Friday, September 19, 2014

James Comey is Change Happening in the CIA Does the FBI Know What They're Doing? I've Got an Issue That's BIG & in Scotland Wanted Independence I Think They Gave Britain a Wake-Up Call. America Needs One Too.... Nobody Seemed to Listen with the First Call & That Was Eric Cantor's Loss. I Want the FBI to Question Sam Geduldig about His Relationship to Aaron Geduldig - Using my CIA Trained as a Child Brain I Think They MIGHT Be Related & that Fraud/Corruption Iraq & the Questions of the Missing Billions Might Be Answered.

Looks like it's a NO vote on the Ambassador job for me:(:(

Maybe I should've been nice to the Clinton campaign when they started a "dialogue" for me to do op research.

FYI- I'm a republican and would like them to consider me.  Hillary did not offer decent healthcare too.  Click to read about WHY iDid not want to work for Hillary

 I talked to a moderate/votes both parties small business owner yesterday. He said his has no health care "the first time in his life"... he either wants the GOP extremist to win that will let him have his old plan back OR he wants a Progressive to win. He said something profound - The moderates seem represent the Lobbyist and NOT the people. Then I told him my blogs name  (new website launching soon currently my "rants" are parked there).   

The discussion with him was an eye opener & it seems like the young people in Scotland are like America "simply" we want CHANGE (majority of millennials voted YES in Scotland & the older people are scared of change). Unless I can change the mind of NISSAN to mediate and give me my reputation back & Unless I change change the mind of the CIA to get them to have their vendors STOP harassing me I Guess I'll keep blogging about fraud, discrimination, corruption & more.

A mom of a guy serving America on a nuclear submarine met with me and asked me if she could hold my hand and say a prayer. She thanked Jesus for giving me the strength to fight the corruption and to expose issues that affect out troops including her son.  She asked god to give me strength to continue & today when I see the results of the Scottish vote & I see the American congress fleeing DC - The congress called a 54 day recess after ONLY working 8 days.  I was planning on communicating to them a new issues BIGGER than NISSAN fraud - an issue that exposes the Global Good Ole Boy network that the NISSAN CEO is part of .... I just can't believe that congress with so much to do: ISIS, Education, Healthcare, & more had left the building.  It's just disheartening but I have LOTS to blog about & good news my new website is starting to look good (still hidden) and iGot approval from Google to do ads-maybe being a blogger is what god wants?  OMG!! I did become religious while living in Tennessee.  Even when things don't go the way I wanted it's nice to know that positive things can happen. It's been 5+ years ranting about bad things... I think I've earned RESPECT & a job. Let's hope someone listens..... 

God Bless America & God Bless the UK -one that's together, for now:):)

Sharyn Bovat

Evidently while I was on a plane with by new brochure telling congress about a MAJOR issue... congress took a historic recess after ONLY working 8 days.

  1. The Wire ‎- 22 hours ago
    Including the five-week summer recess, Congress will have been in session for a total of about eight days 

Voice of a GOP Moderate

Sep 12, 2014 - Aaron Geduldig I'm at a Conference Talking About Sexual Assault in the Military - Want You To Know I NEVER Said You Did Anything Wrong.

That gives me time to clarify the  ...  Aaron & Sam Geduldig  call Me 615-944-7599

I'm beginning to wonder "if" my getting dissed by Dick Cheney is linked to Col Aaron Geduldig?  I did help to defeat Eric Cantor and "if" Sam is related to Aaron he had to have known "who" i was before he met me.  Aaron is Army and the CEO of Gannett Gracia Martore (who gets a 46 million dollar termination bonus "if" fired)  her husband Joseph Martore is CEO of Calibre a DOD vendor set up for intel data. They're BIG with the Army.....  I think most in the Army are ethical patriots. My hope is Aaron Geduldig is ethical-still he has NOT called me to explain the issues of wasted humanitarian spending.    615-944-7599

Sardar Pishdare told me things that are NOW happily getting the attention of the mainstream media…maybe they’ll do story? Last month in my DOD Whistleblower brochure I wrote Saddam's daughter helped fund ISIS... that is NOW proven true & I blogged about it BEFORE that was public. 

When Mr. Pishdare started telling me about the missing Iraqi cash I told him to tell the FBI - the Senate Intelligence Committee and Dan Meyer the IC Whistleblower. I've learned that the CIA in the US intel knew Sardar was "credible" US Army intel asset but instead of listening to him and other honest Kurds the CIA & vendors like Blackwater & Halliburton bullied kurds that did not "go with the program" …. done for what seems like “corporate profiteering”. The day i moved to Pentagon City Col Aaron Geduldig became my friend. Later I learned he had a 38 Billion dollar budget and oversaw the are that Sadar Pishdare told me was laced with corruption. Pls. Investigate.

***After the 2003 Iraqi invasion hundred dollar bills were shrink wrapped put into helicopters and “dumped it " who got the money?  It’s been relayed to me that Kurds the humanitarian efforts who needed that Americn thought they funded with US taxpayer money NEVER got it.  Why?  

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