Friday, March 14, 2014

Cindy Estrada - Please Tell Bob King I Want to See Him When I'm in Ann Arbor Next Month- My Goal is to Educate Republicans on WHY They Should Support Unions in the South.

Check out the NEW "toned down".... Black helicopter free website.  ALL that is going on  I learned that "people in the know" know that Carlos Ghosn is linked to the Iran Contra era stuff.....  THAT is why he's stepping down by 2017.   Evidently people are gonna try to suppress the Lockerbie Bombing truth until then too...  Sorry to tell you Carlos Ghosn but I was contacted by a lady planning a FACEBOOK blitz.   The Internet is a BIG fan of the truth.

Still waiting for Brigid Carpenter to call me to tell me YOUR not part of the Lockerbie Bombing & or cover up.  615-944-7599.  As soon as she does I will apologize.  OK Back to the UAW issue:

I've got data to put on this website that can turn a red state blue.... BUT since I'm a republican I'll try to turn the voters minds to "accept" unions...  The goal is RESPECT for ALL PEOPLE....

Cindy Estrada are YOU with me?

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