Monday, February 3, 2014

Gannett Elite: Bob Dickey & Gracia Martore - I GET IT… The Evil Alliance Won… Haley Barbour and HIs Power Brokers Including the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn WIN… Putin Win's - Khomeini Wins…. I Don't See Eric Holder Prosecuting the Tennessee Governor or His Family Business Pilot Flying J - They Broke Sanctions By Dealing with IRAN Via Mike Loya at Vitol Energy.. Carlos Ghosn Has a BIG Partnership with Autovaz and American Tech Goes to Our Enemies… Nobody Cares So WHY SHould I Rant? Just Tell NISSAN to Give Me My Reputation Back and I'll Stop… Heck I'll Work for Them… A lot of People in Germany in the 30's Did NOT Like Hitler BUT They STILL Worked for Him… Heck Carlos Ghosn is Linked to Ex Nazi's Via His Family…It's OK - So Did the CIA - Under Henry Kissinger's Leadership a Lot Of Ex Nazi's Became South American Leaders ….. The Fact is the Evil Element in Society WON… They are Linked to Haley Barbour Too…. He Controls the RGA and Gov Haslam… Heck i Need to "Get on Board" Just to STOP Being Bullied… If Chris Christie Succeeds Then i Know the Direction of the GOP & That Scares Me….The Fact is The Republican Party Needs to Clean Up or Shut Up… Maybe American's are Smarter Than "They" Think….. Ick… I'm Upset. I've Been Bullied Too Long… It's Time To End the Era of CIA Crony's Succeeding or I Should Just Act Like a Follower and Work for Them…. It's Easier in Life to Be a Follower...

My name is Sharyn Bovat & I can PROVE the people connected to the CIA have bullied me.  Also that my computer has been hacked "many times"….

I'm just an ordinary American who does not understand WHY I can't get anyone to help… The fact is I've TRIED to get help going through "normal" channels. Is there NO HELP in America for those that simply "tell the truth"….. 

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  1. Sharyn, it took 'them' a while to turn the tables, but 'they' Did. It has been a loooong fight, but the tables Are turning back.... It is not the time to give up. Our fight Is tougher; granted - but Our rewards are also Greater. Too many innocent people are being hurt needlessly - what greater reward is there than to help those who cannot help themselves??? More people are WITH you than you realize; way more....