Thursday, November 27, 2014

James Comey (FBI), Caroline Krass (CIA), Stephen Preston (DOD), Bob Litt (DNI), John Brennan(CIA) Hope Ya'll Having a a Great Thanksgiving I'm Making My List & Checking It Twice.... I Really Want 2nd Car Crash INVESTIGATED

Caroline Krass iWant resolution, respect & a PTSD dog.  I was told the Pharmaceutical lobbyist are trying to quash the therapy dog funding and want vets to use med.  That's NOT nice.  A pill can't be  something to love & a pill can't replace the feeling to be needed.

Can you please tell President Obama to release John Kiriakou.  I know that he was railroaded to stop others from whistleblowing. Call me if you want some funny Panetta stories too.  He's not that bad of a guy he's just "old school".... & he has an ego bigger that ************.... 

Also ask Brennan why I didn't get in e-vite to the company Christmas party.  I want to show ya'll my Ryan Fogle impressions :):)

Do ya'll at the CIA want me "rambling" on my blogs about the NATO wife that shared info on the Princess Diana's auto crash.. & how rogue CIA allies the Paris Marriott (Ritz Carlton) used video of the driver in a deceiving way. General Petraeus will know who I'm talking about too. So will the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn. America can't let corporation dictate our morality.America can only get healthy when people speak up.   Caroline Krass a new whistleblower is emerging from Kazakhstan - I told them I could NOT blog about it cause I'm too stressed. It's time to had the reigns over to OIG offices that respect whistleblowers & trust that new controls work.

The list of who might have orchestrated
 the car crash is long- here's two possibilitys 

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