Wednesday, September 24, 2014

James Comey I'm Gonna Welcome ALL People to My Meet-Up. Maybe FBI Types Can Become Friendly with CIA Types & They Can Be Friendly with Average Americans Like Me. Why Can't We All Get Along.... OMG!!! I'm Starting to Sound Like Rodney King:(:(.... Mike Dorris (Ex FBI Credit Suisse) - Did I Ever Tell You I Went to the LA Riots?

  • iSpy A New Experience (Alexandria, VA) - Meetup

    33 mins ago - Sharyn B. Please join me for coffee - if needed for your current clearance bring a Memorandum of ... Hosted by: Sharyn B. (Organizer) ... Sharyn Bovat · View The ...

    What's new Do you think CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou deserved to go to jail?

    join me for coffee - if needed for your current clearance bring a Memorandum of Understanding or a NDA. I'm "old school" and after being cyberly "outed" as a former researcher for CIA operatives during the Iran Contra era (I had not discussed my past for DECADES) & the exposure of my past put my life at risk & I was told to be like Salman Rushdie so put my whole life on-line yet I respect the privacy of others.  
    Just to clarify I never told my future ex about my family and in 2009 when working on the executive floor at the NISSAN HQ I whistle blew about discrimination (women in management went from 20.9% in 2006 down to 10% in 2009 the year I whistle blew & the company was applying for a taxpayer funded 1.4 billion dollar EV loan while they were selling cars in Iran. EV tech is used in weapons systems and people at the DOD wanted me to expose this. NISSAN retaliated by putting me in the computer system as a former spy. I was told by a DOD Public Affairs guy this put my life at risk. Worse globally NISSAN execs In 2009 got emails warning them that I was a spy (not technically true) & that that made me unemployable - OK... Even if it were true that I was a spy I was living in America working for a company "in" America trying to get (& got) US taxpayer money. Why did they "out me" cause they were breaking the law & NOW I'm getting a divorce-lost custody of my child and need a new life so I started iSpy a New Adventure.  My mom in Lisbon during the Carnation Revolution (or was in in Thailand during the Vietnam War?) mom taught me when bad things happen in life to make the best out of any situation & the greatest revenge against ones enemies is having a good life - so I hope people will join me in this adventure - which is my new life.    
    TALKING POINTS SUGGESTION: Lets chat about what worse... the upcoming release of the torture report OR having a 12 year old?

    1. Voice of a GOP Moderate: James Comey Please Tell the FBI ...

      5 hours ago - "NeoKids from the 60's, 70's and 80's have grown up and are starting to question the past... were doing it because we want a better tomorrow...." Sharyn Bovat ...

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