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Scott Becker,Bill Krueger, David Reuter, Erich Marx,& Fred Diaz: Someone Tell Me the "Terms" of the Dept. of Energy Loan. It Seems to Be a BIGGER Secret Than the Lockerbie Truth? What are the Terms of the 1.4 Billion Dept. of Energy Loan that Was Backed By the Federal Financing Bank?

NISSAN told people GLOBALLY that I (Sharyn Bovat) was the # 2 security risk for ALL of NISSAN. It's on court transcripts too. People in Tennessee were told in 2009 that  was a SPY.  That is NOT true - I was a Cold War "friendly fixture" Due to my family ties with CIA gun runners/drug trafficking I had to flee California in 1993 because people feared I'd be targeted in the Clinton Witch hunts. The fact is the Lebanese CEO of NISSAN Carlos Ghosn is connected to those that did drug trafficking and arms deals.  He's relationship with Ex French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Russian President Vladimir Putin should be a concern to America....

Here's the Non Black Helicopter Issue Sharyn Bovat Whistle Blew About.  The Electric Car Fraud is REAL & a Woman Was Abused in the American Courts by a Foreign Corporation - 
What Makes it Worse is That Woman is Me.

Originally I whistle-blew about systemic discrimination and wasted spending of taxpayer money happening at NISSAN North America.  

in 2006 the 20.9% of management at NISSAN North America were women and in 2009 the year I whistle blew it was 10%.  Internal statistic prove I told the truth

People working at the NISSAN HQ knew I was trying to change the corporate culture.  People in NISSAN management told me of problems and I'd blog about them.  Even though I can prove that I was a "change agent" 

About 6 months into the blogging I discovered NISSAN was Committing MAJOR fraud and using technology from the 90’s for the Electric Leaf.  NISSAN took 1.4 Billion US Tax Dollars to Build a car that they knew would NEVER sell in the #'s promised to congress.  NISSAN Motors figured out how to use a taxpayer backed IDB bond for 2 Billion as collateral. That means the total US taxpayer liablity is 3.4 Billion.  I learned that NISSAN North America already had 3.95 Billion in Tennessee based IDB debt that was originally initiated in 1982.  So far NISSAN has only made 1 payment and the next payment is due in 2022.  I was told that NISSAN uses bond money to keep "rolling over the corporate credit cards"....  profits are "accountant driven" and the company has serious debt problem BUT it's hidden.  Can someone investigate? 

Adding the the above in the winter of 2009 I learned  NISSAN had a a "cash flow" problem (this was relayed to me by Catherine Perez who at the time was the highest level woman at NISSAN). Being an American I did not think that taxpayer money should be wasted and I  blogged About It.  NISSAN Executives “Swore Out” Warrants and Had Me Jailed 3 Times.  

"Since 2009, the Federal Financing Bank, the U.S. Treasury Department bank that funded Solyndra, has been providing loans with rates hovering near 1 percent to Nissan Corp., Ford Motor Corp. and other companies to develop electric cars and other fuel-efficient vehicles. These loans, guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Energy, so far total more than $8.4 billion and extend for up to 30 years..."  Bloomberg

Back in 2010 I was told the car "really" cost about 80k to manufacture and market.  Recently I was told NISSAN has it down to about 65-70k.  NISSAN is still silent on how much the battery really cost and after tax credits the car is STILL 60% subsidized and the outdated technology is showing with batter degradation.  NISSAN promised congress and the Dept. of Energy that they would create 1300 "green" jobs and the numbers offered by NISSAN are 250-300 clean energy jobs.  I was told by people at the plant in Smyrna that the people building the Leaf are also building "other" cars like the Altima.  NISSAN is not paying the people a livable wage.  Most at the factory are "temps" and some of the workers still get food stamps.   

4 years later I'm still abused by people at NISSAN that have committed crimes, basically lying to congress about the Leaf & various SEC violations.  NISSAN does business in IRAN and they NEVER should have been approved for a Dept. of Energy loan that was funded through the Federal Financing Bank. 

Federal Financing Bank

The Federal Financing Bank (FFB) is a government corporation, created by Congress in 1973 under the general supervision of the Secretary of the Treasury. The FFB was established to centralize and reduce the cost of federal borrowing, as well as federally-assisted borrowing from the public. The FFB was also established to deal with federal budget management issues which occurred when off-budget financing flooded the government securities market with offers of a variety of government-backed securities that were competing with Treasury securities. Today the FFB has statutory authority to purchase any obligation issued, sold, or guaranteed by a federal agency to ensure that fully guaranteed obligations are financed efficiently.

  1. Federal Financing Bank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Federal Financing Bank (FFB) is a United States government corporation, created by Congress in 1973 under the general supervision of the Secretary of the ...

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