Friday, August 16, 2013

Carlos Tavares Bloomberg Article Preps Auto Industry of Daimler Announcement? Carlos Tavares Am I Getting HOTTER? Barbara Bush Might Also Vote for Hillary Still a 2016 RNC Convention in New Orleans at the Mercedes Benz Arena Would Be Fun.... Lets Get Daimler to Pitch In and Pay for AC/DC?

Someone tell Tavares that I had some "interesting" conversations in Louisiana.   Looks like the auto industry is sleazier than politics.  Lets just say that Germany... I'm "onto" you.My grandfather did intelligence work for the Kissinger types.  Lots of people tell me weird stuff.  Oddly some of it proves to be true.  The stuff on "this" blog was vetted at 90% accurate.   So am I RIGHT about Daimler.   If so THANK YOU Mercedes for helping me ESCAPE from Tennessee.  Thank you so much.  FYI- if the GOP nominates a whacko I'm voting for Hillary.  Still I can't wait for the "Family Reunion"... RNC conventions are fun.
Looks like Barbara bush is also an "independent" thinker...Cool:):)
Barbara Bush Wants Hillary Clinton to Run for President
ABC News ‎- 2 hours ago
(Image Credit: Adam Bettcher/Getty Images) Add former President George W. Bush's daughter Barbara Bush to a growing list of people who ...  

Daimler CEO uses windfall gain to buy $1.5 million in stock

Reuters-Jul 19, 2013
"It is a signal to all the other Daimler shareholders." Daimler said its CEO had funded Wednesday's stock purchase from the sale of roughly 1.25 ...

The Mercedes Benz Arena in New Orleans....would be a GREAT place for the RNC Convention

Maybe Daimler can "pitch in" to pay for AC/DC?

I Loved the Journey concert in Tampa...   Thank You Ed Gillespie

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