Friday, August 15, 2014

James Comey Tell the FBI the Dot are Coming Together the Multi-Generation CIA/MIC Known Today as a "Crazed Faction" of the CIA Linked to Torture and Dirty Deals is Being Demolished.... I Gotta Communicate Clearly & then is RICO Magnified America Can Pay Off the Debt With All the Fines Eric's Holder's DOJ Can Collect. I Say "Lets Call" the DOD Loan Since NISSAN Execs LIED to Get the Cash Too... Plus Toss Some in Jail so What Happened to Me BUT More Importanly America Will Never Happen Again. Sir Our Troops Want America to Be RESPECTED.. It Starts By Telling Carlos Ghosn to STOP Stealing from America & to Stop Lying About His Tech... Cause He's Using Our Taxpayer Cash to Get "Real" New Tech and He's Giving it To Putin.. Driverless Car Tech is Dangerous Too... Some of that Tech is Used in Drones.

I was told that once I clearly communicate how Carlos Ghosn is connected to a multi CIA/MIC clique that's linked to
  Ahmed Chalabi who was paid over 350k a month by the CIA & gave "bad intel" used to go to the Iraq war.  Once I clearly connect the dots Congress will "get" why no more taxpayer money can go to NISSAN a company that with Renault owns Autovaz (Putin's car company) ...
I can connect the NISSAN CEO to Ahmed Chalabi & a Global Good Ole Boy Network.... Is Gannett gonna report it?  

Good News people have offered to proofread my NEW website...

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