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Message to My Family - I'm Righteously Rogue & I Want World Peace and I'll **** Anyone That Stands in the Way!!!

My grandfather died in 1998- during that time I had moved to the Netherlands -in 1999 a man moved to the Monterey area & targeted my Mom cause he Had a Gambling Debt- I Was Told Those Linked to MOSSAD Wanted Mom "Baby Sat" .... I was told to STOP IT ... but my family told me to "shut up" thanks guys - I was RIGHT!!!  My sources were GRADE A.   Anyway my relationship with my mom became estranged & Tom became a WEDGE & He Would NOT Let Me See My Mom & He Insulted Me ALOT. He Really Hurt My Reputation.  My trips to see my mom became very limited the last time I saw her was in August 2011 and I had people "monitoring that" ... Tom told me in August 2011 That People Would NOT Believe Me (what I was blogging about) Cause They Think I'm STUPID Cause of my Dyslexia and Bad Grammar. He Used Big Words to Insult Me. He's a Piece of Shit and I'm Glad He's Dying & I Feel Sad I Have So Much Hate Toward Him ~ 

Time To Turn the Hate Into Good So I'm Gonna Fight to Prove that Megrahi Was Innocent Cause I Too Was Railroaded my family did NOTHING to help me they would have let me rot in jail... I feel like an orphan!!!    That is WHY I cc'd Mike Dorris on the emails cause I've been through HELL and he seems to be the only person that can help.  Please someone MAKE the Lockerbie Truth Happen... I love my country and I'm sorry if my family helped destroy it.  ALL I want is a normal life - a job with healthcare and all the inhumanity in the world to STOP!!!    What keeps me strong is my grandfather - he's the most ethical man I ever knew and maybe the only person that ever truly loved me.

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Just want everyone on the same page.... 
Date: May 19, 2014 at 10:28:42 AM CDT
Cc: Michael Dorris <>

You should have seen the look on Oliver Norths face when I told him Bill Frisbie was my uncle….. One message below is from a DOD source and the other is an email from a relative of President Obama… that person is named Park Overall she was in a TV serious and has a very distinctive voice. She then had others contact me:  FYI- i was told HOW to communicate a direct message to Colin Powell. People in Special Ops have protected me- 

By me doing this OUR family is not gonna be villains - i’m doing this to make America healthy & to protect the reputation of future generations of our family!!!  

I’ve already told people interested in telling my story that I want editorial review & I could make a LOT of money if I let people “trash us”…. I promised mom 3 years ago I would NEVER do that.  

The pics to the ABOVE are of a well  KNOWN Honduran torturer that’s linked to CIA drug trafficking.  In the 90’s My friend whose dad was a Reagan appointee was living in Tegucigalpa she was State Dept. (CIA) she was sleeping with him & helping those that did drug stuff.   While I was visiting her I took pictures of her in bed with him and documented her helping him. LOTS of people in Honduras were murdered cause of him  My friend was demoted by the Clinton Administration. She stayed my friend until 9-11-2001 then I halted ALL communication.  Cause of something I was told.  This was in 1994  I did the trip cause I wanted to help STOP human rights abuses.  

The Guardian-Apr 25, 2014
Conspiracy theories still surround the Lockerbie bombing, with Al-Jazeera reporting in March that Iran ordered the attack to be carried out in ...
Empire Online-Apr 25, 2014

Highly Cited-The Irish Film Television Network-Apr 25, 2014

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Subject: Toms son extended trip- OVERLAP
Date: May 19, 2014 at 7:47:35 AM CDT
Cc: Michael Dorris <>

FYI- Papa was involved the Operation Condor South American Democracy- people thrown out of planes- again he was probably “just” a legal advisor).  NONE of this will come out until Henry Kissinger is dead. Evidently the CIA created a Nazi protection-sough American dictator recruitment program too.  Papa was part of that and ****** the man ****** dated from Argentina in the 70’s will know too. 

I’ve been told that things about my grandfather are “not good” but I’ve also been told that he was “most likely” an unwilling participant.  People have been really kind and told me that IF the stuff is declassified which it will be and at anyway a hacker could leak 
a lot of it…. that adds stress too. FYI- I got mikes email from a WikiLeak document. 

Because I’ve work so hard to “make things right” by exposing people ALL the negative stuff about Mom (sending me to boarding school at the age of 14 to be the room mate of a girl from El Salvador whose family led death squads) & ALL the issues that I don’t know about that are ‘bad” they can be minimized.   I was told Uncle Bill "might have" lied to the Senate Intelligence committee.  I do not know if he did or did not.  That is WHY I won’t talk to him. When the threatened me with jail… i knew it was a witch hunt.  I was told in the 90’s I’d be witch hunted.  Anyway- there’s nobody in our family that did anything wrong EXCEPT we helped in cover ups that are unraveling.  I say we including Mom & Uncle Bill.  Maybe Uncle Bill really believe Libya did it? I think not.    

That said I hope *****  is the “saint” ******* says he is. I fly in on Wednesday night & will stay at a hotel and get to mom’s on Thursday.. I hope he’s out of the house and I hope someone watches what he takes. It’s NOT just my reputation I’m trying to save it’s the WHOLE damn families!!!


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From: Sharyn Bovat
Date:05/18/2014 6:38 PM (GMT-08:00)
Cc: Michael Dorris
Subject: To put in in perspective ---


As I said earlier Tom was told to date mom by people in the "same" MIC/CIA clique that murdered people I knew & or spoke to about the CIA clique including Sonny Bono- Margaret Lesher - Andrew Breitbart (was going to break my story) ted Gunderson (former Well known FBI  guy that confirmed Sonny was murdered and reached out to me after I started blogging ) I'm really upset and have a LOT of emotions and so HAPPY Tom is dying - now maybe the dark period of history is ending and a new chapter can begin. 

Please ****** never speak of Tom or his family to me again.  All I want is to not live in fear and having Tom dead is a great start.

I'm going to Pebble beach on Wednesday to see mom & get pictures of mine that she stored for me and the Tom would not let me get. I will not take anything that is not mine. I really want to have a peaceful visit. If anyone suspects ******** is going to show up PLEASE warn me 615-944-7599. She tried to sell a story about me/us. Nobody will buy it cause Silverman (the former Gannett editor who won the Ben Bradlee award that I slept with for 2+ years) said there was some sort of press embargo? 

Also an AP editor told me that at an international news editors conference a few years ago I was discussed- recently I sat next to a JFK biographer while doing media at CPAC he said in DC that Papa was part of the JFK cover up. 

I talked to a DOD ethics legal guy at a National security conf last Oct at the Ritz Carlton and he told me papa probably gave advice during the cover up and "as usual" the political types never listened. Anyway that means that what the JFK guy Jerome Corsi(?) said about knowing what papa did being unclassified in 2017 makes sense.  

Gannett has already put ******** in some system as "unreliable" I do not understand the details. I do have pictures of me at moms house with a Palestinian money launderer & a Lebanese arms & drug broker that I met in 1992 BOTH had met with Oliver North in the Middle East (Kuwait & Bahrain) - 

Recently a man named Buck Revell sent me an email a few months ago and told me to quit Babbling - he  cc'd the ENTIRE Lockerbie cover up team - Sir John Orr - Frank Duggan- Richard Marquise- Darrell Mills and Brian Murtagh. A movie is being made about the truth and will be release about 2017 too. 

The reason why I talk blog about it is cause people have tried to jail and kill me. I was told the internet has saved my life. 

Anyway- I'm babbling :):)

My hope is mom remembers me.  FYI- ******* (MY Child)  never got to know mom cause of Tom. She had no memories of her grandma. It's really painful and I know that I'm not a perfect person but I'm alone in the world cause there's a lot of weird stuff people are covering up and I've seen so much hate and needles deaths. Please don't expect me to be nice to Toms family... I'm sick of hearing ***** compliment ****** and Toms son. I just don't trust anyone associated with Tom and it's a decade of pain.

I do NOT want Toms son taking any pictures out of the house - after 2017 he could sell them and say lies about our family.

Since I don't know the truth about us -  it could be easy for him to do. that said I'm paranoid BUT I've seen a LOT!   

Love & great wishes for a better tomorrow 


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