Monday, February 3, 2014

DOD Whistleblower Realized She Matters…..Her DIA source KNEW That the Glonass Issue and Auto Tech Issue Mattered to the Safety of America … I Realized HOW Important my DOD Sources Were During a CT Scan…. The People That Serve America Have Made Me STRONGER… Thank You….

I actually had a moment of clarity… the fact is if I don't speak out for those that can't WHO WILL?
It's kind of scary…. I find out results on Thursday… If my brain is OK… I just have to figure out HOW to communicate that the NISSAN CEO is linked to terrorist & America can NO LONGER fund foreign companies that support our enemies. When that happens I can get that partial hysterectomy…  FYI-I have a fibroid the size of an orange and I'm tired of living in pain.  Still I can't get the surgery until I know that the people that have terrorized me will not use the "down time" to destroy me.  

The people linked to Carlos Ghosn & Haley Barbour have not hurt me… they made me stronger. 

Good Ole Boys… your going down :):)


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