Wednesday, November 26, 2014

James Comey I'm Putting Together a List of WHO Might Want to Hurt Me - Cause of Car Crash I Was In.... It's a LONG List. I've Got SOME Nissan Execs on It & Others...Including People I Believe Connected to the MURDER of Ryan Loskarn & Freddie Woodruff - Someone Might Want to Tell Caroline Krass I'm Starting a NEW Blog For Her... The Chuck Hagel One is NOT Gone ... Just Like Chuck Hagel. I'm Going After the Lockerbie Truth to STOP the Abuse Being Done to Me... Hey.Someone Tell Export Import Bank Grand Pooh-Bah Fred Hochberg I'm NOT Listing Steve Maroon... i Still Kindof Like Him... If He'll Forgive Me For Blogging About Him I Think It Might Work Out:):)

Good News... Got the MRI report NO Brain Damage ....  Sorry Haley Barbour your Good Ole Boys Failed Again:):) 

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Message to Caroline Krass & the CIA:  I'm gonna started declassifying Text Messages - Just like the government I have NO SECRETS:):)

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