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James Comey I Hope the FBI is Gonna Protect My HONDA from NISSAN Allies That are Linked to the Murder of Michael Hastings.... When is Bob Dickey or Gracia Martore of Gannett Gonna Report the TRUTH About TWA flight 800 - Maybe the Same Time as the Lockerbie Bombing Truth? The Same Time that They Expose Buck Revell Being Linked to a CIA/MIC Clique That's Part of the Torture Stuff... I Got PROOF Now Alberto Gonzales is Connected to the Lawfirm Maria De Varenne Got to Bully Me Too..... Waller Knows I'm Bullied Guess Their Friends with Brigid Carpenter at Howard Baker's (now deceased) Lawfirm

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Request for Federal Protection for My Honda Due to Recent Human Trafficking Issue That I Exposed... Odds are the CIA/MIC clique that Killed Michael Hastings Killed My Honda CRV in June 2012 & their Part of The People That "Let" Human Trafficking Happening & the cover up of TWA 800 Crash & the cover up of the Murder of CIA guy Freddie Woodruff - It was confirmed the Al Gore 2010 Masseuse Story Was Done By CIA/MIC Clique to Discredit Him. How Can They 
Date: August 22, 2014 at 10:53:31 AM CDT
To:,, Michael Dorris <>,,
Cc: Rhori Johnston <>, Blake Farmer <>, "" <>

Already I’ve had death threats and “most likely” this was just an attempt to scare me and stop me from talking to a reporter.
Since I have a big drive next week I just want to report it (again)….  The Memphis office has done NOTHING to help me. I’ve blogged that an FBI agent told me about human/sex trafficking happening in TN & that Pilot Flying J was where they refueled. I also blogged that the TBI ignored the data and recenly after posting the name Pam Beck of the TBI for not doing her job properly she’s not going to work… Surveillance cars have been in front of her home & the TBI has a new  human trafficking campaign and is hiring  2  intel analyst.  Last night I was told that it was “me” that exposed it and now lives will be saved & that terrified me cause NOW I’m a bigger target. 


My name is Sharyn Bovat and I’m the DOD Whistleblower I’ve openly said that Buck Revell was the organizer of the Lockerbie Cover-Up (Pan Am 103).  I’ve got proof that because i come from a CIA family that was part of “a lot” of stuff (Nixon-Bush H era) I’ve been terrorized by the “same” MIC/CIA clique that did the torture stuff.  It’s complicated.   The reason for this email/fax is to tell you that Mark Silverman the Ben Bradlee winner (ex Gannett editor) that vetted me to be telling the truth- told me a few years ago I was around the “same” FBI-CIA people that did the TWA 800 coverup. I told him I was NOT part of that & upset that he thought I was. FYI-  Silverman researched my past & Yes I’m a former researcher for CIA operatives during the Iran Contra era (Dean Lesher a personal friend of the Reagan’s had me do research that was directly ordered by the President, later i learned it was the 1st lady).  I’ve offered to take a lie detector test.  The cover-up of TWA 800 is similar to the cover up of Iran Air 655.  My uncle was Chief Pilot of Pan Am. I met the Palestinian money launderer that worked with the Iranian National Guard that ordered the bombing.  

if you google me you’ll see my many blogs… I’ve been terrorized by people connected to Howard Baker (from the 1979 “get rid of Carter” Khomeini deal). 

So fast forward to the point of today’s email which is TWA 800 currently  I’m packing up my stuff to move to DC and prepping to apply for jobs & ran a background check on me and found that I filed bankruptcy in January 1997  & then got married later that spring. It’s not something I wanted to remember but I did it & I filed BK back then at the urging of a person that was connected to Rudy Giuliani. FYI- I was only about 13k in debt & had some medical bills - my grandfather told me to “get away from the FBI” (i think that was during holiday season 1996). The man i married said he would not marry me unless I was “out of debt” I’m dyslexic and have ADD & my communications skills “not the best”..  In NYC I did find jobs with FBI-CIA help ( I worked at Warner Music Group outside the office of Michael Fuchs during the Ted Turner Gerald Levin talks for merger)  I worked at Bankers Trust for Paula Gabrielle during the derivatives scandal & I worked at the NFL during the Eddie DeBartolo wire tapping.   I was “just” a “friendly fixture” and people would take me out to drinks to have me tell them all the cool things I saw.   

Later my mom accused me of working for them (the FBI) she was CIA and thought the FBI were scuzzy. It was my Uncle Bill Frisbie who was connected to Buck Revell & the Reagan elite.  I never worked for the FBI but I was a researcher for operatives connected to Buck Revell.   In 1993 I had to flee California (see emails below).  A few months ago a federal employee asked me what my connection to the Clinton administration was.  I told them I left the IC cause I feared “Clinton witch hunts” and I was not part of anything-which I wasn’t.  Now I’m remembering stuff that scares me & I’ve got a lot of stress with moving & trying to find a job.  The guy from the agency that spoke to me said that LOTS fear Clinton winning in 2016 cause it will extend the era of cover-ups.  Evidently the Bush’s and Clinton’s have some deal to protect each other. I do not know if that’s true? The people involved with the Lockerbie cover up & other cover ups are part of the CIA clique that tortured people. The hub is in Tennessee.   

One of the issues I blogged about was the GPS/Glonass issue and auto tech.  American scientist are angry weapons tech is being given to Putin & Khomeini via NISSAN.  NISSAN owns Autovaz Putin’s car company and until 2012 build a lot of cars in Tehran.  
The CEO from Lebanon his dad was part of Operation Condor (Brazilian who ran an CiA friendly airline) the guy that told me that was retired Boeing and they were still mad they “took the hit” for the TWA deal - Boeing was promised contract for military helicopters that would be used in the “next” war if they took responsibility and paid off the families that were on TWA 800.   

OK here’s the point: Mark Silverman told me at the Westin Hotel a few months ago he knows a lot of people that recently died in car crashes.  I was told that Michael Hastings was murdered by the CIA/MIC in a car crash.  I have to drive from Chicago to Pentagon City next week & I’m terrified.   It might be paranoia but Margaret Lesher was murdered in 1997 and Sonny Bono in 1998.  I learned the Clintons were bullied into “outsourcing” American intel.   Blackwater happened as a result of Bob Dole being a “spoiler” in 1996 (this was done by the CIA/MIC clique)  Elizabeth Dole from North Carolina will know the details. I’ve got some info on the Freddie Woodruff issue that might help. i think the cover up to the CIA guy that was murdered is linked to the CIA/MIC clique & i don’t want to be killed in a car crash.  Already those in the clique killed my beloved Honda (while I was driving to Wisconsin during the recall election and was gonna give details of NISSAN fraud to a reporter I was hit by a semi- the police report said it was my fault BUT i was told the truck had sensor and stuff and that the accident was NOT my fault. I’m totally confused about it BUT i think the crash happened so i could NOT talk to a reporter.  It scared me. 

Can the Feds protect my car & me when I drive to DC next week? 

Also when I’m living in DC i hope to get whistleblower resolution.  the TN courts did not help me cause their corrupt.  A DOJ lawyer (deputy of Eric Holder) told me to file a civil case against NISSAN…  it’s a long story but ALL that did was almost kill me - NISSAN paid off people to lie in affidavits and i got proof they lied.   I was promised RICO if i proved the need for RICO and I think I did that.  NOBODY will tell me if RICO is happening.  Please let me know about the safety issue.

Thank you 

Sharyn Bovat 

From: "" <>

Date: December 25, 2011 2:24:12 PM CST
To: ""
Subject: This is Spooky your former CIA neighbor connected to CIA guy that thinks Iran did Lockerbie bombing



My "low level" research parallel this guy’s career.  Why?

Remember  after you told me your CIA neighbors wife learned that her husband died while you were at the movie theater watching the Clint Eastwood movie with her called "in the line of fire"  and then I asked if it was 1993 ...  We googled it was.....  Then I told you I was asked to go to Georgia for democracy thing.... I did not do it because I was still freaked out by my previous USSR trip ( FYI-having a bunch of men barge into my hotel  room in the middle of the night and strap me to a board was a little stressful, they drove me around and took me to an abandon hospital and stared at me it was horrible) .... Well this former clandestine CIA spy guy Robert Baer who’s convinced Lockerbie was done by Iran and Lebanon was in Georgia when I was asked to go.   He's (Robert Baer) is in publications commenting on your neighbor Freddie woodruff's death and it includes the Aldrich Ames stuff,   CREEPY!

I've had WAY too many viewers read my blog.  YOU’RE really nice to me.   Yes I’m adorable.  I'm just trying to figure out WHO exactly I worked for.  CIA yes but they had different "teams" in the organization (like at Nissan) my instincts say I did cultural research for various people on different teams (like at Nissan) Nothing else makes sense (like at Nissan).

Have a Great Day!

From Wiki about TWA Flight 800

On July 17, 1996, TWA Flight 800 exploded and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, killing all 230 persons on board. In his book My FBI, Freeh wrote "On July 17, TWA flight 800 exploded off Long Island minutes after taking off from John F. Kennedy International Airport. No one knew what brought it down: mechanical failure, a bomb, a ground-to-air missile all seemed possible in the early stages."[16] The following day, the FBI commenced a parallel investigation in spite of the National Transportation Safety Board having "priority over any investigation by another department, agency, or instrumentality of the United States Government," as stated in 49 U.S.C. § 1131. Subsequently, FBI agents blocked attempts by the NTSB to interview witnesses, according to a copy of a safety board report obtained by Aviation Week & Space Technology. One month after the explosion, chemists at the FBI crime laboratory in Washington found traces of PETN, an explosive component of bombs and surface-to-air missiles.[17] However, on November 18, 1997, the FBI closed its 20 million dollar investigation by announcing that "No evidence has been found which would indicate that a criminal act was the cause of the tragedy of TWA flight 800." Almost three years later, on August 2000, the NTSB published its final report which stated that "the probable cause of the TWA flight 800 accident was an explosion of the center wing fuel tank (CWT), resulting from ignition of the flammable fuel/air mixture in the tank."[18]

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Message to Lockerbie Cover Up Team
Date: April 8, 2014 at 5:02:18 PM CDT

Lockerbie Cover Up Team

Just figured out most of what’s wrong with America is linked to Buck Revell
FYI- I’m sick of this trip down memory lane and need to get a job and find a new life. 
Please encourage “someone” to help me: cause in America if your ethical your fucked!

Have a great day!


Fwd: Just realized there were NO Clinton Witch hunts - in reference to me: All it was in 1993 someone was "spooked" when they learned I had dated Mike Dorris
Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Just realized there were NO Clinton Witch hunts - in reference to me: All it was in 1993 someone was "spooked" when they learned I had dated Mike Dorris
Date: April 8, 2014 at 3:53:54 PM CDT

Hello: Just realized I'm an idiot 

In dec 1993 I had to leave my friends and family in CA & could NOT communicate with anybody - I did make an occasional 
Trip to Pebble Beach but could not see any lifelong friends from where I grew up in Contra Costa County
 - it never made sense until now.

In the fall 1993 was at a BBQ in Dallas - it was a mixer of both groups that battled in the GOP internal Battle of control (haley Barbour won)
Many of The people there later worked in Bush "W" White House- at the BBQ I made a joke about the corrupt FBI director- the guy seated
Next to me said "that's my dad"... Ouch!!!  - can't stop crying. How could 1 comment haunt me my whole life? 

It's just sad, at least it makes sense.


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