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***UPDATE***James Comey Can YOU Get the FBI to Investigate? Last Night I was Told the Lockerbie Bombing Issue is "Coming to a Head" & I'm TIRED Then TODAY I Was Told My Writing Style is BAD. YES!!! I Know I'm NOT Articulate BUT I Know I'm Damn SMART!!! You Tell Buck Revell and Frank Duggan I WANT RESPECT!!!! Also Lets Respect the Lockebie Families & That Starts with Interrogating the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn. The NEW President of Peugeot Carlos Tavares Will Know WHY This is Important & I Would Like to KNOW If I Have a Job? I'm Willing to Move to Paris if the Hollande Government Can PROVE to Me that the DSGE That Were Sarkozy Era Won't WHACK Me Like they DId the Former Libyan Oil Minister (Right Before Sarkozy Lost Reelection Bid) I Did Tell the LePen People (at great length WHY they needed to NOT Vote for Sarkozy & I'm 1 small reason Why the New French President "has his job")

Just added... copy of PROOF NISSAN Slandered me....  

My viewers ask me questions and some give  VERY good advice. Trying to have people understand me I try to answer the questions thoroughly and honestly.  In fact NEVER have I lied (knowingly).  I was raised to "tell the truth" and THAT is why my opinions by high level people are so respected.   This viewer wanted told my my writing style hurts me and he's RIGHT!!!  Please read my answer.

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Your 100% right - the fact is I'm not educated formally - never good at writing ADD - dyslexic  

My original target audience   is people in the IC that are like you that understand this stuff - In 1992 a person that i did research for denied me the opportunity to learn how to analyze data- they (CIA back then) did not let the people gathering intel have access to the other intel.   I'm trying to get stuff out there and want so much for it to be written In a way more can comprehend.  

FYI In the 80's I was told to act dumb so people would tell me things and then in the 90's before my grandfather died he told me "if they ever find out your smart - they'll kill you".  

Pls understand that in 3rd grade my mom made me do an IQ test and it was VERY high BUT my formal education was limited because she'd pulled me out of school for Cold War trips (including the Carnation Revolution- that how i got busted for my CIA past- in 2009 while working on the relocation of the incoming President of Nissan North America I told him i loved his country (Portugal) and had been there several times - telling him that in 74 my mom took me there and they were having a revolution).

Then I learned the he was related to the Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates and knew that the CIA was part of a covert democracy op. 

Anyway - in high-school my freshman year i attended "3" different schools. The 2nd was to be the Roommate of a girl from El Salvador whose family led CIA back death squads. The point of ALL this is not for sympathy- I'm not bragging-I'm explaining

in 1980 After i started my 3 school I lost interest in education & my mom did not do anything because she was focused on the Hostage issue in Iran. She was part of the CIA effort to remove Carter. That president fired a LOT if CIA and he cut WORLD Airways contracts. World had already given the CIA drug running business to FedEx & the deal was when he republicans were in charge they'd get contracts and they did- they got to run guns to the Afghans. Pilots that saw stuff that was "not Kosher are now dead". 

OK too much info:):)

So I do know my writing stye is subpar & NOW I want to act smart its just i need the tools. Thank god for the Internet:):



When i blogged 3+ years ago that the NISSAN CEO was linked to CIA drug trafficking I was SERIOUS and had it NOT been true NISSAN would have sued me for SLANDER - Instead Carlos Ghosn had his executives tell people I was a "crazy lesbian"... they destroyed my life and NOW I'm fighting back!!!!

Recently i got "proof" that NISSAN North America slandered me and I want a HATE CRIME investigation. They knew that in the conservative south I'd be bullied and STILL told people I was gay. I'm not guy BUT there's nothing wrong with being gay.

The link is Michelin and Jim Morton - the former "right hand man" of Carlos Ghosn.

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  1. to Read the Reply Brief to the Tennessee Court of Appeals....

    Sep 10, 2013 - The blog of Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower... I Did Say in the Brief that NISSAN, Tagg Romney and the Tennessee Governor PROFIT ...
    You +1'd this

I'm gonna get the Governor too... He should have STOPPED the persecution of me...

Note to Buck Revell & Oliver North.... 

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