Sunday, March 16, 2014

Carlos Tavares the NEW CEO of Peugeot Lots of People from UKRAINE Know That NISSAN is "In Bed" with Putin... They Want FREEDOM.... What Better Way to Have Freedom Than to Own a Car-That is WHY Peugeot Needs a STARTER CAR... Freedom of Transportation!!!

How do you define the differences between Peugeot and Citroën?
“A Peugeot is the perfect convergence of the rigour and seriousness of a German marque with the emotion of Latin cars. It sits at the top of mainstream: elegant and sophisticated without being a show-off car. A Citroën stands for a trendy way of French life that works even better outside France than in it. It is about comfort and ease of use and useful innovation. A Citroën is bright and smart and

Yesterday viewers from these countries read this.... 

Loves me... 

Russia has "suppressed" me... 

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