutoVaz), Carlos Tavares (Peugeot), Caroline Krass (CIA), & the ENITRE Lockerbie Cover-Up Team - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

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One of my sources said "you gotta keep blogging, God has you on 'cruise control'...."  I said "happy to know someone has control of the wheel... can you tell God I'm tired... I'd like a ****ing vacation"

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Lockerbie Truth Eminent YET Frank Duggan Given Opportunity to LIE Another Year
Date: December 20, 2014 at 6:50:05 PM CST
To:, brian murtagh <>,,,,,, Anita Househam <>,, Michael Dorris <>

Mr. Duggan,

At some point I hope you STOP preaching the company line.  

The Lockerbie Truth is gonna come out BEFORE President Obama leaves office- that means you have a few more years of lying to do. 

Sir, It’s really embarrassing. and i suggest you stop. The Lockerbie Cover-Up team should know that people are documenting the lies.  I spend a LOT of time at conferences that are attended by National Security reporters & they know the truth. 

Some day their editor might unleash them and they will finally write about it.  When that happens I’m changing my name.  Being associated with the Lockerbie Cover-up is not something I aspire to it’s something I’m running away from. 

All I want is the creepy types that bully people that help continue CIA cover-ups to know that all I want is a life without fear, one filled with friends, a job with health insurance and happiness.  Frank, I told “that” to Robert Eatinger a few weeks ago at a holiday party too. Oddly he has a facial tick like I do.  Mine is from stress, maybe his anxiety is from reading his name 1600 times on the CIA torture report? 
Sadly I can’t have  a normal life UNTIL this “Mission of Truth” is over.  Damn when I said I’d blog until the CIA/MIC Good Ole Boy network fell I thought it would happen in a matter of months:(:( 

Oh well... the extra time is good it’s making me take the time to learn how to write. I’ll be a better journalist when I learn how to write…I have to be a journalist to keep my blogs sources confidential …. well either that or a lawyer but that could be a while cause it took me 17 years to get my Bachelors -ADHD:):) 

Happy Holidays,


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