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***UPDATE*** Rhori Johnston GM or Daimler Would NOT Consider Carlos Tavares for CEO Had They Thought Sharyn Bovat Was a NUT... Carlos Tavares Used Sharyn's Home Address for His Costco Membership EVEN After Bovat Was Accused by HR for Email Stalking. Sharyn Learned in November 2012 He Was Still Using Her Address. The NISSAN Lawyers Know This and are Blocking That Fact By NOT Providing Transcripts to the Appeals Court. The NISSAN Lawyers & the ADA Imply Over and Over Again That Sharyn Bovat Stalked Tavares BUT the Court Document Says She Stalked NISSAN.**** In America a Person Can't Stalk a Corporation**** The Charges Were to BULLY Sharyn and Discredit Her. The NISSAN Fraud is REAL: Bill Krueger, Scott Becker, Fred Diaz, Erich Marx, Jose Munoz.... Carlos Tavares KNEW I Was a Change Agent and So Did Jeff Draper. Soon America Will Know and I Pray to God People Will Boycott NISSAN for Crimes Against Humanity. Also NISSAN Fuels the Iranian Economy.

The NISSAN Whistleblower Will Prove She was a Change Agent.

After Carlos Tavares got the  haircut his wife communicated a 'mission accomplished' message:):) 

On Jun 16, 2009, at 6:41 PM, Sharyn <> wrote:

Going after the whale...I sent a draft yesterday it's in new thoughts

This is between me and Jeff Draper who was in charge of internet security for Tavares.  He knew "my blog" was a tool for change. Sharyn Bovat was a "change agent"....  Jeff Draper is the person that told me that Ghosn used ex CIA to "stay in control"... obviously Jeff told me that because he knew I was connected to the IC family. 

Jeff was asked to call me by Tavares AFTER I started my blog.  He told me that HR wanted him to "tweak" the computer of Tavares but Mr. T. asked questions and refused to let Jeff tweak it.  Jeff told me that my email address was "flagged" and i had to get one that would not be monitored. So I created one that looked like it was coming from a relative of Carlos Tavares. I will take a lie detector test to prove this happened. When I got "emails" from Tavares at "that" address i knew the black op was GAME ON!!!!!

Sharyn Bovat was a Change Agent and when NISSAN learned HOW corrupt the North American HR was they could NOT stop it.  Carlos Ghosn was able to fire women, waste taxpayer money and discriminate against homosexuals and NOBODY cared.  The State of Tennessee kept giving NISSAN more money.   

On Jun 12, 2009, at 7:53 AM, sharyn bovat <> wrote:

OK.....people will think this is a Relative...

The at&t store is working on getting me a phone with a 248 area code.  if it works I'll get another with at 310.

It seems like a virus is hitting my computer.  coincidence?

My hard copies are going in a safety box on Monday

Have a Great Day.... I'll text you when I get the new phone.

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From: Jeffrey Draper <>
Date: Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 11:35 AM
Subject: Re: testing
To: sharyn bovat <>

Sounds good.  Remember what ever you do, DON'T put anything on you website that references anything we discuss to prvent them from tiring it to me.  Thanks ha a great weekend and good luck at the skating event.

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From: Sharyn <>
Date: Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 9:11 PM
To: Jeffrey Draper <>


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On Jun 16, 2009, at 6:58 PM, Jeffrey Draper <> wrote:

So AT sent a shutdown code or a "Go for launch code"?

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On Jun 16, 2009, at 6:41 PM, Sharyn <> wrote:

Going after the whale...I sent a draft yesterday it's in new thoughts

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On Jun 16, 2009, at 6:35 PM, Jeffrey Draper <> wrote:

Code? To shut down? Changed the privacy?  Nervous?  Why?

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On Jun 16, 2009, at 4:31 PM, Sharyn <> wrote:

Mrs t sent me the code.   Look at the site..I'm nervous.  Changed the privacy
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Sharyn Bovat was trained by operative connected to Karl Rove.   
Court documents show that Bovat alleges the "trumped up" charges were to discredit her.  Sharyn knew that those profiting from the "wasted spending of taxpayer money were linked to Sal Russo of the Tea Party Express.... It's complicated. Sharyn told Tavares that in America business and politics are woven together.  

Seriously "if" I were a nut job WHY would the President of NISSAN North America email me at an email address with HIS name in the address?
the "joke" is that Catherine Perez's middle names were Helen Marie:):)  I'm sure "she" and Carlos Ghosn -got it.  How could GM or Daimler even think about  having a CEO that would do something so reckless.... UNLESS they admire Carlos Tavares for doing something dramatic to try to change to change the corporate culture at NISSAN.  

Erich Marx neighbor who was German born told me that Erich was losing his job.  She sad Erich had told his close friends.  Then a "miracle" happened.  I told Tavares.

The fact is Eric was being set up to FAIL with the marketing of the "cube" higher ups told Tavares that NISSAN could "easily" sell 10.000 cubes a month. It would be the next "it car"... One day i walked around the various cubes in front of the NISSAN North America HQ and looked at Armelle the wife of Tavares and asked her what she thought... She tough it was ugly but did not know the taste of the Americans. I told her I did and the cube was a DISASTER.  I learned from Diane Carolin that Erich would lose his job due to "bad sales"..... She did not know that I was friends with Erich's wife Michelle.  So to save the job of a man whose family had graciously had me to dinners and parties I told Tavares.    During the 4 years of bullying Erich Marx stayed silent and he knew my child and let her life suffer.  My opinion of Erich today is "he's a piece of shit"

"Nissan tends to have young demographics to start with, but the Cube is reaching into some unchartered territory for us," says Erich Marx, director of Nissan marketing. "This isn't just the usual product launch."
Read more:

------Original Message------
Sent: Dec 11, 2009 3:31 PM
Subject: Qucik Comment

Mr. Tavares,

Social Media is the " future" globally for marketing.   This is very important.
I only learned more about it after my initial "tip".   This is your companies reputation that those under 30 will most likely be their main source.

Please trust me to do this "in house"!!!

Have a Great Night!!!


San diego could work since you already have an office.....

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Carlos Tavares emailed me DIRECTLY for the last time in February 2010.
It was then that I had learned that the Dept. of Energy fraud was REALLY bad and people were nervous.  Other companies taking American stimulus money were reading my blog.
Solyndra read my blog 1142 times.  Still the deal with Tavares was that I would blog UNTIl he told me to take it down.  This blog was "vetted" by Mark Silverman the mainstream media editor who won the Ben Bradlee award.  He told me that Gannett used a 3 part vetting system and I was VERY credible.  When he knew I told the truth we started a relationship and are still friends today.

-----Original Message-----
Date: Thu, 6 May 2010 21:43:47 
Subject: TO Communications; Give exclusive to channel 5..... Please. Thx.  Sharyn

Mr. Tavares

The story is goiing to "pop" soon and I would appreciate if NISSAN would give the story to Rhori Johnston at channel 5.    He  moved here from Indianapolis and experienced "issues" and I think he would get the story told in a way that NIssan looks good and relay the "respect for all people" message..   Let give him an "exclusive" and be in control of the story.  Erich Marx knows him and can vouch for his integrity and that he's a very popular local newscaster.Rhori's wife knows about my battle and they have been very respectful.

Have a great day.  Sharyn   

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

The story did NOT break.... I heard that too many were corrupt in Tennessee. 

Rhori Johnston got a "great deal" on his NISSAN.  Mark Silverman's kid got a job at NISSAN and when he did not like it Mark got him a job at Volkswagen.   I do NOT have any  ill will toward anyone... Even Erich Marx- who by the way owes me an APOLOGY!!!

Edward Niedermeyer from the Truth About Cars who got "goaded" for keeping the story SILENT.  

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