Thursday, March 13, 2014

Simon Sproule I Bought to Promote Clean Energy in the Next Presidential Elections... Either That or I'll Run For President of the Green Party:)::) I have a Message for YOU... Glad YOU Ditch NISSAN... Carlos Ghosn's "in bed" with Putin & it's Gonna Get Ugly... The DOE Loan Could Be RECALLED.... I Need a Job.... Look at the Link & Have a Great Day!!!

Simon Sproule you being from the UK it's Good that you left NISSAN- It won't look good once the Lockerbie Truth is out and Carlos Ghosn Being affiliated with the bombers and all...  Oops did I say "bombers".... If I'm wrong have Brigid Carpenter at Baker Donelson call me


Click link for message for Simon Sproule

Musk's Tesla Hires Chief Spokesman From Renault-Nissan

Bloomberg-20 hours ago
Simon Sproule, director of communications for the Renault-NissanAlliance, said he'll become vice president of communications and marketing ...
The California Democrat didn't name him, but his identity is a matter of public record. Feinstein made clear she was furious that Eatinger had referred the conduct of Senate staffers to the FBI for a possible criminal investigation, given that he is mentioned 1,600 times — often unfavorably — in a sharply critical intelligence committee report that is at the heart of the dispute. "I view the acting general counsel's referral as a potential effort to intimidate this staff, and I am not taking it lightly," Feinstein said.

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