Thursday, July 17, 2014

James Comey Please Ask Special Agent Johnnie Sharp (Jackson FBI) if He Got the FAX About Mississippi Election Fraud Linked to Haley Barbour & NISSAN Allies... Thank You & Have a Great Day!

The Fax included the below words

The Election fraud-race baiting in reference to the US Senate seat is linked to a MIC/CIA clique that goes back generations. My grandfather was Naval Intelligence in 1944 & later worked for John McCone's people (CIA-Kennedy era) I know a LOT of stuff - just ask Dan Meyer the Executive Dir of IC Whistleblowing - it's a job that President Obama created.  

FYI whistle blew about NISSAN discrimination & fraud and was bullied-terrorized & had death threats that I reported to local police & the FBI.  When I whistle blew in 2009 I started a blog- one that was used as a tool to expose corruption.  At the time I thought it would only be up for a few months - 

After three months of blogging i did a deal with Carlos Tavares to become a change agent - Fall 2009 & he emailed me directly up until Feb 2010. He was the President of NISSAN North America.  

I communicated to him that a NISSAN employee told me of "land deals" done in Mississippi for the Canton Plant expansion, Haley Barbour's use of Katrina funds that were laundered via NISSAN employees & contractors.  Haley Barbour allowed for Solar fraud- EV fraud and bonds to be used with bad collateral 

 NISSAN HR VP Mark Stout offered me a check in 2009 to be SILENT but before I took the cash I told Mr. Tavares about the offer and he was MAD - that is why he allowed for me to do the blog and in return for exposing the corruption & discrimination.  At NISSAN when they moved to TN they did not offer jobs to most of the gays- women in management at NISSAN went from 20.9% in 2006 down to 10% in 2009 the year I whistle blew.  A man from NISSAN that directly communication with Haley Barbour’s NISSAN connections told me “At NISSAN ‘skirts don’t speak’ that pissed me off and the people aligned with Tavares told me that “if” I brought down the Good Ole Boy network  I'd get the GLOBAL job to be in charge of diversity GLOBALLY.  I have proof that NISSAN Japan was gonna hire me - but then with out a warrant 6 police cars showed up tot he Nissan North America office and hauled me away… it was videotaped and sent to the Japanese.  Along with a video of me “dirty dancing” with Catherine Perez the VP of Purchasing for the Renault NISSAN Alliance.  She had a “crush” on me and I saved her notes.  I will admit to flirting with her in 2008-early 2009 because I wanted a job with health insurance and NISSAN only paid me as a vendor.  I made 35 an hour- NO Benefits. HR called me into 4 meetings and bullied me-I have a LOT more and I have PROOF. Because I drove a Honda Judy the assistant of Mr. Tavares used to meet me in the parking lot of the Embassy Suites and had me keys to an Infiniti. He kept meeting with me AFTER HR fired me 4 times. 

Long story short - when people on the executive floor at NISSAN learned I came from a high level IC family & in the 80's I was a spy for Nancy Reagan they had me jailed to discredit me.  They also told people I was gay- I'm not gay (& for the record there's nothing wrong with being gay & I support gay rights) BUT because Good Ole Boys told people that I was gay in Tennessee I was terrorized and my child bullied. It was relayed to me that the FBI can do a Hate Crimes investigation?   Also I directly worked for Henry Barbour in 1992 & told President Ford he was the BIGGEST racist I ever worked for - 

Anyway 'it's complicated' ....Please contact Mike Dorris of Credit Suisse he's the dir of Security for Asia & the former FBI legal Attache in Bagdad - I used to date him and a 9-11 commission ******* told me that HAD the CIA (linked to the clique connected to Haley Barbour) NOT lied to Mike Dorris then 80% the towers would NOT have fallen.  Members of the military asked me to expose the CIA.MIC clique cause their over spending harms our troops.   Also the "bad intel" to go to IRAQ hurt America and the Kurdish man who worked with DOD intel for 7 years confirmed the man that Cheney relied on for Intel was from a Iraqi clique linked to Haley Barbour clients and they got 350K a month for 15 years via the CIA and they also laundered money - Money that was supposed to be spent on helping people was "shrink wrapped" $100 bill & loaded in a helicopter & dropped in Kurdistan and those linked to drug/weapons cartels picked it up.... OVER a Billion US dollars was thrown out of a helicopter.  Money was wasted in other ways too....  Long story short some of that mont (over 1 billion) was laundered and given to secret groups & they donated to the political campaigns linked to Haley Barbour.  They donated to the RGA. My source Sardar Pishdare is OK at being public cause he told the truth. He also knows that he has to be public for his safety.  Robert Holley of the FBI in Chicago got a fax from him as did the Senate Intelligence committee staffers David Grannis and Jack Livingston, along with Dan Meyer 

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