Monday, August 5, 2013

Bill Krueger and Scott Becker Ask Carlos Tavares If I Have to Keep Blogging UNTIL He Becomes the CEO of the NEW "Merged" Daimler-Renault- NISSAN Company... The Deals Gonna Happen.... Infiniti WIll be Replaced with MERCEDES... I Love Mercedes... If It's True.. I Want a Black Little Kompressor:):)

I sent this to the Ingram Group and to OTHERS....

Begin forwarded message:


Bon Jovi "most likely" cancelled for a reason that is not public.....Having another Haslam might not help Cleveland. Haslam is linked to the people that murdered Sonny Bono and I was told that "some" in the music industry want JUSTICE. Remember SUN CITY  If I'm wrong someone in the Ingram Group should let me know?  Someone should investigate?

Haslam's Putin's Allies Linked to Sal Russo of the Tea Party Express

Jul 28, 2013 - Sharyn Bovat communicated with the Globe About Sonny Bono's Murder... Palin) Can Be Linked to Obama's CIA and to HASLAM Fraud

The day after I posted this and emailed the Plain Dealer...A celebrity that was on Dancing with the Stars gave me a more than full price ALL cash offer on my home.  I got out of a really scary situation (being stalked by those connected to NISSAN fraud) in less than 2 weeks.

 During that time in May 2013 people were "stalking" me and taking my photo.  I was terrified.  Good News!! Now that I'm out of Tennessee the harassment has stopped.  I learned before buying my home the celebrity got a BIG appearance fee from Daimler to show up at the Pebble Beach Concourse De Elegance.  Carlos Tavares the former NISSAN board member who I whistle blew could be the NEXT CEO of Daimler . ... Oddly my mom lives in Pebble Beach?  I was told that the sister of the celebrity that moved into the house has 3 children.. She did NOT want a 3 Bedroom house-we had a 3 bedroom house.  The offer was more than full price.(they rounded up)   I asked some questions &  was told to consider the sale "good Karma"...

Oddly Karma is the name of the Fisker car Al Gore sold.   huh????
It could be just a coincidence too.... 
Looks Like the Haslam Family is Using the Debartolo Play Book…..  
The FACT is TOO Many Owners GET Good Deals.

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