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James Comey Tell Mike Dorris at Credit Suisse to Have His FBI Friends Give Me a Lie Detector Test... I've Told Congress Already That i'd Do One... YOU Might Want to Call Richard Marquise I Think I "Broke Him"... He's on the Verge of Leaking... Call Me I'll Tell You Why I Think It's True - It's Part of a PATTERN :):) I Just Emailed Halliburton & Stratfor Asking for A Job- I Can't Figure Out WHY John Brennan Did NOT Want Me - Is It REALLY Cause I Know Too Much Intell? They Can't Be Seiously Thinking of Keeping the Lockerbie Bombing Cover UP Going... I Was Told That When Saddam Was Gone the Truth Would Come OUt.. Actually That is WHY the Cover Up & The ONLY Reaosn to NOT have the Truth About Pan Am 103 is to Protect Profiteers Like Mitt Romney, Bill Haslam, Howard Baker, Lamar Alexander, Stratfor, G4S & Others... I Do Want to Work For Stratfor... I Hear it Pays Well and That's a LOT Better That What I Get as a DOD Whistleblower


Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Iran sent me a Message- I'm Sending One to Stratfor - I Want Them to Give me A Taxpayer Funded Mink Coat Just Like the Halliburton Wives Got During Lockerbie Cover Up... I'm Sick of the Black Trench Coat look:):) 
Date: May 18, 2014 at 1:05:56 PM CDT
Cc: Mark Silverman <>, Michael Dorris <>

Hello IC vendor Elite: I want to work for Stratfor- I’m tired of living in fear & want to put it out that I know Halliburton is corrupt- heck so do a LOT of people and it continues cause people are terrified & i’ve tried to STOP corruption by blogging- and some of my “rants” have led to “(very recent) FBI raids of allies (HR Comp) of Tennessee Governor Haslam… Still I know those that are corrupt “rule the roost” and I’m tired of fighting corruption all alone everyday so I want to work. I know I’ll need a better wardrobe if I work for Stratfor… who will hire me to SHUT ME UP… right?  At least that’s my plan…. I thought the CIA would hire me when I applied for the analyst role (only making 70-90K) but was told I knew too much “intel” to work for the CIA.   it’s TRUE!    

Years ago President Ford had tacos with back stage of the Republican National Convention in Houston .. he told me to be a team player. Why did he eat lunch with me?  it was just the two of us.  I was given short notice ( i was working at the time for Henry Barbour - this is in 1992 and his Uncle was trying to takeover the RNC) anyway I was told I could ask him anything but spent most of the time staring at his really big hands.   OMG!!!  he had a tough time keeping the meat in the shell.. we ad crunch tacos:):) 

Added info - My most likely “bio dad” did the deal with Khomeini to keep the hostages in 1979-81. Carter was a prick and Mr. Daly had pilots to pay.  Including my “ real” dad the man who raised me - (who was in Laos doing CIA flights when I was conceived in the 60’s.  He wanted my mom to have an abortion but she refused cause of the “elite” sperm I guess…  lucky me:):)

I recently was told about Clinton’s profiting from same companies as the Cheney’s and about more abuses in the courts to “cover it up”… then I read the article below.  No wonder why judges are scared.  What’s really ODD is some people I knew in the 80’s linked to Dean Lesher are Federal Judges… I used to snort coke with them (just socially) it was for the Contras:):)   In 1987 I was asked to go to the Air Traffic Controller academy to do research on how women were treated.  Reagan fired the Air Traffic controllers to “set an example” sadly they were not the easiest groups of federal workers to replace.  Anyway when I got back from “official" FAA academy in Oklahoma City my “friends” that I partied with disappeared. Kindof creepy…

FYi- One of Donald Rumsfeld’s lawyers talked to me a few years ago… They know I have NO direct knowledge … about anything that could but him or Cheney in jail. if I did I’d be dead.  The former Sec of Defense did call me a BRAT when I was about 10.  It was on a flight deadheading to Dulles and Mr. Daly let me fly the plane cause my mom told him I was too smart to be a stewardess.  Nothing wrong with being a flight attendant… that’s what my mom was & she live in Tokyo in the 50’s and was Chief Stewardess for Transocean Airlines and hired women to spy for America. 
Why am I saying this… you already know.

You people knew my Uncle was Chief Pilot of Pan Am…& in 1992 during the “transition from Bush to Clinton” I went to the Middle East & the Palestinian money launderer that worked with the Iranian National guard- Never met a Libyan? Ya’ll know I went to the vault of a private bank in SF with a lawyer connected to Mossad from the firm Pillsbury Madison and Sutro- Right?  

You IC vendors think you go the Lockerbie “deal” pretty well stitch up…. NOT it’s unraveling.  

Anyway… if you can’t beat em join them and I need a job and healthcare & I picked out the mink coat I want Stratfor to buy me for Christmas… could I get the gift in late October- my kid live in the Chicago area and it gets cold earlier? and I’m composing a list of restaurants I’d like Craig Stamm and his staff to take me.  I’m so excited!!!  I remember a trip to Dallas going to the Mansion of Turtle Creek… is that still good? 

Also i need to work in a state that has progressive medical marijuana laws. Some information of “what’s” in the torture report was leaked to me and it’s really bad. Why the hell is John Kirikou STILL in jail.  YOU can’t do a “staged suicide” NOW cause I told the feds people wanted that to happen. So you might as well let him go to a 1/2 way house.   Ya’ll can’t keep whacking people….it’s not nice!

I’m a former Cold War detainee (the KGB detained me for about 36 hours when I was in Leningrad winter 1990 - this was AFTER the Malta conference … I think CIA- drug trafficker allies wanted to know if I’d speak but I said nothing and then when I was silent I got to go to the US consulate office- met the consulate General - he let me spend the night in the “special” guest room that NIXON stayed in when he was in Leningrad.  The State Dept official Charles (?) was my ex fiancé (from the mid 80’s) Tom Huffaker’s ex boss (now Tom’s an Exxon exec) when he was in what used to be called Yugoslavia. Did I tell you that when I lived in the Netherlands from 1998-2001 that my neighbor was Louise Arbour the prosecutor that indicted Milosevic - & that a high level NATO wife took me to the tunnel where princess Diana died and proved to me it was NO DUI- we went on a the “same” day different year and there’s no way in hell when ALL the French were returning from summer holiday that the roads would not have traffic… it had to have been a motorcade BUT that’s not part of the story?  Also the Marriott “tapes” of the driver drinking were time stamped wrong?  If I’m wrong tell me?  

I’m rambling….  I’ll be in Pebble Beach- I get to see my mom for the first time in almost 3 years.  I’m scared. I’ve not seen any members of my family is a LONG time.  Also i need a job and I don’t think Buck Revell is gonna be a good reference. He sent me an email telling me I was babbling and to stop… He CC’d the entire Lockerbie CoverUp team.  I hope we can “reunite” at the Movie Premier that Jim Sheridan is directing he did “in the name of the father”  I hear George Clooney wants the lead role… that’s why his fiancé took the job for the Libyan dude. Frank Duggan and Buck Revell are gonna be the VILLAINS…. they deserve it too….

This email is to ask you to help me get a job with Statfor - just to increase my chances I’m adding Bush Dirty Tricks team to my resume.  I was trained in the early 90’s to do opposition research from a Karl Rove operative.  Prior to that I did CIA stuff linked to Sal Russo operatives. I’m bragging but honest when I say I did the research used to restore the image of Oliver North.   Also I’m the person that suggested letting the Vietnam Vets march in the parades and celebrations with the Gulf war vets. THIS WAS BEFORE THE INVASION…  

The Lockerbie cover up had to happen cause of the “future” invasion” of Kuwait.  It was staged cause the Boys who make the War Toys were nervous about budget cuts due to Reagan’s Peace through Strength policy.  We needed a SUCCESSFUL war… Just ask Dana Warmaker (I mean dana rohrabacher - he’ll know about the Boston Bombing linked to the Russain Allies of Haslam & mike Loya too… )  Mike Loya’s dad Miguel had coffee with me before he died.  He paid for the Journey concert at the RNC convention.  It was fun:):)  I want Uncle Sheldon (Adelson) to get ACDC to play at the next Republcian “family” reunion in 2016 - in Vegas.  

Someone who has access to the “creepy-sleazy” Mossad communicate to them I expect a free room (with a view) at the Venetian during the RNC 2016 convention to compensate me for all the abuse Sheldon’s mossad has put me through the last few years… Ask Olmert- he’ll know:):) Too bad he’ll be in jail for the BIG party in 2016:):)   

FYI- I emailed the Marriott already cause a DIA source told me the CIA (or a vendor) taped me having sex with the top Gannett editor & Ben Bradlee winner Mark Silverman at the Marriott Wardman last fall… They also taped me when I was at the same hotel last summer - I was staying their when the same time as the President of Vietnam.  Anyway- A DOD source told me at Defense Intel goes to to the Israeli’s before it goes to the White House…  even the analyzed stuff gets to them fast… an 8 day rule?   That does not seem “right” maybe that’s why I was told so I could blog about it… in the 80’s Nancy feared that America’s Nuclear scientist would leak intel to Soviet spies so I was asked to date one ( a scientist working on the Star Wars project at Lawrence Livermore lab his name was Glen McWright - today he’s a TOP DOD scientist and people that respect him had me help with the Glonass issue…

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