Friday, August 16, 2013

Larry Page- The GOOGLE is Telling Me That Carlos Tavares Stock is Going UP.... Carlos Ghosn is Going Down. Will Good Beat Evil? Stay Tuned

 Google Carlos Ghosn

Image Results... for Last Week you see that the NISSAN CEO is linked to Corrupt Businessmen from America that fuel the Iranian economy.  Oddly it's Tagg Romney the Son of Mitt.

Then do an image result for Carlos Ghosn and do a 24 hour search...

you'll see "1" photo of Ghosn and the rest of Carlo Tavares the #2 the COO of Renault and the former President of Nissan North America.  He's the man that I whistle-blew too... He still used my home address for his COSTCO membership....I was told this in November 2012.  NISSAN lawyers won't let the appeals court know this...  They won't provide the transcripts. For years the Williamson County DA said I "email stalked" him.  I kept  telling the ADA Terry Wood that Carlos Tavares wanted my emails.  I was a "change agent"   I told the truth and people LIED in Tennessee to discredit me.  I found out that NISSAN was using "outdated" technology for the Leaf.  Carlos Tavares was trying to "fix" the problems created by unethical people that reported directly to Carlos Ghosn.  The former mistress of Carlos Ghosn told me that NISSAN tool the 1.4 Billion tax dollar DOE loan because NIISAN had a "cash flow" problem.  

Liars NEVER win so I pray to god that Tavares becomes the CEO.  Either that or NISSAN will become a trivial question answer.  The question... What "was" NISSAN & What was Pan Am....

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