Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jim Motavalli & Paul Chesser are the Journalist of The Day.... BOTH Write About the EV.... Which One Pens Propaganda for Crony Capitalist and Whose the Hero of the Hardworking Taxpayer? I Chose Paul.

Why don't we just give those EV's away for FREE?

America can afford it- The Treasury will just print MORE money.   NISSAN used the Federal Financing Bank to fund the Leaf Battery plant (one that does not build the capacity that members of congress were told... how about an audit?).  I put on this blog a LONG time ago that money from the 1.4 Billion DOE loan is in "personal" off shore accoutns.  Are the FEDS investigating?  I'll tell James Comey- He's taking over as the head of the FBI and he is known for not playing "politics"..

Sorry Charlie:):)

I was told by a NISSAN technical guy they "really" cost of 60K each to build...
The NISSAN leaf is built with outdated technology. The Daimler

Hey- If NISSAN and Renault  merge with mercedes you can use their technology. Maybe at the same time you can "get rid of" your corrupt HR executives?    

Recently I talked to a guy from Daimler.....  & Daimler is known for making a great product.  Renault can "look" like a success if this happens...  Win-Win:):)  Sharyn

Click Here to Read an Article By Paul Chesser - It Shows NISSAN Needs an AUDIT

Maybe the FEDS can do that AFTER they indite the Tennessee Governor's Family Business?  It fuels IRAN like NISSAN.

Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS Raid Commentary: August 2013
5 days ago - Mike Loya from Vitol Partners is owns Blueknight - that's ALSO owned by Charlesbank Capital Partners... which is a "vehicle" that Mitt Romney profits from

GM knocks 13 percent off Volt price to compete with Nissan Leaf ...

Fox News-3 hours ago
Nissan dropped the price of its electric Leaf and sales soared, something GM had to notice. "Chevrolet is undoubtedly aware of this shift in Leaf pricing, and its ...

GM's Chevy Volt Gets Another Price Cut
Fox Business-2 hours ago
2014 Chevy Volt drops $5000
Chicago Tribune-2 hours ago
Volt Falls to Electric-Car Price War
-Wall Street Journal (India)-2 hours ago
Chevrolet lowers the price of slow-selling Volt by $5000
-Dallas Morning News (blog)-3 hours ago

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