Saturday, August 16, 2014

James Comey is the FBI OK With Me Putting Lockerbie Cover Up on My Resume? .... Everyone Knows It Was a Buck Revell Deal... Still I Thought My Work Linked to CIA... I'm Confused. Also Can Ya'll Confirm in Writing That I Had NOTHING to do with TWA 800 Cover Up... I've Gotta Get John Brennan's People to Confirm My Research in Reference to Iran Contra My Research Was Used to Help Get Funds the Freedom Fighters - I'm Not Expecting the CIA to Expedite That FOIA Request. Sir I'm Gonna Need More References to Get a Job... Here's a Note to Dan Meyer , Mike Dorris & Mark Silverman I'm Using Them as References for Me Being a Whistleblower - Check Out My NEW Linkedin Profile New Summary Used in Resume By Sharyn Bovat the ex NISSAN Whistleblower Turned DOD Whistleblower Who Everyone Knows Told the Truth....

In winter of 2009 while managing the relocation of the incoming President of NISSAN North America Carlos Tavares I had the opportunity to tell a NISSAN Motors board member of issues of discrimination, wasteful spending, corruption and lack of respect for women happening NISSAN in TN. The problems magnified after the company relocated from California - I told him that HR was dominated by a Good Ole Boy network. What motivated me was on the executive floor I was told "Skirts Don't Speak at NISSAN North America" and later internal stats showed women in management went from 20.9% in 2006 to 10% the year I whistle blew.

Mr. Tavares had people communicate to me the problems were greater than what we both thought & I agreed to become a "change agent" on June 4th 2009 I started a blog as an "out of the box" way to change the corporate culture at NISSAN North America. My websites were a tool to show problems.

Learning from employees NISSAN took American taxpayers (over 1 billion) for the EV & they knew when asking Congress it would FAIL-NISSAN executives told me that they took the money due to a "cash flow" problem. The tech for the Leaf was from the 90's CARB days & deemed a finanical failure. Because i blogged about the issue I was bullied and harassed - even jailed. I learned that the local politicians had made money from bond dealsl & NISSAN had taken & still owes over 6 Billion in IDB bonds backed by local counties in TN.

To retaliate NISSAN cyberly "outed" me as a former researcher for CIA operatives-they wanted to stop other execs from telling me the foreign company was taking new American engineered auto tech to Iran & Russia. Renault makes cars in Tehran & while I was bullied NISSAN was negotiating with Putin to take ownership of Autovaz.

A DOD scientist told me 2011 to blog that American taxpayer funded auto tech is used in drones & weapons will go to out enemy. Congress from funding tech for out enemies - that's how I became a Change Agent for America.

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